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How to Use LinkedIn's University Rankings


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How to Use LinkedIn's University Rankings

  1. 1. How to Use University Rankings ’s
  2. 2. Using LinkedIn’s University Rankings 1. Find the right school ➢ Which colleges are producing graduates in the top job fields? 2. Choose a college major ➢ Research careers in the top job fields ➢ Decide if you’ve chosen the right major Use LinkedIn’s University Rankings to find and choose your dream college and your college major
  3. 3. About LinkedIn’s University Rankings LinkedIn’s University Rankings is currently limited to the following: 1. Applies to schools in the US, Canada and UK 2. Only the top 25 schools are listed 3. Only 8 top career fields (see next page)
  4. 4. Career Fields Covered ➢ Accounting Professionals ➢ Designers ➢ Finance Professionals ➢ Investment Bankers ➢ Marketers ➢ Media Professionals ➢ Software Developers ➢ Software Developers at Startups
  5. 5. Get the Most from University Rankings 1. Find out how your dream college ranks among the top 25 schools -- if at all 2. Get detailed career-related information 3. Add to your Decision Board 4. Look at alternative college majors General Steps
  6. 6. Access University Rankings 3 ways: Under Education, on your Decision Board, or LinkedIn Higher Education page
  7. 7. See rankings for 8 of the top career fields View the Top Career Fields Currently includes U.S., U.K., Canada
  8. 8. View Top 25 Schools Click anywhere on Card to see entire list of top 25 schools
  9. 9. Snapshot of School Get a snapshot of the school: ➢ Name ➢ Location ➢ Students & Alumni on LinkedIn Plus Add to Board, Suggest, Like, Share
  10. 10. Get Career Information by School Detailed information for each of the top schools ➢ Where alumni work ➢ Alumni with careers like this ➢ See more career paths of students and alumni
  11. 11. Add to Decision Board, Suggest, Share On the School page, you can: ➢ Add to Board ➢ Suggest ➢ Like ➢ Share
  12. 12. How This School Ranks Any time you’re on a top 25 University page, you’ll see how that college ranks
  13. 13. Add to Board from the University Page Notifications
  14. 14. Explore Different Career Fields Use the dropdown menu to switch career fields Tip: Click “See all rankings” to return to the University Rankings homepage
  15. 15. Summary 1. Find the right school ➢ Is it a good fit for me? Will I get a job in my chosen career path? 2. Choose a college major ➢ Research careers in the top fields ➢ Look at alternative majors (and careers) Use LinkedIn’s University Rankings to find and choose your dream college and your college major
  16. 16. Download a FREE LinkedIn E-book Use LinkedIn to Get Into Your Dream College
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