Secrets of a successful e-commerce website


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  • Secrets of a successful e-commerce website

    1. 1. © 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.
    2. 2. Store Design Make sure your site is product-focused and easy to navigate
    3. 3. Images should put the focus on your products • 67% of consumers rated image quality as “very important” • Highest quality default image you can get • Multiple images, multiple angles • Show product in use when possible
    4. 4. Customer Case Study: Bailey Nelson Big, beautiful images showcase their products.
    5. 5. Add videos to improve SEO and conversion - 53 times more likely to get a front- page Google result, 41% higher click-through - Visitors stay on site 9% longer, are 65% more likely to buy - Show products in use, close-ups to highlight features
    6. 6. © 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. Video expertise is not required Customer Case Study: Yeti Coolers
    7. 7. Feature product reviews • 4.6% increase in conversion, 18% increase in sales • Show both sides of the story: shoppers who read bad reviews convert 67% more
    8. 8. Social sharing and validation • 50% of consumers use social media to share product reviews • 68% read product reviews on social networks • Pinterest projected to account for 40% of all social media driven purchases • Adding social sharing also helps increase awareness & validation
    9. 9. More than 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned But 75% of abandoners still intend to buy
    10. 10. Reasons customers don’t complete a purchase • 55%: Shipping costs - Offer free shipping where the economics make sense • 14%: No guest checkout option - Offer guest checkout, ask to sign up after first purchase • 11%: Checkout process takes too long - Shorten checkout, compare process to competitors • 7%: Not enough payment options - Add more options to increase sales
    11. 11. Customer Case Study: Bump My Lock Increased sales by adding multiple ways to pay
    12. 12. Use an automated abandoned cart saver - Recover an average of 15% of lost sales - Emails are automatically sent to shoppers who add to cart then don’t buy v
    13. 13. Customer Case Study: Night-Gear “In the first month alone, we recovered over $8,000 in sales we would otherwise have lost.”
    14. 14. Customise your message to win shoppers back • Offer limited-time discount • Offer free shipping to counteract biggest abandonment factor — shipping costs • Include images of the abandoned products © 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.
    15. 15. Best secrets for optimising your site  Make sure your design is clean and modern  Use big, high quality product images  Use videos to showcase your products in use  Feature product reviews and social sharing  Make it easy as possible to buy from your site  Offer multiple ways for shoppers to pay  Use an abandoned cart saver
    16. 16. Start improving your conversion today! Bigcommerce has all the tools you need to improve conversion built right in. Free Trial Thank you