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BC Cleantech Ecosystem Map


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Published in: Technology
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BC Cleantech Ecosystem Map

  1. 1. Wesley Clover Voyager Capital VantagePoint Venture Partners Tandem Expansion Fund Sounds True Square 1 Financial BrightSide Silicon Valley Bank Donna Morton FirstPower Rogers Ventures Reliable Controls Rho Venture Capital Rainforest Automation Propel Partners Paradigm Environmental Panorama Capital NxtPhase TandD Corp Northern Securities Leister Blake Enterprises MMV Financial Legend Power Systems Madrona Venture Group IFD Corp JMI Equity Fund Hydrogenics Test Systems JLA Ventures Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Canada H2FCC Intrepid Equity Heuristic Engineering Intellectual Ventures Greenlight Innovation Corp IBM Venture Capital Group Green Machine Biofuels Goal Holdings Gen-X Power Corp Garage Technology Ventures Freedom Water Emerald Technology Ventures Dockside Green Edgestone Capital Partners Clean Current Power Systems Comerica Bank BioteQ Environmental CleanTech Acquisition Partners BC Transmission Corp BridgeScale Partners Alten Energy Solutions Battery Ventures Alpha Technologies ARCH Venture Partners ACA TMetrix Altos Ventures 6N Silicon Alloy Ventures S2 BioChemicals Export Development Canada Inventys Thermal Discovery Capital Corp Visible Strategies Performance Management CapitalWest Partners Schneider Electric Xantrex Energy Conversion BDC Venture Capital Group VRB Power Systems Batteries-??? Alberta Enterprise Corp Fuel efficient engines Westport Innovations Alberta Deal Generator Fuel efficient engine components Khosla Ventures QuestAir Technologies Biogas Conversion INovia Capital Geotility Systems Geothermal Cenovus Enviro Calgary Cleantech Forum Nevada Geothermal AVAC EnMax DBL Cleantech Capital C-Lock Ontario Emerging Tech Fund S2G BioChemicals Biomass to Chemical Conversion Altek Power Natural Gas Power Clean Products and Production Bio-materials Lillipution Systems Chemicals Bob Chaworth-Musters Angel Forum Plastics Materials InvenTyS Thermal CCS Nanox Nano-materials Semprus Biosciences Other Materials Ira Ehrenpreis Monitoring and Control Inmat Jeffrey Straubel Industrial Applications and Tools Smart Industrial Production Clean Products and Production Lunapads Intl Products Advanced Packaging Smart Industrial Packaging Emeter Life Cycle Assessment Product Design and Innovation Cleanworks BC Seventh Generation Ecodesign and Ecolabelling WaveFrontAC Kovio DigiBC Solvay Aquavive Technologies Life Sciences BC Cdn Inst. for Photonic Innov. Water Mgmt Rayne Water Bekaert Water Desalination Water Treatment and Purification Ciba Saltworks Tech using Toyota Tsusho Pangaea Ventures Cnano Wastewater Treatment Chris Erickson Valor Equity Partners Water Pollution Water Management Water Quality Monitoring Andrew Haughian The Westly Group Water Remediation Purnesh Seegopaul Compass Venture Partners Asahi Glass Water Appliances Pangaea II $32M Aug 2008 Jeff Skoll Darren Frew Water Conservation Water Use Efficiency Umicore Sergey Brin Water Storage and Distribution Larry Page Heavy Industry Kimbal Musk Cement Cement and Steel Steel Bill Lee Industrial Energy Use Tesla Motors Commercial Retrofit Finance Industry Nick Pritzker Non CO2 GHG Chemicals Utility Scale Solar Finance Jeffrey B Straubel Finance and Insurance Residential Retrofit Finance Draper Fisher Jurvetson Solar Finance DBL Capital Transportation Larry Sonsini Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati AUG Signals Electric Motors Jay Giraud Elon Musk Transmissions Government Bodies (Regulatory) Virgin Green Fund Vehicle Manufacturing Vehicle OEM partners BorgWarner Charging Stations Providers System/Battery Mfrs Magna PowerTrain System Integration SolarCity Azure Dynamics Vehicle Activities TM4 One-off Conversions Blair Simonite Delta-Q Mass Conversions Rapid Electric Vehicles Assembly Buses Local Transport Brammo Automobiles Vehicle Types Trucks and Trains BASF BCIT Vehicle OEM components Aviation ECUAD Transportation Tioga Energy Motorbikes Shipping Jorg and Olif Education Ministry Bicycles Biofuels Lignol Innovations RePap Ent Powertech Labs GE Canadian Bioenergy 2010 Olympics BC Cleantech CEO Alliance Sempa Power HVAC Efficiency Canadian Bioenergy Corporation Hadi Dowlatabadi Green-Erg Tech CleanWorks BC BC Govt of BC PurFresh Vancouver Ec Dev Commission Phil Herd Syntec Biofuel Tech Impact Awards Automotive Fuel Cell Coop TechTalentBC Ballard Power Systems BCTIA Tech Scholarship Alterna Energy Hara Pacific Corporate Group Independent Power Producers Assoc. of BC NaiKun Wind Energy Group Vancouver Robeco Quantum Wind Power Energy Representative Solid Biomass Bioenergy Kuwait Petroleum Forest Biomass Hydrogen Fuel Cells BC Bioenergy Network Tidal Power Geothermal Power Cyrium Fortum Teachers Private Capital UBC Batteries-Building Wave Power Wind Power General Fusion Sitra Ocean Thermal Conversion Nuclear Fusion Renewable Energy CELP III $150M Mar 2010 Exro ARC Financial Robeco Clean Tech PE Small and Mini Scale Hydro Marine Power Nuclear Power Mike Walkinshaw Nexterra Energy Oregon Investment Fund SDTC Thermal Hydro Hydroelectric Power High Carbon Sources Generation Richard McKellar SyncWave Nexterra B: Aug 2008 $3.8M Utility Scale Hydro Fuel Cells Citigroup CEO Cloudworks Total Energy Ventures Solar Concentrator Solar Power Batteries-Portable Concensus Chrysalix Ventures Plutonic Power Jonathan Rhone Energy Storage Energy Delta Lloyd Solar Thermal Natural Gas Hydrogen EnerWorks Essent Solar PV Coal Batteries-Utility Delaware Power FondAction Plant Optimization Petroleum Batteries-Vehicle Day4 John Sheridan Carbon Capture Energy Transmission Systems Grid Solutions Shell Shell Hydrogen Etalim U238 Reactor Fission Reactor Smart Grid Lexington Sea Breeze Power CEO Green Angel Energy U235 Fast Reactor Energy Management Ultracapacitors Linde Group Janice Cheam Carbon Networks Mitsubishi Aeolis Wind Power Wal van Lierop Pulse Energy Michael Volker WUTIF B: Oct 30 2008 $15.4M Angstrom BC Advantage Fund Epyon Reg Nordman Lilliputian Systems Altira Group Greg Kerfoote Tantalus Mossadiq Umedaly Energy Aware eMeter David Demers Global HydroFuel Tech City of Vancouver MagPower Systems Jonathan Wilkinson Agricultural Projects ZNN Agrisoma Biosciences NxtGen Emissions Engine Emission Reduction EnerG2 Don Safnuk Carmanah EEStor Ralph Turfus Clean Tech Advisory Committee Land Use Premier Gordon Campbell Zenn Motors Agricultural Productivity Forestry Land Use Greg Peet Stonyfield Farms Organic Production Agriculture and Livestock Jonathan Bixby Happy Planet Organic Foods Eric Jordan SPUD Brad Bennett PTC Paul Lee Horizon Distributors Don Mattrick Dr. Dan Muzyka Salt Spring Coffee Unknown Auto Mfr Eatmore Sprouts Janet Wood Plas2Fuel Fuels Polygon Financial Lawson Lundell LLP RBC Financial Group SAP BC Renaissance Capital Fund Canadian Financing Forum BCIC Basil Peters Xcelerate U Yaletown Venture Partners ACETECH Mike Satterfield GrowthWorks Capital Yaletown II $100M 2010 BridgeLux Built Environment Judi Hess Lighting and Electrical Appliances James Tansey Carbonflow Waste Reduction OVP Venture Partners Verdezyne Building Design and Architecture Building Efficiency Tigo Energy Building Thermal Efficiency Lela Designs Glass Contemporary Organic Products TSX Steel Production Building Materials Built Environment White Cat Media CEO Bryan Slusarchuk Greenscape Capital Drywall Urban Planning Open Sundaes TSX-V 3M Concrete SunCentral Ventures West NSERCC Light-Based Tech Cooledge Charging Station Vendors Switch Materials GridPoint Coulomb Tech M2E Power Bullfrog Power GRN CopperLeaf Asset Investment Planning Graham Carter Axia Software Dave Thomas Keith Spencer Fasken Martineau VEF Ops Committee Tanner Philp Gregor Robertson VEF SFU Virgin Group RocketBuilders Ready to Rocket R2R2010 Maria Pacella Integrated Fuel Technologies BC Hydro Jenny Yang Maura Rodgers Magma Energy Geothermal Projects Richard Branson Jeffrey Peterson VANTEC KPMG Carbon War Room Rampworth Capital Rob Lewis Thealzel Lee David McIntyre Ernst and Young Geoff Hansen Pacific Carbon Trust Kincentricity Waste, Pollution, and Carbon Management MXY.TO $87M June 2009 IPO Offset Wholesaler Waste Treatment Waste Management Offset Retailer Recycling Offset Creator Cleanup and Safety Offset Exchanges Emissions Controls Emissions Waste and Pollution Tree-Planting Carbon Trading and Offsets Soil Remediation Photo Bio Reactors Monitoring and Compliance Stratospheric Aerosol Insertion Artificial Trees Carbon Capture and Sequestration Carbon Management Marine Cloud Whitening Solar Radiation Management GeoEngineering Air Capture and Sequestration BioChar Carbon Credit Corp. Carbon Credit Corp Green Switch Renewal Partners PeaceKeper Cause-Metrics Communicopia New Society Publishers The Nimble Company Shared Vision Gary Yurkovich Underdog Ventures Jim Fletcher RBC Capital Markets Investeco Greg Smith Espresso Capital Jantzi Research Denver Int'l Airport Parking Lot Cathy Brown BCSVP Inhance Investment Management Mike Sherman Alltrushares Tom Porteous