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TalentGuard provides an integrated Talent Management Software with relevant learning content and a global certified coaching community that create Predictable People Development

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Talent Management Software and Services - TalentGuard

  1. 1. Predictive People DevelopmentTM.Description: TalentGuard’s predictive talent managementsoftware, learning content and coaching community empowersorganizations to connect with and develop people in an effective,exciting, and enduring way. Company Presentation 2012 © 2012 TalentGuard - Confidential
  2. 2. TALENTGUARD OVERVIEW• Provider of Talent Management Saas Platform• Fortune 500 and mid-size customer base• Team of career and talent management experts• Track record of growth• Substantial growth opportunities © 2012 TalentGuard 2
  3. 3. CUSTOMERS Competency/Succession/ Competency/Succession/ IDP Career Center Design and Set-up IDP/Coaching 360 Assessment Module Career Coach Training Competency/Performance Module 360 Assessment Module Career Pathing 360 Assessment Module Development Planning ModuleCareer Development Resources Career Coaching © 2012 TalentGuard - Confidential 3
  4. 4. WHAT’S YOUR TM LEVEL? TM Maturity Model Levels of Alignment with Business Business- Level 4 Driven HR Fully integrated processes and systems. 7% Talent management is aligned to business goals. Integrated Level 3 TM Focus in on connecting processes. Single person or 20% team responsible for talent goals & outcomes. Strategic Level 2 HR Identification of connection points. Several systems 45% primarily integrated through manual processes. Personnel Level 1 Department Individual HR processes or silos. 28% May have systems in place but not connected.Source: Bersin & Associates, 2010. © 2012 TalentGuard 4
  5. 5. OUR CUSTOMER’S CHALLENGESSlow Response to Changing Biz Not responsive to EmployeeNeeds Demands• Inability to identify current and • Employees want career development future talent gaps • Defined career paths and• Hiring strategy and development competencies not clear and consistent planning not in sync • Talent mobility difficult during change • Managers still the weakest link in• No clear picture of future “talent organizational performance profile”• Leadership pipelines in jeopardy Administratively Intensive • Data entry is repetitiveDisconnected Decision Making • Difficult to adapt to different work• Data and processes not integrated groups (i.e. white vs. blue collar) • High volume of manual work to• Talent not shared across units complete HR review processes• Learning plans not linked to • Difficult to obtain executive-level assessments and skills gaps in talent information current talent pool • Hard to plan for the future Bersin and Associates, 2011• Lack of visibility into talent gaps © 2012 TalentGuard - Confidential
  6. 6. TALENTGUARD SOLUTIONSUsing proven science, We offer learning content Our Coach MatchingTalentGuard OnDemand to power effective talent System matchesdelivers the information management programs. employees withneeded for predictive compatible coaches in ourpeople development. proprietary global network. © 2012 TalentGuard 6
  7. 7. PREDICTIVE TALENT PLATFORM ® Performance Management • Customizable performance appraisal • Employee Performance Journal • Multi-Year Performance Tracking360 Feedback Development Planning• Customizable Competency framework • Assign specific development activities• Moderated and Unmoderated Assmt. • Track management and coach interactions• Anonymous and Named Responses • Track progress toward goals Certification Mgmt. Career Pathing • Track certifications • Career path scenarios • Generate detailed reports • Identifies gaps • Automated workflow • Custom development plans Succession Planning • Visual chart of successors • Create talent pools • Mange flight risk
  8. 8. LEARNING CONTENTWhether companies require a custom competency model tosupport employee development or learning resources to improveemployee performance, we map content and use contentmatching algorithms to deliver it through our Talent enginebased on each person’s professional development needs. • Articles & Templates • Competency Library • eBooks • eLearning • Training Programs • Webinars & Workshops • Videos © 2012 TalentGuard
  9. 9. COACHING COMMUNITYOur Coach Matching System matches employees with compatiblecoaches in our proprietary global network whom they are likely tobuild a long-term professional relationship. • 350 Global Coaches • Trained on a unparalleled coaching methodology • Matched to employees based on talent profile • Use TalentGuard OnDemand to track engagement and progress © 2012 TalentGuard
  10. 10. WHY TALENTGUARD?• All-in-One Solution• Most Configurable, Usable and Easy to Deploy• Priced Better than Competitors• World Class Expertise• Easy to do Business With
  11. 11. CASE STUDY: ST. JUDE MEDICAL • Assessment • Integrated SaaS Talent• Talent Strategy Audit Management Suite • Competency Modeling• Talent Process Design • Project Management for • Career Pathing• Workforce Planning Implementation of • Succession Planning Existing Systems • Performance Management • Executive Coaching/ Staff Dev. Goal: No systematic method to identify and develop future successors.Our Approach: Metrics:• Identify key leadership competencies • Percent of positions with ready now• Plot talent on grid based on competencies replacements: – Key Positions Identified: 25• Identify national training vendors based on – Ready Replacements: 50 competencies – % of Key Positions with Ready Now Replacements: 50%• Develop top 25 HIPO Executive Development • Percent of positions covered by succession plans (EDP) planning process• Provide coaching services targeted as specific – Total Key Positions: 225, Key Positions Covered by Plan: 25 competencies in the EDPs – % of Key Positions Covered by Plan: 11% • Number of people plotted on Talent Grid with development plans – Number of development plans: 25 • Number of executives coached – 2 made significant improvement on most critical plans © 2011 TalentGuard
  12. 12. CASE STUDY:TOKYO ELECTRON • Assessment • Social Talent Management Suite• Talent Strategy Audit • Competency Modeling • Talent 360• Talent Process Design • Career Pathing• Workforce Planning • Succession Planning • Performance Management • Executive Coaching/ Staff Dev Goal: Create a succession plan to mitigate flight risk and build bench strength for 4 critical positions.Our Approach: Metrics:• Develop competency models for key positions • Percent of positions with ready now• Assess potential in key positions using 360 Tool replacements: – Key Positions Identified: 4• Perform gap analyses to identify potential – Ready Replacements: 8 successors to key positions – % of Key Positions with Ready Now Replacements: 50%• Identified L&D options and mapped to skill gaps • Percent of positions covered by succession• Develop custom IDPs based on competency planning process gaps – Total Key Positions: 10, Key Positions Covered by Plan: 4 – % of Key Positions Covered by Plan: 40%• Populated a 9-grid talent matrix and presented results to executives • Number of people plotted on Talent Grid with development plans – Number of development plans: 25 • Number of position filled internally vs. externally © 2011 TalentGuard
  13. 13. OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER ROI • 26% higher revenue per employee • 40% lower turnover among high performers • 17% lower overall voluntary turnover • 87% greater ability to hire the best people • 156% greater ability to develop great leaders • 92% greater ability to respond to changing economic conditions • 144% greater ability to plan for future workforce needs Organizations who use a talent management platform achieve this much better and realize significant advantagesSource: Bersin & Associates, 2010. © 2012 TalentGuard - Confidential
  14. 14. Q&AWhere can we make an impact on yourtalent management needs? Thank you for the opportunity TalentGuard, Inc. Troy Amyett Troy.amyett@talentguard.com VP Talent Solutions 512-943-6800 x205 Office © 2012 TalentGuard