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Value of OER_ Handout_VSS_ 2009


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Value of OER_ Handout_VSS_ 2009

  1. 1. OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES FREELY AVAILABLE FOR INDIVIDUAL STUDENT AND TEACHER USE MATH Curricular Resources: (also in Spanish) (also in Spanish) MiniSite: Instructor Blog: NATURAL SCIENCES Curricular Resources: MiniSites: Instructor Blogs: SOCIAL SCIENCES Curricular Resources: Government History (for Social Sciences) MiniSites: Instructor Blogs: OTHER Student Blog: Partner Resources: For more information about institutional use and local adaptation of these resources, please visit:
  2. 2. Other Open Educational Resources (OER): OER Commons MIT OpenCourseWare Open CourseWare Consortium Carnegie Mellon University (OLI) Rice Connexions Learning Object Repositories and Referatories (LORs) and Specialized Collections: Merlot Wisc-Online GEM Referatory The PT3 Pathways Project ActionBioscience.Org Digital Library for Earth Science Ed. Harvey Project: Human Physiology WikiEducator ide@s (U of Wisconsin System) Math Archives AMSER (NSF) Catalogs of Repositories & Referatories: For more on OER: For more on copyright considerations: For more on OER international development projects: Resource Handout to Accompany: “The Value of Open Educational Resources: Practical Applications and Opportunities” 2009 Virtual School Symposium Terri Rowenhorst