Communicate Your Idea: A Practical Workshop


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The slides for the participants of the exchange: "Communicate Your Idea: A Practical Workshop"

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Communicate Your Idea: A Practical Workshop

  1. 1. Share #communicateyouridea Communicate Your Idea - A Practical Workshop In Two Parts Connect @rtrovatten Session 1: September 30 Produced for
  2. 2. About me Education Bachelor in Communication, Roskilde University MA in Digital Media Management, Hyper Island Diploma Graduate, Strelka Institute Work Founder and director, T&P Copenhagen Advisor, Danish Cultural Minister Strategist, Danish Composers’ Society Clients Google BBC The UK Post Office 26 years old Born in Esbjerg, Denmark Works here at DI (Third Place & Interested in strategy, education & technology
  3. 3. My motivation 1 Learn what it means to ‘exchange’ 2 Get practical with communication in ‘a Russian context’
  4. 4. Common mistakes Exercise
  5. 5. “Woolly minded people write woolly memos, woolly letters and woolly speeches” David Ogilvy
  6. 6. Goals of this exchange 1 We all get better at communicating our ideas 2 We inspire each other and get to know some cool new ideas
  7. 7. Quick intro 1 Who are you? 2 What brings you here?
  8. 8. Roles and format We will all be learning and teaching each other My role will be to facilitate structure Your role will be to fill in the magic Today Thursday Thinking communication Doing communication
  9. 9. Why is communication important? Exercise
  10. 10. As a human being, member of society, you must clearly state your mind. It’s a responsibility. It is the way you identify yourself. Otherwise you don’t know who you are and why you are here. Ai Wei Wei
  11. 11. We have to articulate ourselves. - Otherwise we would be cows on a field. Werner Herzog
  12. 12. So, what’s changing today? Exercise
  13. 13. 70 60 50 40 20 0 1900 2006 Share of workforce 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 resource (routine) service (routine) production (routine) creative 30 10 Jobs are changing Source: Martin Prosperity Institute 2009 *Physical relabeled production
  14. 14. The nature of work is changing Case: Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
  15. 15. How we communicate is changing
  16. 16. The way we filter is changing
  17. 17. Group exercise 1 1 Define your objective - what your message is designed to do 2 Define your audience - who you want to have the attention of - 3 Define your channel - how you plan to get your message to them 4 Define your offer - what you offer and expect from them Take notes of your conversation, so you can share your main insights!
  18. 18. [W]hat people want today goes well beyond technology and design. They don’t just want four wheels and a means to steer, or to be surrounded by music and information wherever their eyes and ears may roam. What people are looking for now is a way to reconnect with their values: to ground how they can, will, and should live in the world. John Maeda
  19. 19. Illustration: Undercurrent Communication is an articulation of your strategy, and how you see the world
  20. 20. Transaction Relationor New logics
  21. 21. Transaction Relationor $ time $ time a product a costumer New logics
  22. 22. Examples of great communication
  23. 23. Shell - Platformate (1960) Produced by Ogilvy
  24. 24. Apple - 1984 (1983) Agency: Chiat/Day
  25. 25. Apple - Here’s To The Crazy Ones (1997) Agency: Chiat/Day
  26. 26. Who Why How What Call To ActionBeliefs Vision Method Offer Components of great communication
  27. 27. Who Why How What Call To ActionBeliefs Vision Method Offer Components of great communication Apple Shell Relation Transaction
  28. 28. Who Why How What Call To ActionBeliefs Vision Method Offer Components of great communication
  29. 29. Group exercise 2 Structure a one minute pitch - How you will communicate your offer Keep in mind: Who Why How What Call To Action Beliefs Vision Method Offer
  30. 30. Next time 1 Presentations 2 Feed-back 3 Work-sessions 4 Action-planning
  31. 31. Share #communicateyouridea Thanks, And see you again Thursday! Connect @rtrovatten / Session 1: September 30 Produced for