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Like other people do


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Like other people do

  1. 1. Like other people do Camera The camerawork use din this film is used to portray the happiness this man cam emote for other people by brightening up their day with all the treats he leaves for people to find. Not everyone appreciates what he does however. The camera tends to look down on the treats he leaves for people when they do not appreciate what has been left for them, however the people who do appreciate what they have been left the camerawork tends to either be on the same agley as them or looking up towards the treat ( a heart shaped pie). The shots are quite close, medium close up, this has been done so the viewer is able to see the facial emotions and body language they show when they find these treats. Editing The editing used in this film is quite slow paced. It matches that of the slow paced music which adds to the emotive response the people show. The editing also matches the shots used in the sequence because with all the medium close ups used the slow paced edits allow enough time for us to take in what these people are feeling through their facial expressions and body language. The edits aren’t rushed so we are able to keep focus on what the man is trying to do for these people rather than lots of fast paced cuts from shot to shot. Mise en scene All the props, settings and locations used in this short film show how some people appreciate what he does and how others don’t. we see the letters of complaint that one woman is writing however this is challenged by her own ignorance when we see her eating the food she is complaining about. The heart shaped treats themselves say a lot. He is trying to spread a little love in the dull boring surroundings he and the other characters are set in. by
  2. 2. spreading all his treats to lots of people he is in a way spreading little seeds of love to try and brighten his and mainly other peoples day. Another example is where he oils the miniature windmill, it is merely a garden feature but he oils it up just to make it run smoother making its job a lot easier. Sound The soundtrack use din the film as said above is slow tempo that runs smoothly with the pace of the editing. Its not a depressing song because that would clash with what the protagonist is trying to do in the film. It runs in favour of the good attitude of the people in the film and the bad. It accentuates the happiness people get when they find one of the mans treats and strangely works with the miserable people as well the music spotlights how disregarded some of his treats get as well. And at the end of the sequence the big ending of the song sits nicely with how the man feels satisfied with what he has accomplished. He feels happy to make other people days just a bit brighter and happier. Fence Camera The camerawork used in this film has used a lot of close ups, again to show expressions and emotions on characters faces, the young school boy who is clearly bothered about starting a new school. Some long shots and extreme long shots have been used to set the scene (countryside) some panning used to look through the playground and see all the other kids who are having fun. And one scene where the school boy is sitting down and his father standing over him, the camerawork here suggests who has control/power over whom. The camera angle used here clearly suggests that the father is in power as
  3. 3. the angle looks up at him. This power is them transferred through the camerawork when the headmaster turns up and the father leaves. Editing The editing we see here again isn’t very fast paced, it’s a slow boring day as the two walk to school. The boy isn’t excited about the new school if anything he isn’t looking forward to it and this is conveyed in the pace of the slow edits. This pace then speeds up slightly to match that of the hustle and bustle of the playground, all the other kids a re excited to be out for playtime. Mise en scene This plays a huge roll in this film, everything suggests that this boy is an outsider. He wears a coat that covers up his school uniform whereas we can see some part of school uniform on the other school children which separates him from them. The rainy miserable day matches that of the boy’s feelings that day, he doesn’t want to go to this new school, he is feeling unsure of himself and the new school. A lot of the time he is standing on his own even as he and his father walked to school the boy was a few paces behind his father. The Mise en scene suggests he is insecure about himself. This is where the fence kicks in. on one side he doesn’t fit in with all the other school kids and on the other he can feel more at one with himself, peaceful and quiet at one with himself. Sound There is no music to convey feeling in this piece. All the sound we hear is diagetic. With reference to the dialogue all we hear his father say is a complaint about how late they are going to be and that it is the boys fault, this adds to his insecurity. The headmaster of the school is very pleasant towards him but to real acknowledgement is shown. We an hear all the other children having fun outside which immediately challenges what the boy is feeling. One major element is when the boy crosses the fence all the playground sound immediately stops which suggests that what he has done is forbidden or has never been done before. He is confronting their comfort zone by leaving the playground unpermitted; the other side of the fence is his release.
  4. 4. Envy Camera Like the films before there has been a lot of focus on facial expressions, the use of close ups and extra close ups and zooming has is emphasised the unease and tension of the sequence. Some out of focus shots have been used to add to that unease. The camera focuses a lot of certain aspects of the face when people are talking, like eyes and lips, and effect that creates and sustains that unease and tension. It is almost the same setup as a documentary as we move from one shot of each person to another, seated as if being interviewed. It almost feels like there is an interviewer behind the camera. Editing Mixtures of slow and fast paced edits and cuts have been used. Because these types of edits have been mixed together we never really get a sense of where the film is going, which sits nicely with the direction the director is trying to take this film in. the odd unknown eerie sort of feel. Mise en scene We never see the couple together, the only time we see two people together is the couple having an affair, and the original girlfriend is always on her own, she is never seen with the boyfriend she is talking about, we see them arguing over the phone once but that is the only interaction they have for the whole film. This could suggest the distance that is now between them since they split.
  5. 5. Sound The dialogue in the film suggests that she has no clue that her boyfriend is having an affair with her best friend and that she completely trusts her and can’t even comprehend the idea of her best friend having an affair with her boyfriend. There is no music in the film either which is in keeping with the documentary style that the film is travelling in. Light ‘em up camera the camerawork used in this film plays no amazing attention to detail on one aspect in this sequence, we see London burning in the shots but it is never made a point of. The focus is more how these two men are laying back just watching the world destroy itself around them. Some close ups have been used on the drugs they are using but that just points out they want to be relaxed and calm as their world enters destruction before them and they are soon to be costumed by it. Editing Slow paced to emphasise the tranquillity these two men are experiencing whilst the complete opposite surrounds them. Mise en scene Two guys dressed as “chav’s” smoking marijuana, all they want to do is just sit back and be in a calm jammed state of mind as everything falls apart before them, what’s the need for running around in a frenzy when “the end is nigh”. Sound Overall the piece is a very quiet one, one man asks for a light and they both laugh at the irony as London burns down before them.