Save or make money with electricity.


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Interested in saving or making money with electricity?
If so, you've found the right place!

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Save or make money with electricity.

  1. 1. ==== ====Slash or reverse your electric bill for producing your own electricity. This offer wont be availablemuch longer so take action while you can! ====We are all aware of small energy-saving ways to lower our electric bill, such as CompactFluorescent light bulbs, taking short showers, and using fans instead of AC to circulate air. Thoughthese small, "green" changes are important, there are other, more significant home additions youcan make to permanently and significantly lower your electric bill.Install Solar PanelsA costly but permanent solution to getting a lower electric bill in Ohio is to install solar panels onyour rooftop. Solar panels are ingenious because they provide a renewable energy resource toyour home, meaning that once they are purchased and installed, your electricity bill will be foreverslashed. In fact, the government may even end up paying you for the energy your homegenerates!State and national governments also give generous tax credits for Ohio homeowners whotransform their home into an eco-friendly residence. These tax savings could pay for up to 80percent of a homes solar unit. Green homeowners can also get a lower electric bill by asking theirlocal power company about a renewable energy program.Installing solar panels for your Ohio home will not only lower your electric bill, it will also help theenvironment. Solar panels may seem like an expensive home addition, but in most cases, it takesjust two to three years to recoup the costs of purchasing and installing solar panels.Use Energy-Efficient AppliancesMost of us arent aware that our refrigerator can account for up to one-fifth of our monthly electricbill. Large home appliances, like fridges, stoves, freezers, and washers, are major consumers ofelectricity. Thats why its important to replace old appliances with more modern, energy-efficientmodels. Energy Star appliances can cut a households electricity and water use in half, makingthese eco-friendly appliances yet another permanent way to save electricity and lower your electricbill.Buying new appliances may seem like a considerable expense, but its important to understandthat energy-saving appliances can pay for themselves in a matter of years. To persuade Ohiohomeowners to buy eco-friendly appliances, the government issues a tax incentive of 30 percentoff the appliances sticker price, up to $1,500.Invest in High-Performance Windows
  2. 2. Like other elements of a Ohio home, windows have advanced technologically in the past fewyears. In the past, windows often caused unwanted heat loss and condensation issues in coldclimates. Todays energy-efficient windows, however, trap heat inside your home during coldmonths. In hotter climates that require heavy AC, older windows too often leaked out the homescool air. With energy-efficient windows, it is now possible to greatly reduce heat gain during thesummer and improve heat retention during the winter.Again, the government offers a tax credit for energy-efficient windows, doors, and skylights. Thereal savings, though, is the money youll save on your utility bill. Installing energy-efficient windowscan lower your electric bill by hundreds of dollars annually. And, naturally, efficient windows anddoors also enhance comfort, reduce condensation, preserve electricity, and help to protect theenvironment.Christina CleriLower Electric BIll Today50 Waterbury Road #111Prospect, CT 06712http://www.lowerelectricbilltoday.comArticle Source: ====Slash or reverse your electric bill for producing your own electricity. This offer wont be availablemuch longer so take action while you can! ====