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  • several models of computers and different operating systems

    No wireless
  • written before actually working there

    Pictures to make up for language barrier and so that parents can understand

  • Small districts need to remember that one person may be doing the bulk of the tasks
    network people need to be consulted so that problems can be easily found

  • Taking teachers and admin through the how-tos
    Teachers as students

  • Trying to show teachers what was possible, but overwhelming to some

  • Going from grant to great!

    1. 1. Going from Grant to Great A discussion of the lessons we’ve learned on our EETT journey Teri Rossman
    2. 2. DePue Unit School District 103 445 Pre-k - 12 students around 75% qualify for free or reduced lunch over 70% Hispanic population, with over 50% qualifying as ELL services Need much improvement on both ISAT and PSAE In year 2 of new administration
    3. 3. What the Technology Looked Like
    4. 4. Ideas for Improvement Access to Technology Use multimedia in lessons Go wireless Use Handhelds
    5. 5. Original Plan for EETT Provide access to students by getting laptops and iPod Touches- access in and out of school Teacher training and LOTS of it!
    6. 6. Equipment Plan Four syncing stations 4 2 http://www.bretford.com/
    7. 7. Teacher laptops-macbook pros
    8. 8. And... 400
    9. 9. How? Equipment Setup Inventory (need for tech plan as well as for district) Imaging laptops (paid Apple PD to teach and help) Registering iPods (allow a lot of time) Syncing- free apps vs. paid apps Naming Convention (network-internally and externally)
    10. 10. Professional Development At least 25% of the funds 10 2-day Apple sessions Conferences- Raising Student Achievement
    11. 11. Apple Professional Development Managing Change and Accountability Mac OSX iLife iWork iPod touch in the Classroom Podcasting in the Classroom Mobile Content and the iPod Touch Language Acquisition and the iPod Touch Communication and Collaboration Visioning and Planning for 21st Century Learning Environments http://images.apple.com/education/docs/APD-Med-Res-Catalog-Nov09.pdf
    12. 12. Pilots Jr High L.A.- 25 students- blogging, research Jr High Math- calculator and internet for conversions 3rd -5th grade after school program- Reading apps 5th grade reading class - watching Iditarod podcast on the Touch
    13. 13. Reading apps
    14. 14. Pilot Classroom Management Students write down number of laptop ad iPod as they enter room (teacher class roster) Students walk to mobile lab location and carry laptop to class and then walk it back Discipline?
    15. 15. What we’ve already learned Use a manageable number of apps Apps based on grade level (have this done first) k-2 3-5 6-8 9-12 Do not use wifi if you don’t need it
    16. 16. learned... Teachers need to check sites first- Flash and mobile formats Syncing and charging take time Only sync about 5-7 at a time
    17. 17. Still Working On How often syncing will occur and by whom? Acceptable Use Policies Insurance -what the students say about sending technology home Handbook updates
    18. 18. Technical Issues Active Directory/ Open Directory Bandwidth Not enough computers Not enough tech support
    19. 19. What’s needed? Need more training in creating multimedia lessons Training in converting and implementing existing materials More equipment- more laptops, covers for touches Patience
    20. 20. Thank You Questions? http:// rossmantechnology.wikispaces.com/iPod +in+Education trossman3@yahoo.com