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Customer Welcome Packet 2014


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Customer Welcome Packet 2014

  1. 1. 1Updated: September 2014 Union Pacific Railroad Customer Welcome Packet
  2. 2. 2Updated: September 2014 Union Pacific Backed by more than 150 years of experience, we’re inspired to continue Building America.
  3. 3. 3Updated: September 2014 Table of Contents Topic Page # Welcome to Union Pacific 4 Union Pacific at a Glance 5 UP Capital Investments 6 Why Ship with UP 7 Where You Can Ship with UP 9 How UP Expands Your Reach 10 ShipCarsNow 11 Streamline 12 Union Pacific Distribution Services 13 How to Initiate or Expand Rail Service 14 How to Access UP’s Tools and Apps 15 How to ‘Plan’ a Shipment with UP 16 How to 'Ship' with UP 17 How to 'Trace' a Shipment with UP 21 How to 'Pay' for a Shipment with UP 23 Quick Links and Other Tools 24 Who To Contact at UP 27
  4. 4. 4Updated: September 2014 Welcome to Union Pacific Welcome to Union Pacific Railroad, your transportation solution! Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Union Pacific Railroad operates more than 30,000 miles of track in the western two- thirds of the United States. As North America’s premier railroad, Union Pacific supports the nation’s economy by linking the country’s fastest-growing population centers in 23 states, including every major West Coast and Gulf Coast port. Union Pacific serves the eastern United States through four major gateways in Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis and New Orleans. We operate key north/south corridors, interchanging traffic with Canadian rail systems. And Union Pacific is the only railroad to serve all six major gateways to and from Mexico. Each day, customers in every industry take advantage of Union Pacific’s logistics expertise. We coordinate the efficiency of America’s rail network with the flexibility of trucks and the reach of ocean carriers. No matter what you ship, or where you need to ship it — we can get it there, door-to-door. VISION Building America. Our vision symbolizes the Union Pacific experience for all the people whose lives we touch. It connects the importance of UP’s rail transportation to America’s economy, honors the generations that preceded us and is the promise for the generations that will follow us. MISSION The Men and Women of Union Pacific Are Dedicated to Serve. Union Pacific works for the good of our customers, our shareholders and one another. Our commitment defines us and drives the economic strength of our company and our country. VALUES Focus on Performance. Our concentration and determination will drive our safety, customer satisfaction and quality results. Ensure High Ethical Standards. Our reputation will always be a source of pride for our employees and a bond with our customers, shareholders and community partners. Work as a Team. We are all part of the same team, and working together to reach our common goals is one of our strengths. Communication and respect are the foundation of great teamwork.
  5. 5. 5Updated: September 2014 Union Pacific at a Glance
  6. 6. 6Updated: September 2014 Strengthening America’s Rail Infrastructure
  7. 7. 7Updated: September 2014 Why Ship with UP In addition to delivering the best value for your transportation dollar, we have flexible solutions for the unique needs of every customer. Union Pacific is cost competitive with unbeatable products, reliability and a fuel efficient locomotive fleet. Commitment to Service Our customer satisfaction index, measuring real feedback from real customers, is at an all-time high. Every one of our more than 46,000 employees knows that everything they do, every day, is done to help our customers succeed. For more than 150 years, our company has been committed to helping our country — and business — grow. The result is our evolution from North America’s premier railroad to North America’s premier transportation company. When you’re a customer of Union Pacific, our National Customer Service Center (NCSC) will be there 24/7 to provide you with fast, accurate, rail car movement data. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, this customer support center is staffed by nearly 300 employees ready to answer your questions. Likewise, our International Customer Service Center (ICSC) in Laredo, Texas, supports customers with traffic moving throughout Mexico. Solutions That Make Sense When shipping, one size — or one solution — doesn’t always fi t. Our logistics experts work with you to determine the best door-to-door shipping solution for your business. Whether you require multiple carriers, expedited service or just a cost-effective way to get from A to B, Union Pacific has the flexibility to meet your shipping needs. Investing for the Future Union Pacific makes strategic infrastructure investments so we can expand our network and support our customers’ growth. Union Pacific’s capital and maintenance program improves our terminals, main line and equipment, and exceeds infrastructure spending of the state highway departments in 46 states. Safety Safety is a top priority for Union Pacific. As a company, we continuously look for innovative approaches to enhance the safety and security of our employees, our communities and the customers we serve.
  8. 8. 8Updated: September 2014 Why Ship with UP Environmentally Responsible Transportation One rail car has the loading capacity of up to four truckloads, and freight trains are almost four times more fuel efficient than trucks. With environmental concerns changing the way companies do business, including shipping, we continue to focus on creating and implementing world-class energy conservation techniques. Global Services Union Pacific provides the best port coverage in North America and connects with Canada’s and Mexico’s rail systems to handle your freight needs and ship to any destination worldwide. Technology Online ordering and tracking, and our automatic equipment identification streamlines the inventory process. Every locomotive is tracked via GPS to help you track and manage your shipments. These technologies have translated to increased visibility, faster transit times and greater reliability. Expedited Service Multiple products with multiple tiers of service offer attractive rush-delivery alternatives to truck for your most urgent shipments. Multiple Modes of Transportation Transferring your shipment from truck to train, we do whatever it takes to get your product to its destination. Shipment Quality The Union Pacific Shipment Quality team helps shippers find the safest way to load a variety of products on rail cars. Ensuring damage-free delivery of products by providing dependable and innovative transportation services is their mission. Industrial Development The Industrial Development team provides guidance, support and rail project management for businesses wanting to establish rail service on Union Pacific or expand their rail-served facility.
  9. 9. 9Updated: September 2014 Where You Can Ship with UP All over the world. With more than 30,000 miles of track covering 23 states in the western two-thirds of the country, we provide access to the markets your business depends on. When we can’t transport your products on our own tracks, we have relationships with other railroads, as well as trucking companies, to make sure our customers are covered coast-to-coast. We also serve every major gateway to Mexico and interchange traffic with Canada. In fact, Union Pacific is the leading provider of transportation services to and from the U.S./Mexico border. Factor in ocean carriers, and you can use Union Pacific to ship to virtually any destination worldwide.
  10. 10. 10Updated: September 2014 Union Pacific subsidiaries make rail more accessible by specializing in door-to-door delivery. Insight Network Logistics (INL) INL offers innovative finished vehicle logistics solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide, providing complete visibility throughout the automotive supply chain from plant to dealer. ShipCarsNow ShipCarsNow delivers reliable, nationwide auto transport. By providing price-competitive, multi-modal transport solutions to the auto industry and to consumers, ShipCarsNow does what’s right for cars and people. Streamline Streamline provides user-friendly, door-to-door intermodal services utilizing advanced technologies to eliminate the complexity associated with drayage, equipment management, reservations and operations execution. Union Pacific Distribution Services (UPDS) UPDS provides seamless door-to-door transportation products by combining the economics of long-haul rail service with certified transload and trucking operators. UPDS actively manages the entire supply chain through a comprehensive logistics package that ensures your product reaches your customer safely, efficiently and on time. How UP Expands Your Reach
  11. 11. 11Updated: September 2014 ShipCarsNow Why Choose ShipCarsNow? ShipCarsNow provides safe, affordable auto shipping in the United States. ShipCarsNow is a Union Pacific company; a trusted icon in American industry with 150 years of transportation experience and proven customer service. Our number one priority is making sure your car arrives safely and on time. Choose ShipCarsNow to ship your car, then relax and leave your worries behind! Nationwide Auto Shipping ShipCarsNow gives you the advantage of our nationwide delivery network of safe, reliable rail carriers and car transporters throughout the U.S. In select lanes, you can ship a car by train and take advantage of exclusive rail options to save you up to 30% on auto shipping for long distance moves. ShipCarsNow offers more than auto shipping by rail. We can move your car across the state or across the country with our car transport network, which includes over 750 trucking companies nationwide. This means you can count on ShipCarsNow to deliver for you. We take care of all the details to make shipping a car easy and hassle-free. Quality Car Transport We know that your car is important to you. Our company is recognized by auto manufacturers for transportation excellence and quality service. Our commitment is to give your vehicle the same high level of attention and care we give to auto manufacturers' new cars. Trusted Car Transport ShipCarsNow is part of Union Pacific, an industry leader in rail transportation and Fortune Magazine's Most Admired Company for Trucking, Transportation, and Logistics. ShipCarsNow is licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Our customers are both large and small, include residential auto shippers, auto dealers, corporate relocation companies, auto auctions and global auto manufacturers. Get a Quote Today!
  12. 12. 12Updated: September 2014 Streamline Why Streamline? As a customer of Streamline, you instantly expand your reach and ability through our capabilities. You receive access to the largest intermodal fleet in the country and can take advantage of the most advanced technology in the country. Our 24/7 operation lets your business potential exponentially increase without increasing your back-office. With Streamline you have the broadest market coverage in the United States. We have staged equipment throughout the nation that allows us to quickly pick up your loads and at the same time reduces storage and per diem costs. Whether you are looking for daily spot, project, or annual rates, we are here for you. Use QuoteLine to instantly get spot prices and email or call your Sales Manager for project and annual rates. Technology is the name of the game in this business and we've got you covered. Instantly get rates and capacity. Watch your shipment travel across the country with full visibility via Shipment Management. Manage your deliveries simply and confidently with Delivery Management. Sign Up Today! UP Intermodal Streamline Ramp-to-Ramp Intermodal Service Door-to-Door Intermodal Service Provides Wholesale Service to Intermediaries Provides Retail Service Directly to Shippers Makes Use of Union Pacific’s Containers Organizes Dray Movements Makes Container Reservations Makes Gate Reservations ORIGIN DRAY RAMP RAMP DRAY DESTINATION UNION PACIFICSTREAMLINE STREAMLINE
  13. 13. 13Updated: September 2014 Union Pacific Distribution Services Why Ship with UPDS? Union Pacific Distribution Services (UPDS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Union Pacific Railroad. UPDS works to provide seamless door-to-door transportation to non-rail served customers by combining truck and rail into one package at the lowest possible cost. UPDS is a value-adding, "rail specialist 3PL," well suited to managing complex rail programs. All modes capable - rail carload, transload, intermodal, and truck – door to-door Automotive and Mexico market specialists. Knowledgeable, with a proven ability to affect change (design, validate, and implement). Working with UPDS minimizes operating complexity. UPDS offers the following services: • Retail Intermodal • UPDS’ Intermodal group can help provide efficient, on-time movement from shipper to receiver • Carload Solutions • Offers customized transloading packages with a goal of providing competitive and convenient distribution solutions to customer • Creates unique logistics products to maximize customer value and to asset management • Union Pacific Carrier Services • Assists customers with the truck-brokerage process, as well as diversions and the recovery of domestic/imported carloads or Intermodal containers For more information on UPDS, visit or call 1-800-262-7120. You can also reach out to your M&S Representative with any questions.
  14. 14. 14Updated: September 2014 How to Initiate or Expand Rail Service Industrial Development The Industrial Development Team’s primary role is to provide guidance, support and project- specific assistance on any site location needs. • Build or Expand a Rail-Served Facility • Establish Rail Service on Privately-Owned Track • Establish Rail Service on Union Pacific Track • Develop a Rail-Served Industrial Park • Locate a Transload Facility If you are interested in one of the services listed above, contact the appropriate Regional Manager identified on the Industrial Development Team Territory Map or the Industrial Development Contacts List. Helpful Tools • Process for New or Expanded Rail Service Locations • Guidelines for Rail Service to New Industry Locations • Technical Specifications for Construction of Industrial Tracks • Railroad Construction Contractors • Service Feasibility Questionnaire • Dimensional Load Clearance
  15. 15. 15Updated: September 2014 Logging into the Union Pacific website • Go to • Type in your User Id and password in the Customer Login section and click ‘Log in’ If you do not have a UP User ID, you will need to register to access Secure Tools, Applications and Reports to help simplify your business. • Please allow three business days after a request is submitted to receive a User ID and password • Each employee must have their own User Id How to Access UP’s Tools and Apps
  16. 16. 16Updated: September 2014 How to ‘Plan’ a Shipment with UP Carbon Emission Estimator: See why Union Pacific is one of the safest, most fuel- efficient, environmentally responsible modes of freight transportation Forcast Summary by Month: Allows users to bill loaded unit trains, release unit trains empty, view train lineup, and view current location of trains Intermodal Schedules: Search function for intermodal schedules Manage My Requests: Requesting and reviewing price quotes Price & Document Inquiry: Search and view prices by STCC, origin and destination. View and print rates by a specific document authority Request a Price Quote: Electronically request a price quote from your Union Pacific Sales Representative Routes & Mileage: Search by Origin, Destination, and Carriers to find routes and mileage Unit Train Forecasting: Allows users to bill loaded unit trains, release unit trains empty, view train lineup, and view current location of trains
  17. 17. 17Updated: September 2014 How to ‘Ship’ with UP Bill of Lading: Submit bills of lading online including detailed shipping instructions, such as billing data, rates, routing, and commodity information Demos: • Non-Intermodal pattern and bill submissions • Intermodal pattern and bill submissions • Non-Intermodal hazardous bill of lading • Intermodal hazardous bill of lading Car Orders: Order empty cars to be placed at customer's location for loading • Documentation on Car Orders Chargeable Events: View demurrage events for the current month • Accessorial Charges Quick Reference Guide
  18. 18. 18Updated: September 2014 How to ‘Ship’ with UP Cutoff Times: Lists locations associated with the customer, and displays the cutoff times for inbound and outbound rail cars at each location Dimensional Clearance: Submit a request for movement of equipment that exceeds standard height, width, length or weight limitations Dirty Car Reporting: Union Pacific strives to provide clean and safe rail cars to our customers. Cleaning cars left dirty by the last consignee is an unnecessary expense that is passed on to all customers in the form of higher rates Equipment Placement & Release: Spot and release rail cars or enter switch billing for rail cars • Demo
  19. 19. 19Updated: September 2014 How to ‘Ship’ with UP Grain Car Allocation (GCAS): Program to allocate Union Pacific covered hoppers to customers for the loading of whole grain. Program has three parts: General Distribution, Guaranteed Freight and Car Supply Vouchers. Intermodal Gate Reservation: Customers have the opportunity to choose and reserve gate reservations that match their shipping needs. For most terminals, a gate reservation will be required for a container or trailer to enter Union Pacific's Intermodal terminal. • Demo Pended Waybill Inquiry: View pended bills on equipment moving to UP on another railroad or equipment destined for, but not yet received at an intermodal ramp. Plant-to-Port: Unit train of covered hoppers delivering Dried Distiller's Grains with Solubles, grain and grain products from the Midwest to Yermo, California where product is transloaded to containers for export.
  20. 20. 20Updated: September 2014 How to ‘Ship’ with UP Private Empty Car Storage: View private empty car storage for the current month Rail Car Weight Request: Request a rail car to be weighed Scale Test Switch Request: Requesting a scale test car Soybean Car Allocation (PCAS): Program to allocate Union Pacific covered hoppers to customers for the loading of soybean meal and hulls. Program has two parts; Guaranteed Pool and General Distribution Unit Train Customer Interface/Bulk Train Planner: Allows users to bill loaded unit trains, release unit trains empty, view train lineup, and view current location of trains Unit Train Lineup: List of unit trains moving for a customer Unit Train Release: Allows users to release unit trains Waybill History Inquiry: View details of the last 10 waybills related to a piece of equipment that you are a party to the bill
  21. 21. 21Updated: September 2014 How to ‘Trace’ a UP Shipment Automotive Delivery & Info Management: Trace automobiles by VIN number, and view ramp logistics Equipment Characteristics (UMLER) Inquiry: Search by car number to find equipment characteristics Equipment Trace: Allows you to track equipment going to or from your facility Intermodal/Pickup Number Trace (Intermodal): Allows you to view intermodal trace and pickup numbers if you are a party to the bill Intermodal Gate History: Intermodal customers can access historical J1 information (ex. driver, box condition, possible pictures, copy of J1) Pipeline Inventory: View inventory based on Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Pool Inquiry: View events on rail cars assigned to a customer for loading Repetitive Inquiry: Access information regarding the status of shipments moving on UP
  22. 22. 22Updated: September 2014 How to ‘Trace’ a UP Shipment Reports & Business Assistant: Run reports on rail cars at industry, in yard, or en route to your company Service Issues: Allows customers to communicate problems to UP Operating or Mechanical Departments via the NCSC Customer Service Shipment Events/Service Interruptions: Email notifications that inform customers of certain events related to equipment (ex. Bad Order, Constructive Placement). Train Inquiry: View all cars currently on the train, as well as, cars scheduled to be picked up or set out by the train Weight Inquiry: Search by car number to find weights on rail cars that were requested to be weighted by Union Pacific
  23. 23. 23Updated: September 2014 How to ‘Pay’ for a UP Shipment Account on the Web (AOW): View and pay invoices electronically for freight charges • Demo
  24. 24. 24Updated: September 2014 About Web Applications Maps of Union Pacific Accessorial Charges Matrix Mexico Markets Announcements Mobile Applications Credit & Payment Information Port Locations & Services Embargoes Rail Equipment Overview Fuel Surcharge Programs Security Level Updates General Rules & Demurrage Serving Carrier & Reciprocal Switching Info Industrial Development Shipment Quality Interline Gateways Short Line Railroads Letter of Authority Steelroads Website Major Track Renewal Projects Map Union Pacific Contact List Quick Links and Other Tools
  25. 25. 25Updated: September 2014 Quick Links and Other Tools Diversions Change billing/shipping instructions and/or the route or destination of a rail car that is already in route • Demo Southbound Clearance Customers can manifest (clear or release) loaded railroad cars for furtherance into Mexico • Southbound Clearance Quick Reference Guide - English Version • Southbound Clearance Quick Reference Guide - Spanish Version Additional Tools for Intermodal Customers Pay/Guarantee Intermodal Storage Charges Allows users to pay intermodal storage electronically • View demo on Pay/Guarantee Intermodal Storage Charges (Credit Customers) • View demo on Pay/Guarantee Intermodal Storage Charges (Non-Credit Customers) Pay/Guarantee Intermodal Flip Charges Allows users to pay intermodal flip charges electronically • View demo on Pay/Guarantee Intermodal Flip Charges (Credit Customers) • View demo on Pay/Guarantee Intermodal Flip Charges (Non-Credit Customers) Streamline A wholly owned subsidiary of Union Pacific, providing door-to-door Intermodal
  26. 26. 26Updated: September 2014 Who to Contact at UP National Customer Service Center (NCSC) Contact List Contact the NCSC for service related issues including but not limited to: derailments, “service issues”, missed switches, missing equipment, spotting/pull issues, bad orders. Agricultural Products, Chemicals, Industrial Products 1-800-272-8777 Automotive 1-800-255-4915 Coal: • Northern/Eastern Utility Team • Central/Southern Utility Team • CO/UT & Western Utility Team 1-800-477-2798 1-800-443-4319 402-636-7152 Intermodal 1-800-877-5123 International Customer Service Center (Mexico): • From U.S. • From Mexico 1-800-877-0531 1-800-520-1771 Accounting, eBusiness, Billing Services eBusiness Support Desk 1-800-872-1045 Account on the Web (AOW), Invoice, Payment, Dispute Info 1-877-712-4687 Freight Invoice Dispute 1-800-925-6396 Chargeable Events(CES)/Demurrage, Dirty Cars, Diversions, No-bills, Overloads, Reconsignments, Switches, Weighing 1-800-243-0890 Miscellaneous Contacts Hazardous 402-544-9165 Shipment Quality (Damage Prevention) 1-800-521-3253 Property Claims and Collections 1-877-877-2567 Dimensional Loads (11 feet wide, 17’ high, 220,000 lbs) 1-800-544-0541 Union Pacific Distribution Services (Transload Services) 1-800-877-5633 Streamline (Door to Door Intermodal) 1-800-262-2549
  27. 27. 27Updated: September 2014 Thank You for Choosing Union Pacific Railroad