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iMindSurf Proposal


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A brief business plan to execs at any major surf organization, outlining an iPhone App that uses the accelorometer as a way to "surf" using your iPhone. Made for Billabong, but can be used by any major surf org.

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iMindSurf Proposal

  1. 1. iMindSurf iPhone Mind Surfing App Mind Surfing waves with the use of your iPhone Michael Harlow [email_address] (760) 613-4370
  2. 2. Intro If you are a surfer or wanna-be surfer, you have “mind surfed” a wave from the beach. Visualizing yourself on an empty wave and how you would surf it. Drop in, go down the line, big cut-back to a roundhouse and snap off the lip, then cut out. Now with the iPhone accelerometer, you can bring your “mind surf” into reality. Using your iPhone (or any accelerometer enabled device) you can choose a world class wave from a menu, and surf it using your mind.
  3. 3. iMindSurf will be comprised of several elements: A quiver of boards to select from, logos, fins (and fin setup), traction pads and leashes to select from, wetsuits (depending on wave location), trunks or bikinis, and surfer avatars to choose from. Product Description
  4. 4. Start with a board shape. (Short board, Fish, Long Board, Tow-in, etc.) Choose a tail (Squashtail, Squaretail, Roundpin, Batwing, etc.)
  5. 5. Choose a blank. The blank is shaped into the board you chose earlier. After the blank is shaped, you add your favorite logos to your board. You can also choose pre-configured paint jobs. Drag and Drop logos onto board
  6. 6. Choose a fin setup – Single fin, Twin-fin, Tri-fin/Thruster, Quad, Five-fin. Choose your favorite fins and system.
  7. 7. Product Description Continued Choose if your avatar is goofy-foot or regular foot. Choose your wave from a list of world class spots (i.e. Pipeline, Teahupoo, Bells Beach, Jeffreys Bay, Mavericks, Jaws, etc.) or choose a peak which breaks right or left and you can mind surf it for 20 seconds. Once you have set up all the parameters on your iPhone app, you will be alerted that you are, “ready to MindSurf”.
  8. 8. Product Description Continued The screen on your iPhone changes to the surfboard you have designed, and an image of water being pushed to the side by the surfing board. Using your hand, holding the iPhone like the surfboard on a wave , you “drop in” to the imaginary wave and do tricks at will.
  9. 9. By selecting the wave of your choice and if you’re going right or left, you use your iPhone (or any other accelerometer enabled device) to drop into a wave, using your imagination. For example: Since you know how the wave will break, you hold your iPhone as if it is a surfboard and drop in, with a big bottom turn, pull in, move your phone back and forth to gain speed and do a snap off the top, turning your phone fast. Drop back in and drop your wrist back to stall in the tube. Shoot down the line again and cut out. You have just “mind surfed” your first wave in a mix of reality and cyberspace. After you cut out, fall or your time is up, you can watch an instant replay from several different angles (from front, looking into the wave, or first person view, seeing everything you just did. Product Description Continued
  10. 10. Product Description Continued Additional revenue (besides the sale of the iMindSurf app) can be generated by contacting the larger surfboard, apparel and equipment manufacturers (Billabong, others) to display their products on the iMindSurf app. Surfboards: Hundreds of surfboard shapers to choose from. Apparel: Larger surfing clothing companies (Billabong, etc.) are within 1 hour drive from my location and I have numerous contacts within the organizations. Equipment: Leashes, traction pads, watches and so much more will be on the app Music: I have numerous contacts in the progressive music industry (Pennywise, Black Pacific, etc.) that may want to have their music on this app. website: Online store where you can buy all the surfboards, apparel, equipment, music and more. Serious revenue can be made with this website. Website will also include; training videos, forums, links to other apps, sickest moves, etc.
  11. 11. Revolutionary app and “first to market” approach This app will be the “first of it’s kind” and will gain media attention and set Chillingo and Billabong at the forefront of app development Numerous revenue making platforms By leveraging the app and website, combined with marketing and sales to third parties, the revenue stream is unlimited Multiple apps from this one app Taking the first step is surfing. Snowboarding, skateboarding, and other apps can be designed using the iMindSurf platform. Key Points
  12. 12. Target Customers Surfers . When it’s flat and there is nothing to do, the iMindSurf app is where surfers will be at. Surfers love to share stories about their waves and they will do the same with this app. Social networking and word of mouth praise will most likely outperform a huge marketing push. Non-Surfers . The surf culture is very alive right now in fashion, media and other streams. Non-surfers want to be surfers, but they may be landlocked or just plain scared of sharks. The iMindSurf app gives them a chance to envision dropping into a wave and what you can do with your imagination. Corporations . Surf corporations will push this product through their Twitter, Facebook and other media streams, providing they have “skin in the game” and have advertised with us. Developers . Chillingo will be looked at as “THE” developer of accelerometer apps. Developers will download the game just to figure out what you did and how you did it.
  13. 13. Market Size With the sales of Chillingo Billabong Surf Trip, you know better than I what these numbers look like. However, I envision iMindSurf will double the sales that Billabong Surf Trip acquired. Retail Sales   - Older 2006 data Brand Penetration: Retailers have more brand choices but are carrying fewer brands and product categories Internet Sales: While only 23% of core retailers use Internet/Catalog sales, those who use it have seen an increase averaging 29.5% Footwear: Overall shoe sales are down but sandals sales are up to over $300 million - an increase of over $50 million since 2004 Apparel: Largest product category ($1.8 billion) with an increase of 9.9% in sales in 2006. Men's boardshorts have continued to see strong growth as well Wetsuits: While wetsuits represent a small percent of core sales, dollars are up 30% due to price points Accessories: This high-margin business (which includes sunglasses, watches, bags, hats and belts) saw slight sales growth of 4.3%. The make-up of what contributes to accessory sales is shifting, with the sunglass category contribution up 9% from 2004 while all other category contributions remained flat Hard Goods: Sales are up over 24%, from $901 million in 2004 to $1.12 billion in 2006
  14. 14. The Competition None – For this type of accelerometer application. iPhone and other accelerometer enabled phones are the devices of the future and will drive the future economy. Being the first developer to use the accelerometer like iMindSurf, will set the standard.
  15. 15. iMindSurf creator background Michael Harlow – I have been in executive level management roles for over 10 years and have been a Vice-President of several multi-million dollar companies. I have extensive operations, sales/marketing background as well as multi-million dollar P&L management experience. With close proximity to the largest surfing manufacturers in the world and already established relationships, I can achieve sales within a short amount of time. I have also been a surfer for over 30 years, know the market in the US very well.
  16. 16. The iMindSurf Proposal With everything that I bring to the table; iMindSurf app idea development, marketing, sales, website and complete visualization of product(s), the proposal is a 50/50 partnership for the iMindSurf app, website, and sales. Chillingo will develop the product, launch it through Apple iTunes Store, create the website and other development to be worked out. This will be a complete revenue share 50/50 split and true partnership.