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This is a portfolio of some of my latest architectural work.

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Portfolio 2013

  1. 1. orson t badger PORTFOLIO
  2. 2. objective An opportunity to invest my design talent, skills, motivation, and desire for excellence as a designer in a firm’s success and growth. orson t badger 1913 Inca Trail Bar Nunn, WY 82601 tropicbadger@yahoo.com Cell: 435-705- 4170 accomplishments Persuaded client on a vision of converting a run-down theater property into his company’s new office space using 3D computer modeling; then working together and with a team of design engineers made the vision reality. Designed concept and presentation of a forty acre mixed use community including: retail, entertainment, and a multi-unit housing development. Estimated cost 300 million. Designed corporate logo and literature for Mesa Consulting Group, Inc., Architects and Engineers, St George, UT. Assisted in leading a team of five in designing, preparing construction documents, meeting deadlines, and construction administration for a 94,000 square foot school administration building. Cost 20.5 million. Negotiated, with the guidance of principal architect, an $81,700.00 credit back to a client due to a contractor’s bid over-allowance on a door package for a project. Designed concept and aesthetics of The World Gateway Condominium Hotel, Orlando FL. awards Winner National AIA/AAF Scholarship, 2005. Winner Arthur L. Troutner Scholarship Spring 2005 portfolio Design competition. First place winner of annual ICMA (Idaho Concrete Masonry Assoc.) design competition Spring 2004. Winner Truss Joist Scholarship for Spring 2004 portfolio Design competition. Nominated for Alumni Award of Excellence 2004. education University of Idaho, Moscow ID. Master of Architecture University of Idaho, Moscow ID. B.A. Architecture, Graphic Design Minor GPA 3.8 Aug. 2005 - May 2006 Jan. 2002 - June 2005 RESUME 1
  3. 3. orson t badger 1913 Inca Trail Bar Nunn, WY 82601 tropicbadger@yahoo.com Cell: 435-705- 4170 work experience Project Manager at GSG Architecture Nov. 2011 - July 2013; Casper,WY Project Manager at Burgdahl & Graves Architects July 2009 - Nov. 2011; New Orleans, LA Project Manager at MESA Consulting Group, Inc. June 2007 -  pril 2009; St George, UT A Architect Intern at Morris Architects May 2006 - May 2007; Orlando, FL) references Terrence M. Donahue 107 Longwood Dr. Mandeville, LA 70471 985-845-2555 Cliff Whitlock 4700 Boles Rd. Casper, WY 82604 307-267-4718 Aaron Dupont 1442 S. First St. West Missoula, MT. 59801 406-396-5659 Summer internship Swisher & Hall Architecture Firm 2005; Las Vegas, NV Eighteen month volunteer ecclesiastical service, Pusan, Korea. proficiency Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Autocad 3D Studio Max Sketch up skills Architectural drawing/sketching Water color rendering Writing Conceptualization Graphic design Leadership Problem solver Public speaking affiliations Member NCARB Intern Development Program (2005   011) -2 Former Member AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) 2004 Former member SVT (Society of Vascular Technologists) 1992-2000 RESUME 2
  4. 4. Photographs of Board Conference Room and the front facade near completion. T Images above show model of board conference room and front facade of building. he Jefferson Parish Public School Administration Building in Gretna, Louisiana, near completion, was destroyed by Hurri- cane Katrina in 2005 and the school board has met in a temporary facility since. The new building replaces the old on the same site. The new facility is 94,000 square feet including a new school board meeting room and professional development center. The new building is constructed with steel, glass and masonry. S c h ool O F F I C E S 3
  5. 5. Third Floor Steel Framework study model of masonry curved entry above and boardroom below. Second Floor Working closely with the structural engineer I designed the steel framework for the curved masonry porch entry and the Board Conference Room with its hanging wall. See study models above and photos at left. The new Board Conference Room presented a design challenge. The client desired the flexibility to divide the space into separate rooms for smaller meetings. Designing a hanging wall with folding accordion partitions answered this challenge. I used SketchUp to help the client visualize the exterior of the building as well as key spaces within. Photos of front entry and hanging wall in Board Conference Room First Floor 4
  6. 6. Conceptual 3D max model images N ear the beginning of 2009 I was out of work for a brief period. While looking for another employment opportunity I decided to enter an architectural competition to design a beach house in the Bahamas. This project was completed in one month and gave me an opportunity to retain my design and modeling edge. This schematic design was created with conceptual sketches and AutoCAD. Modeling was done with 3D Max. The final layout was created with Photoshop and InDesign software. This is an 8,000 square foot beach house for a multi-generational family. The design was inspired by the Conch shell found abundantly in the Bahama waters. The house was designed with durable materials to withstand the Second Floor occasional severe weather found in this region. First Floor B e a c h h ouse 5
  7. 7. Conceptual sketches Typical tower floor plan T he World Gateway Hotel was to be built on South International Drive in Orlando, FL. The client asked for a world class design to attract families as a place to stay while enjoying the attractions. The design suggests the Bird of Paradise flower found here in Florida as well as a fine worldclass hotel. The hotel will have 400 units and 500 keys with two ballrooms, meeting rooms, restaurant, pool deck amenities and a fitness center. These pages represent a portion of my contributions. Bird of Paradise HOTEL 6
  8. 8. Suites Site Plan A rundown theater on site became the impetus for the concept of the Pillar Hotel Skyscraper. The shape of traditional Greco-Roman theater/arenas is the prevailing Building section Typical tower floor concept behind the appearance of the building in plan view. The Greco-Roman Column became the inspiration for the look of the building’s facade. The glazing suggests the fluting upon a column and emphasizes the verticality of the edifice. The plaza in front creates a landscape reminiscent of Italian gardens. Building Section 25 50 100 Lobby level 25 50 100 SKYSCRAPER 7
  9. 9. B efore the economic downturn a developer from Las Vegas, Conceptual illustration of development above and site plan below left NV. wanted to create the first mixed-use development in the small town of St George, UT. As part of the design team I helped to develop the concept of a desert oasis. The lower levels of the development would consist of underground parking for protection from the harsh sunny climate. The main and second level was designed for shops, museums, offices, and restaurants. Residential apartments and condominiums would be located on the higher levels and closer to the side of the mountain to take advantage of the views to the city and desert landscape. U rb a n D esi g n 8
  10. 10. N ine weeks during Summer 2004 were spent studying the masterpieces of great architects like Hadrian, Palladio, Scarpa, and Botta, as well as others. Before this experience It was as if I was designing in a poorly lit room. During the summer the shutters were pulled open drenching the room with inspirational light. My skills of Chapel at Mogno, Switzerland, Botta sketching and water-coloring were refined, and I came to Sketches of San Giminano, Italy see architecture from a new perspective. I T A LY 9
  11. 11. Fountain of the Oviato, Villa d’Este Triumphal arch, Villa d’Este Hadrian’s Canopus Florence Cathedral Hadrian’s Maritime Theater 10