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  1. 1. Butterflies Erika Lanzillotto First Grade
  2. 2. Technology Integration RationaleButterflies are animals that illustrate an amazing life cycle. Theirability to transform from a caterpillar into a butterfly is a topic thatis very interesting to children. This topic can be extremelyinteractive and engaging when it is properly paired withtechnology. Butterflies are often hard to find in everyday life sotechnology allows for students to observe and learn about theseamazing creatures without even leaving the classroom. Studentscan watch videos, read interactive books, see live feeds, and evensing songs about butterflies all with their access to technology.This technological experience helps those learners who might notlearn best by just reading a textbook and who really thrive bybeing engaged in the material. Technology gives many differentoutlets for learning. Click Link for Video
  4. 4. Blog from the InternetThe blog linked below is by a teacher who had her students raise caterpillars until they developed into butterflies. I think this is great for students because they would be able to follow the development of the caterpillars on this blog. Students can even view this blog before starting their own butterfly life cycles in their own classrooms. By viewing this, they will know what to expect. Butterfly Life Cycle Blog
  5. 5. Podcast from the Internet This podcast is a great way for students to listen to other students teach them about the life cycle of a butterfly. I think this is extremely beneficial for the students especially because of the fact that it is students around their age, describing the life cycle in simpler terms. This would be helpful for the students and help them feel connected to students around the world. CLICK THIS LINK FOR PODCAST
  6. 6. Internet Resource OneNational Geographic Kids- This website gives students the chance to explore fun facts on the monarch butterfly. It shows students pictures of the butterflies, videos to explore and interactive maps of where they can be found. This is a great tool that can help students become experts on the monarch butterfly and also many other species.
  7. 7. Internet Resource TwoSan Diego Zoo KIDS – This website is a fun, colorful and interactive place for students to come to learn about butterflies. The animal noises and sounds of life that fill the classroom when you click on the link will get all of the students excited to learn. The butterfly link clearly displays important information about butterflies such as their habitats, where they live and what they eat. They also have interactive activities where students can color in butterflies or make their own with tissue paper. All students will be locked to the screen when exploring this site.
  8. 8. Internet Resource ThreeNWF for Kids -NWF is the National Wild Life Federation - This website is a great interactive way for students to follow “Ranger Rick” and learn about the great things about any animal they might want to learn about. It is great for learning about butterflies because students can search and find so many fun facts, activities and games relating to butterflies. This is a great way for the students to expand their understanding on the topic while having fun.
  9. 9. Kidspiration Diagram
  10. 10. Teaching Materials• Draw Butterfly Life Cycle – Students can use this worksheet to illustrate their understanding of the butterfly life cycle. Each student can draw their lifecycles in the boxes provided.• Butterfly Songs – This link has great songs that students can sing about butterflies. Singing is great for younger students and will be a great way for students to remember key words and information about butterflies.
  11. 11. Teaching Materials (Part 2)• Butterfly Interactive Game – This game is similar to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in which the caterpillar has to eat so that it can build its cocoon to form into a butterfly. This very simple game is perfect for a first grade student and will get the students up and involved and feeling special because they helped the caterpillar grow.• Butterfly Word Search – This word search is great for a first grade level. It helps students become familiar with key butterfly vocabulary.
  12. 12. Subject-Specific Internet Based Resource• Butterfly Species in Connecticut – This website gives students and teachers the opportunity to search for the specific butterfly types in our area. I think it would be exciting for students to be able to search what butterflies are not only in Connecticut, but in their county specifically. This is a great resource because it makes the topic relatable for the students.
  13. 13. Uses of the Internet• interactive website – A great interactive website I found is called The Butterfly Website. This website gives students so many options and so many outlets to learn the topic of butterflies. It is extremely interactive and great for students of all learning styles.• online books – The link above is to a search of online books on butterflies. This is great for students who want a deeper understanding on the topic of butterflies. Rather than having to travel to the library, they can view literature on butterflies online.
  14. 14. Web 2.0Wiggio This site is a great way to keep everyone on the same page at all times. It is a website that every student and their parents will be able to sign into that the teacher can interact with them through. This is especially important for students who might miss a day of class or need extra help with a certain topic. This constant interaction makes sure that everyone stays in the loop.