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Here's a quick snap shot of some of the apps we've built.

If you have mobile app needs, we'd love to help! 714.501.4221

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TrooMobile App Portfolio

  1. 1. Rain Bird Rain Bird, one of the world’s largest irrigation supply companies required an iPhone app for it’s Agriculture sales reps that enabled them to quickly create quotes for customers even when not in 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity. When the user enters an area with connectivity the app automatically emails a quote to Rain Bird’s customer service department and the dealer. !
  2. 2. Rave Air Zodiac InFlight Entertainment Systems needed an iPhone prototype app to show customers the future possibilities of their highly specialized airplane seat back systems. !
  3. 3. Safe for Baby Safe for Baby is an Android and iOS app that provides mothers and mothers-to-be with the ability to scan a product’s UPC to determine if the product contains carcinogens, mutagens, and reproductive toxins. !
  4. 4. Karmak Expo Karmak is a leading provider of business management solutions for t h e c o m m e rc i a l t ra n s p o r t a t i o n industry. They have an annual conference and wanted a mobile app that gives attendees a simple, intuitive way to interact with the conference vendors, breakout sessions and after parties. The app has several sponsorship opportunities and a CMS (Content Management System) which allows Karmak to easily update the app’s content. !
  5. 5. 3 StageDesign 3 Stage Design is an iPhone and iPad that enables the field technicians of digital signage creator 3 Stage Design to keep track of their appointments, customers, equipment and reports. This is an internal only app and is not available in iTunes. !
  6. 6. Tennis Channel The Tennis Channel wanted an Android and iOS app that streams live tennis matches worldwide. The app contains video archives, court reports and real time updates during the match. !
  7. 7. DocStoc DocStoc, a document subscription service needed updates to their 44 iPhone and iPad apps. We optimized the design for iPhone 5 and also increased content caching performance. !
  8. 8. Night Toast Restaurant App Night Toast is a Android and iOS app that allows customers to order directly from their app. The app is complimented by an app for the restaurant owner as well which enables the owner to see all orders, send push notifications and coupons. !
  9. 9. Charlotte City Center Charlotte City Center is an iOS iPhone app built for the 2012 Democratic Convention. It’s an app with compass technology that enables the user to navigate the restaurants, hotels and stores of downtown Charlotte.
  10. 10. SonoSite Edge SonoSite, the premier manufacturer of portable MRI devices had a need for its sales force to have an easy to use, interactive sales tool. This internal iPad app has embedded videos for off-line playing, touch activation demos and PDF email capability. !
  11. 11. TalkMondo TalkMondo is a yet to be released iPhone app. TalkMondo is a speech and text recognition and translation app. This app will make it easier for people to communicate regardless of what language they speak. !
  12. 12. Who’s Flying Where? Who’s Flying Where is an iOS and Android phone app for remote control plane enthusiasts which allows them to discover new spots and new buddies to fly with. The app has push notifications, and is GPS enabled. !
  13. 13. Who’s Racing Where? Who’s Racing Where is an iOS and Android phone app for remote control car enthusiasts which allows them to discover new spots to race and new buddies to race with. The app has push notifications, and is GPS enabled. !
  14. 14. Tattoo Later Tattoo Later is a fun iPhone app that allows you to take pictures or use images from your camera roll or Facebook timeline to create and age a tattoo so you can see what it will look like in the future. The app also allows you to share to multiple social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others. !
  15. 15. Travel Store TravelStore needed a simple iPhone, Android and BlackBerry app for their customers. The app includes contact information, TripIt integration, map functionality and an app marketplace for helpful travel apps. !
  16. 16. ReligiON ! ! We made several edits to Android version of the ReligiON app. It has: ! • The social prayer: invite your friends to join you in your prayers, and see what’s trending around the world • Donations: donate to your place of worship or attach donations to your prayers • Library: find and share religious content from and with your community • Check ins: know when your friends visit their places of worship • Calendar: keep track of events taking place at your place of worship
  17. 17. TripVerge ! ! Group Travel App TripVerge is a yet to be released iOS app that makes group travel easy! The app scans the user’s email and automatically informs your friends who are also on the same trip of your itinerary details. Users can sign up with Facebook, TripIt, Gmail and Yahoo accounts making it extremely easy to begin using the app. Look for TripVerge to be released in Q4 2013 !
  18. 18. MedZam The MedZam Headache app is a headache physician designed personal health and wellness tool information site for individuals suffering from Headaches and potential Concussions. This free Medical Application allows you to help assess what is causing your headache, what remedies and solutions might help, and provides a journal to track/manage your headaches. ! ! ! Key Features: • Quickly determine if you have a headache or concussion and may require urgent treatment • Interactive symptom checker rapidly identifies the major classes of headache (cluster, migraine, tension) • Record, track and analyze triggers to prevent headaches before they start • Record, track, analyze your headache medical info • Learn to manage your health • Easy to understand and customize • Saves your results • Built-in reminders • Historical tracking • Easy access and reference
  19. 19. Ball Point Universe Ballpoint Universe is an arcade style shoot-em-up game featuring graphics all hand-drawn with a ballpoint pen! Play as a young doodle, customize your ship, and fly to the infinite sky. Face wave after wave of enemies, and earn ink by slaying them! Unlock new weapons, wings, and specials for your ship with Ink! Blast through the early waves with new blades, guns, and shields. Purchasing the campaign will unlock the doorway to a full fledged adventure! Play through platforming levels, earn new parts, get more Ink, and discover the secrets of the Ballpoint Universe." ! ! !
  20. 20. Alzbetter : Patient Care Management AlzBetter’s Patent Pending Program is the most complete and innovative dementia care system aimed at helping people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia to live safely at home. This web application was built to be used on the following devices : desktop, laptop, iPad or Android tablet. ! ! !
  21. 21. Bausch and Lomb B+L needed a tool to help ophthalmologists diagnose and treat Herpetic Keratitis, for which their drug Zirgan is a solution. We built this responsive site to be used on mobile devices as well as desktops. ! ! !