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Published in: Business, Technology
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Presentation final

  1. 1. OFFLINE MEETING OF Your Logo
  2. 2. •About•Review Pulp and Paper Industry in Vietnam•Discussion Your Logo
  3. 3. About Us Overview We are the pulp and paper technical engineers from the different companies, we have created and developed forum since 2007 August, 2007: was created. It’s only a blog about pulp and paper technology news with low interaction. September, 2011: forum was successfully installed. This was a forum with high interactive post, so everybody can register to get member account easily and free of charge. In Viet Nam, the forums are very popular with the most of young people. Your Logo
  4. 4. About Us Achievements Capacity August, 2007: is created. It’s only blog about pulp and paper technology news with low interaction. Your Logo
  5. 5. About Us Specification of forum Capacity Famous forum in the Internet, SEO with google search Free of charge the most of information for everyone Members can post their content: news, opinion, knowledge, comment.. Updating often the news and Job opportunity . Connecting the relevant enterprises such as chemical, equipment, automation, manufactures…they can place their banner, Ads… on forum
  6. 6. About Us Mission Capacity Become the most famous and quality forum in Viet Nam about Pulp and Paper technology fields and related fields in 2013
  8. 8. Review Pulp and Paper Industry in VietnamCompany and capacity Capacity Having more than 300 companies Producing: 332,000 tons/year (Pulp); 1,523,000 tons/year (Paper) Your Logo
  9. 9. Review Pulp and Paper Industry in Vietnam
  10. 10. Review Pulp and Paper Industry in VietnamProducing Paper in 2011 Capacity Using: increase in total 6.7%. Using 29.61kg/person/year. Using tissue 0.8 kg/person/year (USA: 2 kg/person/year). Domestic Producing: serve 60% demand. Import: High quality papers, industrial papers (textile, food, cigarette, electronic equipment, etc.) Export: joss paper (70%); printing – writing – photo paper (20%); tissue (10%).
  11. 11. Review Pulp and Paper Industry in Vietnam
  12. 12. Review Pulp and Paper Industry in VietnamSituation at Viet Nam Capacity Have no important position in Industries of National Superfluous material. Decrease in news printing paper demand. Some superfluous products.
  13. 13. Review Pulp and Paper Industry in VietnamChoose products for manufacturing and investing Capacity Encourage to manufacture pulp (except CTMP) Invest over capacity 100,000 tons/year using EURO technology Avoid investing into writing – printing – news printing paper.. x1 Invest into high quality coating paper. Invest into low weight carton with higher quality.
  14. 14. Review Pulp and Paper Industry at VietnamSome big projects Capacity Tan Mai – Kon Tum Mill: 130,000 tons/year (BCTMP); 200,000 tons/year (printing – writing paper) Tan Mai – Quang Ngai Mill: 130,000 tons/year (BCTMP); 200,000 tons/year (printing – writing paper with coating). Tan Mai – Mien Dong Mill: 100,000 tons/year (DIP); 150,000 tons/year (printing – writing – news printing paper)... x1 Sai Gon Paper pulp mill: 52,500 tons/year (DIP); 157,500 tons/year (OCC); 70,000 (MW) Sai Gon Paper paper mill: 192,5 tons/year (IP); 35,000 tons/year (Tissue). Phuong Nam pulp mill: 100,000 tons/year (APMP).
  15. 15. THANK YOU !& DISCUSSION Your Logo