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Papier lu e_gb_3

  1. 1. L&E Paper Technology rethink redesign rebuild
  2. 2. »Climate protection is a major issue in industrial manufacturing today, and it demands sustain- able concepts. We respond to this demand with our initiative ›rethink, redesign, rebuild‹. We ask the critical questions and are constantly looking for new ways to save energy and materials, to streamline production processes and offer new technologies – in short: to be truly innovative! That is how we help our customers shape a successful future.« Dr. Peter Engelmann CEO L&E in brief2 3 Head office: Bochum, Germany Subsidiaries: Hering AG (Germany), L&E Shanghai (China), L&EAmerica (USA) Products/Services: Planning, production and assembly of plants for a wide range of industrial applications The L&E Group of Companies Industries: Automotive, chemicals, plastics, paper, packaging, wood processing, waste incineration Employees: 316 employees, of which 75 are engineers in the development center in Bochum Langbein & Engelbracht is a major engineer- Germany, collaborate with the best partners ing and plant construction company with the world has to offer and inspire our custom- a long and illustrious tradition. We have ers with our profound engineering know-how. written German industrial history, and our We take on the special challenges of the expertise as a maker of innovative production various markets with our product development facilities has been in demand for more than expertise. Whether the market is booming, 75 years. As L&E Group we have an interna- technology leaps are being made, the econo- tional orientation and are represented by my is in a crisis or resources are scarce, we our subsidiaries in China and the USA. always have the right solution. We manufacture at our site in Bochum in Produkte
  3. 3. The L&E product range for paper technology Our product range I Papermachinehoodandairsystem IIRejectandfibersludgedrying I4 a Hood system 5 b Heat recovery system VSteamandcondensatesystem I c Pocket ventilation a Process automation system d Wire section exhaust system b Cascade system e Hall ventilation system c Thermocompressor system d Yankee system e Steam blow box IDryingtechnology I a a a TransAir-dryer b ContacAir-dryer Energyanalysisservice V c AirTurn system b d High-efficiency hood IAftersalesservice V d c d c a a a b e a–d c
  4. 4. We combine years of experience with solutions for the future.6 7 LE Paper Technology We are the people company to turn to standing enterprise with a rich tradition and when you want to save costs, energy and raw many years of experience in the paper materials – for example, with our innovative industry, LE began basing its research and concepts for the utilization of waste heat. development work on this fact very early on. We improve the overall energy balance of your We offer our worldwide customers environ- paper machine so efficiently, that return on mentally friendly, high-performance solutions investments costs (ROI) is often just a few for both the innovative design of new plants months. Our customers have told us that as well as the optimizing of existing paper controlling and minimizing operating costs is mills and machines. We advise and deliver a key to competing successfully. As a long- turnkey total solutions on all continents. References Delfort Group MM Karton Mondi Group Products Sappi Fine Paper Europe Paper machines: Air ventilation and heat recovery SCA Packaging Steam and condensate systems Stora Enso Paper driers Reject and sludge driers
  5. 5. We optimize our customers’ energy balance.8 9 Pioneering process solutions Environmental regulations for the paper productivity, quality and runability of our industry are getting tougher and tougher, the customers’ production sites. costs of raw materials and energy are rising, and at the same time industrial companies With our many years of experience in the are being called upon increasingly to work industry, we offer comprehensive and leading- as efficiently and as environment-friendly as edge process solutions for entire ventilating possible. LE supports this trend with its systems, steam and condensation systems, innovative process solutions. We plan and and drying technology within the paper optimize the energy consumption of new machine and reject sludge drying after and existing machines, thus improving the waste paper pulping. Energy savings achieved by LE process solutions in % Newsprint – 31% Packaging paper – 31% Writing/Printing paper – 31% Thin printing paper – 31% Tissue – 31% Standard LE optimized
  6. 6. 10 11 Process solutions for saving energy The LE range of services Areas of potential for improving the energy balance Web With the LE process solutions for saving energy, related to savings in primary energy costs, kick-in support we can influence as much as 30 percent of the quickly and raise the efficiency of the production Hood Heat Optimizing energy consumption in the technology recovery energy costs arising in the paper-making process machine. The improved ventilation systems drying section by analyzing and improving the existing equipment make it possible to create consistent production Improved Improved for the drying sections of paper, cardboard and conditions and drying profiles for the paper web, Hall ven- quality efficiency Steam An active and sustainable contribution to tilation blow tissue machines. LE delivers, assembles and often also improving the quality of the paper box environmental protection with integrated services ventilating plants, steam and condensate produced, besides reducing energy costs. Customer heat recovery and noise protection systems systems for a comprehensive and money-saving energy concept. The resulting savings, mostly Paper Air ex- Active protection of the building structure drying Improved More traction runability production Improved climatic conditions for the staff Reject Steam and drying condensate systems Complete system solutions for building Air-Turn Possible energy savings in a paper factory new plants in % Expansion and/or modernizing existing plants Energy (heat) 24% Reject 7%
  7. 7. Vapour Condensate Steam Air/Water 0 Air/Air12 13 Hood energy balance and heat recovery systems Paper machine hood Heat recovery Custom tailored to perfectly fit each paper Ratio of costs/exhaust-air dew point Effective air/air-heat recovery thanks to the machine and each building virtually self-cleaning glass-pipe exchanger The high dew point, designed for up to Glass pipe with long service life and ease of 64°C (147°F) of the waste air, enables cleaning effective heat recovery Optimized heat exchangers guarantee high Low primary energy requirement through thermal efficiency improvements in heat insulation designed especially to save energy Air/Water heat-exchange for heating white water and heating water 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 Low false-air levels, even at low airflow Waste-air dew point conditions Building heated using exhaust heat from the Steam costs per year Electricity costs for exhaust and supply air paper machine
  8. 8. 14 15 Drying technology The dryers are specially set up to dry paper, Internal and external arrangement of board, leaf, fiber tissue and tissue papers. the heating and circulation units Systematically further developed for new TransAir-Dryer with no-contact web plants or perfectly adapted to the relevant guidance, especially for floating webs, production conditions to improve quality coated on one or both sides and efficiency of existing plants ContacAir-Dryer with web guidance Ecologically and economically engineered supported by guide rolls, especially for paper and board, coated on one side Patented CombiFoil blast pipes for short heating times, minimal downtimes and AirTurn dryer with no-contact redirection negligible losses of pressure and drying of paper, coated on one or both sides Specially designed blast pipes for a uniform and high heat-transfer factor
  9. 9. Exhaust air Exhaust Air Filter Filter16 Reject Reject M 17 disposal disposal Reject Reject feeding feed-in Compactor Compactor Reject Dryer Reject dryer Fan Heat recovery Process air heating Reject and fiber sludge drying in recycle pulping operations Steam and condensate systems Raise the dry content of rejects and sludge Final processing is done by pressing the now Steam and condensate systems tailored to the Cascade systems for an optimum heating up to 90 percent dried material into bales or briquettes, or sim- needs of the individual customers enables and curve and pressure sequence when drying ply through compaction resulting inconsider- ensures excellent product quality and high Robust and highly reliable construction able further savings in disposal transport or throughput during the drying process. Thermocompressor systemsfor the individu- increased uses for the dried sludge or rejects. alized control of each drying group Short payback periods (often less than The construction and mode of operation of Efficient use of the entire steam-energy 1 year) the LE Reject and Sludge drying system ena- Yankee systems with thermo-compressor bles payback periods of less than one Applicable for all paper weights and grades for reducing the primary energy consump- Active and sustainable environmental year to be attained. tion benefit by: High operating reliability and runability – Using the waste heat from the paper The resource-saving use of waste heat and make short payback periods possible production process (no primary heating reduction of landfill disposal also have a posi- required) tive effect on the environmental image and Minimal service required – Reduced disposal transport costs by improve public acceptance to the paper mill removing water from the waste rejects owner as a 21st century “green technology” and sludge (tons of water removed per user. hour) – Raising the heat value for now dry rejects and sludge by removing the water making the dried material a viable fuel source The drying is done at low temperatures. This enables waste heat from the production proc- ess, boiler flue gases, gasturbines, etc. to be used intelligently and effectively. The simple and dependable construction combined with waste-heat recovery drying keeps operating costs to a minimum.
  10. 10. With our many years of international experience in the paper industry, we are ready to further design and implement your heat and energy concepts with a wide range of innovative solutions.18 19 Energy analysis service LE is a partner to the paper industry, in Technological progress makes the use of low- The first step in optimizing the energy bal- Primary/Initialassessment » Examine the developing and executing energy saving proc- temperature waste heat an important factor ance is assessing the existing situation. entire ventilation plant, air volumes with esses to continuously and sustainably improve when optimizing energy consumption. For an This is the basis for the analysis of the heat regard to the hood and hall climate, heating resource efficiency, taking into account all efficient use of energy through the extended and energy usage within the paper factory operation, cylinder temperatures, etc. and applicable statutory and regional regulations. use of low-temperature waste heat, we put and the potential improvements that result assessment for the extended use of all the We make sure that the energy lost through together a step-by-step concept together with from it. low-temperature heat. waste air and water in the paper factory is the paper factory. The goal is to improve the made use of efficiently. level of efficiency by finding economical and Analysis » Analyze and assess the energy realistic uses for this waste heat in the plant., efficiency and the production and quality We assist the customer from the analysis requirements design phase all the way to implementation of those concepts into the paper mill systems. Actionplan » Develop a detailed action plan The LE energy analysis Environment-friendly process solutions Implementation » Implement the actions LEprocess solutions Customer goals using LE solutions Waste water Exhaust air Primary/Initial assessment Improved efficiency Analysis Increased productivity Action plan Improved quality Raw materials Paper mill Paper Implementation Improved runability Energy
  11. 11. rethink redesign rebuild Germany China Langbein Engelbracht GmbH Langbein Engelbracht L E Hattinger Straße 951 Industrial Engineering and Environmental Technologies LLC 44879 Bochum, Germany Supply Shanghai Ltd. 2300 Northridge Drive 3652 Cao’an Rd, Jiading District, Kaukauna, WI 54130, USA 201812 Shanghai, China Phone +49 234 4173-0 Phone +86-21-3911 5191 Phone +1 920 462 0319 Fax +49 234 4173-100 Fax +86-21-3911 5192 Fax +1 920 766 4600