Sharing Our Digital Past. Digital Innovation at the Royal Commission (2 of 2)


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Louise Barker & David Thomas, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales

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Sharing Our Digital Past. Digital Innovation at the Royal Commission (2 of 2)

  1. 1. TERRESTRIAL LASER SCANNING Vivian Slate Quarry, Llanberis
  2. 2. Ystrad Einion Metal Mine, Ceredigion. Underground water wheel.
  3. 3. NMRW Maritime Record: 5 Year Programme Key Themes/Site Types: • Submerged Palaeolandscapes (30) • Shipwrecks (5317) • Downed Aircraft (803) • Humanly-defined seascapes (87) (e.g. traditional fishing grounds) • Intertidal Archaeology (154) 8% of total records within the NMRW
  4. 4. The wreck is reported to have been identified in 2004.The full character and extent of archaeological remainsis presently unknown.Event and Historical Information:The SAINT JACQUES was a steel-hulled steamshipbuilt by Atel. & Ch. De France, Dunkirk, in 1909. It wascarrying a cargo of coal from Barry to Bizerte under thecommand of master H Hauville, when it was torpedoedby the German submarine UC51 on 15 September1917. The ship sank some 5 miles off St Anns Head.Maritime Officer, RCAHMW, April 2008. Side Scan Sonar Imagery from the Cadw Coal and Slate Wrecks Project Archaeological remains associated with the loss of this vessel are not confirmed as present at this location, but may be in the vicinity. Event and Historical Information: The PETER VARKEVISSER was a 69nt wooden sloop built in 1875. At time of loss on 13 January 1896, the vessel was carrying roofing slates from Porthmadoc to Cardiff, It was caught by a east-southeasterly force 10 gale and foundered in St Tudwal’s Roads. Maritime Officer, RCAHMW, April 2010.
  5. 5. Imaging the Seabed.... Side scan sonar images of wreck sites captured during Cadw-funded marine geophysical survey Data archived with National Monuments Record of Wales by Wessex Archaeology
  6. 6. Aspirations for the Future....Multi-beam SonarSide Scan SonarLIDAR in close inshore areas
  7. 7. Gorffennol DigidolDigital Past 2012 Sharing Our Digital Past: Digital innovation at the Royal Commission The Challenges
  8. 8. • Digital Photography • Laser Scanning • Total Station • Point Cloud • GPS • LiDAR • Sonar •Book Publication •Website•Storage •On-line Database•Support •Blog•Digital Preservation •Social Media•Copyright •Public Engagement•Standards •Enquiries•Sustainability and re-use
  9. 9. Gorffennol DigidolDigital Past 2012Storage and Support Background Challenges Solutions Benefits Ever expanding Keeping pace Creative options IT not a need for storage with change for storage bottleneck for innovation Increased Real cost of Be selective reliance on storage Whole complex IT Careful IT organisation Unequal use of Management benefits and technology takes part across the Training and organisation spread of skills
  10. 10. Gorffennol DigidolDigital Past 2012Digital Preservation and Copyright Background Challenges Solutions Benefits Almost all output Perceptions Trusted Digital Preservation of of the Royal about Repository record for Commission is preservation of perpetuity now digital digital material UK wide solution Re-use of Need to secure Heavy staff input Proper licensing records in many long term future to complex and accession ways of digital products process documentation Legal framework
  11. 11. Gorffennol DigidolDigital Past 2012Information Standards andSustainability Background Challenges Solutions Benefits Very diverse Many different Establish or Interoperability sector with lots of and developing share standards within and opportunities for standards outside the new approaches Agreement on sector and techniques How to share the standards at start information of work Sustainability Need a consistent Technology for Priority on Building systems approach technology’s sake interpretation and and techniques dissemination for the future
  12. 12. Gorffennol DigidolDigital Past 2012storage costs back-up costsenvironment provision network Load keep pace with innovation creativity not stifled solutions rolled out acrosscan’t keep pace with change IT support un-equal whole organisation innovation part of theuse of technology across the organisation different whole organisation record preserved forperceptions complex preservationprocess heavy staff input data migration perpetuity records re-used legally clear information re-used in many waysburden proprietorial products interoperable information sustainablecomplexity of the copyright law need to comply development proper use of resourcescreative commons orphaned works building systems andcomplex standards not easy to understand slowdown progress use of technology for techniques for the futuretechnology’s sake change forchange’s sake
  13. 13. PRESENTING OUR PASTLadelling molten copper in the smelting sheds at Hafod Copperworks, Swansea. Still from an animation
  14. 14. 3D wireframe of Denbigh Shire-hall in AutoCAD
  15. 15. Available for download from our website & through Coflein.
  16. 16. READING THE FUTUREDigitisation of our entire back catalogue. Available soon for download
  17. 17. INTERPRETATION & PRESENTATION Tyddyn Llwydion, Llanrhaeadr-ym-mochnant, Powys3D Studio Max cutaway model showing the construction of the Leighton Farm piggery.
  18. 18. Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. Understanding the construction
  19. 19. The Final Product – Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Animation
  20. 20. ANIMATION Nannerth-ganol Bardsey IslandBeupre ‘The Bridge’ by Jonah Jones
  21. 21. Hafod Copperworks, Swansea
  22. 22. Ystrad Einion Metal Mine, Ceredigion