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Talent Gallery - Global Headhunting


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Global Headhunting and Business Development through a network og 500 search firms

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Talent Gallery - Global Headhunting

  1. 1. Yes, We recruit here!
  2. 2. Global Recruitment Selection Business Development Management for Hire
  3. 3. What is Talent Gallery? 3 Executive search firms located in Belgium Germany Norway Members of NPAworldwide Top NPAworldwide firm EMEA 2015
  4. 4. What is NPAworldwide? Global network with 500+ search companies across the globe Founded in 1956 – in US Owned by its members Based upon team efforts in global recruiting One client contact + several global headhunters Cover most industry sectors
  5. 5. Scandinavian Search Group Established 1997 Master Franchisee for MRI Network in the Nordics 1998 - 2002 Member of NPAworldwide from 2014
  6. 6. Anne has worked headhunting in Talent Gallery - Scandinavian Search Group since 2005. She has held numerous positions within the transportation industry and was one of the first employees of DHL Norway in the 80's. Today she is one of the leading headhunters within logistics in Scandinavia. Mobile: +47 4677 2020 e-mail: LOGISTICS SALES MANAGEMENT Anne Verdich
  7. 7. Leif has worked in sales, marketing and management positions throughout his career and is one of the most experienced leaders in the Nordic food industry. Leif has held various management positions in companies like Mölnlycke, Gilde, Frionor, Kavli and Grilstad. Leif joined Talent Gallery in 2009. Mobile: +47 9580 8001 E-mail: Leif Stråtveit CONSUMER GOODS SALES MARKETING MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT FOR HIRE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT RETAIL
  8. 8. Morten has been working in retail management positions in Norway since early 80's. The last eight years he has been regional manager for Clas Ohlson in South Eastern Norway, with the responsibility of establishing and supervising the Clas Ohlson stores in the area from Østfold to Kristiansand. Morten has has worked in companies like Maxi Hypermarkets, ICA Norway and has been running retail stores and café’s. Morten joined Talent Gallery in 2014. Mobile: +47 9019 7780 E-mail: Morten Johnsen RETAIL MANAGEMENT FOR HIRE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT
  9. 9. Roar has a strong background as manager within the food industry and as an independent consultant, mainly focused on business development, board work and organizational development. Roar has held various management positions in Orkla Foods, worked as a consultant in Mercuri Urval and was co-founder of Scandinavian Search Group in 1997. Mobile: +47 9130 2225 e-mail: Roar H. Olsen FOOD INDUSTRY MANAGEMENT FOR HIRE BUSINESS DVELOPMENT MANUFACTURING COACHING
  10. 10. Sondre started his career in Talent Gallery - Scandinavian Search Group in 2008 as a researcher/internet researcher. Eight years later he is one of the leading headhunters in building- and construction industry working on positions throughout Norway. Mobile: +47 9340 5195 E-mail: Sondre Larsen CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SALES
  11. 11. Tom has a solid experience within management, finance and business development. He has worked as a business consultant for more than twelve years focusing on reenergizing organizations, downsizing companies and business development The last two years Tom has worked as Managing Director in the energy entrepreneur company Nettmontasje AS. Previously as consultant in Habberstad and management positions in companies like Statnett, Clear Channel, Abicon Elektro, Flåtnes Technology Group og Svene Gruppen. Mobile: +47 4803 4452 E-mail: Tom Augestad ENERGY MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT FOR HIRE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
  12. 12. Trond is the founder of Talent Gallery – Scandinavian Search Group and has worked in recruitment since 1995. Prior to this he worked as journalist and international marketing manager at Orkla Foods - Stabburet, including responsibility for successful launch of the soft drink FUN Light in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Trond has worked as newspaper journalist and various marketing positions within food industry including Orkla Foods. Mobile: +47 9130 2220 E-mail: Trond Larsen CONSUMER GOODS IT MARKETING MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL SEARCHEXECUTIVE SEARCH MANAGEMENT FOR HIRE SALES BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
  13. 13. Our Search Process 1 Need Analysis 3 Research 4 Screening Job Tasks Expectations Salary Location Media Job Boards? Company web? TG web? NPAworldwide? Sourcing Desktop Profiles NPA profiles Social Media Network Phone contact Person Education Experience (Re)Location Company Organization Products Market 2 Marketing 1st Interview Background Competence Motivation Salary Level Goal: 3 to 5 candidates Schedules Interviews Start-Up
  14. 14. Our Search Process 5 Reporting Short List Name Education Contact details Current job Current company 6 Interviews Client interviews 2 to 5 candidates 45 to 60 minutes Present job Present company Present Candidate Motivation Counter Offer Goal: 1 to 3 candidates Side-by-Side Name Education Contact details Current job Current company Previous jobs Prev Companies Testing (opt) Profile test Feedback test Feedback candidates 7 Hiring Process Reference Checks Peers Customers Managers 8 Follow Up Contract Advisory Motivation Counter Offer Notice Period Motivation Counter Offer Closing candidate Advisory Motivation Counter Offer 1 month Performance Motivation Counter Offer 3 months Performance Motivation Counter Offer 6 months Performance Motivation Counter Offer
  15. 15. Some of our projects Industry Positions Construction Companies Commercial Construction Sr. Calculators Site Managers Ops Manager Project Managers Engineering Managers Energy Sector Power Supply Managing Director Project Managers Engineers Fast Food Chain Retail Franchisees Food Technology Bakeries Key Account Managers International B2B Sales Sunscreen Sales Manager Norway Sales Manager Finland Logistic Companies Logistics Air forwarders Airfreight Managers Field Sales KAMs Team Leaders Traffic Managers
  16. 16. Some of our projects Industry Positions International Publisher Publishing Sales Manager Denmark Sales Manager Finland Internet of Things Company IT Man. Dir. Europe Consulting Companies Consulting Sr HVAC Consultants Road and Rail planners Managing Director London Fast Moving Consumer Goods Consumer Goods Brand Manager Category Managers Head of Trade Head of Quality KAM Category/Innovation Customer Service Quality Managers Product Coordinator Product Managers Accountants Sales Coordinator Sr Procurement Manager
  17. 17. Yes, We recruit here!