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Talent Gallery Global Recruitment Solutions


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Talent Gallery and NPAworldwide offer global recruitment solutions to companies going international. More than 500 search firms to your disposal with one single point of contact. Contact Trond Larsen - for more information.

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Talent Gallery Global Recruitment Solutions

  1. 1. Global Recruiting Services
  2. 2. What is Talent Gallery and NPAworldwide? Talent Gallery together with NPAworldwide is a network of recruitment firms located across 6 continents. Members work cooperatively to fill your talent needs locally, regionally, and internationally. NPAworldwide is owned by its members, so each firm have invested in the long- term sustainability and success of the network. What does it mean for you? NPAworldwide allows us to be your single point of contact for all of your hiring needs globally. Whether you need to fill a one-off role outside of our core specialty or source talent overseas, your unique search needs can be supported by 500 partner firms.
  3. 3. How Talent Gallery and NPAworldwide Benefits You Working with Talent Gallery and NPAworldwide offers numerous benefits to clients, including: Personal service Work with an owner, partner, or recruiter with a strategic interest in your success. Employers receive superior results and the ability to develop long-term partnerships. Single point of contact No matter where you have hiring needs, Talent Gallery can manage the entire recruitment process. You don’t need to spend time vetting new recruitment partners for one-off assignments.
  4. 4. Professional Talent Gallery and NPAworldwide membership is offered on a selective basis to recruitment firms with a proven track record of both experience and success. Trust, reliability, and integrity are hallmarks of our cooperative environment. Backed by a network of peers Whether you have a specialized local role to fill or need to find talent overseas, NPAworldwide members rely on their network connections to deliver results. Local and global knowledge Talent Gallery in co-operation with NPAworldwide members provide access to affiliated firms with market knowledge, language and cultural sensitivity, legal expertise, and best-fit candidates for openings in the countries where you are hiring.
  5. 5. The membership consists of nearly 500 locations across 6 continents, representing more than 1,300 individual recruiters. Why It Works – The Exponential Power of a Network NPAworldwide’s network operates on split-fee placements. That means recruiters are sharing information to fill your open positions with top-quality candidates. Unlike non- member firms, our global recruiters have access to a pool of passive candidates developed by more than 500 firms and 1300 recruiters. Their searches aren’t limited to a single recruiter’s candidate pool or to a small number of candidates found on a job board. Rather, NPAworldwide members deliver a world of possibilities through an international recruiting network. “I’ve worked with an NPAworldwide office for several years now on a variety of project. Their efforts to understand our exacting requirements are second to none…They’ve been quickly able to connect with their partner firms (internationally) and commence a thorough search on our behalf.” — Director of Global Metallurgical supply company
  6. 6. Scandinavian Search Group Established 1997 Master Franchisee for MRI Network in the Nordics 1998 - 2002 Member of NPAworldwide from 2014
  7. 7. Many employers do not like working with recruitment companies. In markets that employers know well and have social media connections, perhaps it is possible to avoid independent recruiters or at a minimum reduce the dependence on outside agents. When the needs of companies expand beyond a local market and into countries where there is no physical presence, recruitment agencies may be the only way to achieve the results that are needed. What are some great things to know when you go searching for international recruiting expertise? Consider these basic questions to identify the strong players from those who may waste your time and money: 1. How does your fee structure work? 2. Does your search firm have partners and connections where you are hiring? 3. What is the most common source of the candidates you place? 4. How long will it take you to provide me a short list of 5 candidates? 5. Can you tell me about international placement you or your affiliates/partners have done? 6. Does your firm belong to an international network or association of any type? 6 Questions for Finding an International Recruiter
  8. 8. Trond is the founder of Talent Gallery – Scandinavian Search Group and has worked in recruitment since 1995. Prior to this he worked as journalist and international marketing manager at Orkla Foods - Stabburet, including responsibility for successful launch of the soft drink FUN Light in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Trond has worked as newspaper journalist and various marketing positions within food industry including Orkla Foods. Mobile: +47 9130 2220 E-mail: Founder: Trond Larsen CONSUMER GOODS IT MARKETING MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL SEARCHEXECUTIVE SEARCH MANAGEMENT FOR HIRE SALES BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
  9. 9. Our Search Process 1 Need Analysis 3 Research 4 Screening Job Tasks Expectations Salary Location Media Job Boards? Company web? TG web? NPAworldwide? Sourcing Desktop Profiles NPA profiles Social Media Network Phone contact Person Education Experience (Re)Location Company Organization Products Market 2 Marketing 1st Interview Background Competence Motivation Salary Level Goal: 3 to 5 candidates Schedules Interviews Start-Up
  10. 10. Our Search Process 5 Reporting Short List Name Education Contact details Current job Current company 6 Interviews Client interviews 2 to 5 candidates 45 to 60 minutes Present job Present company Present Candidate Motivation Counter Offer Goal: 1 to 3 candidates Side-by-Side Name Education Contact details Current job Current company Previous jobs Prev Companies Testing (opt) Profile test Feedback test Feedback candidates 7 Hiring Process Reference Checks Peers Customers Managers 8 Follow Up Contract Advisory Motivation Counter Offer Notice Period Motivation Counter Offer Closing candidate Advisory Motivation Counter Offer 1 month Performance Motivation Counter Offer 3 months Performance Motivation Counter Offer 6 months Performance Motivation Counter Offer
  11. 11. Contact Talent Gallery Phone +47 9130 2220 E-mail:
  12. 12. Yes, we recruit here!