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Flexible Headhunting


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Talent Gallery offer almost 20 years of experience in recruiting and headhunting on the Scandinavian market. TG Help is an alternative for clients who desire partly assistance in finding the best talents.

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Flexible Headhunting

  1. 1. Process TG Help! 2014 You decide how much you will use from our services TG Help! menu 0 NEED ANALYSIS (Must) Free 1 APPLICATION TRACKING ADVERTISEMENTS Client advertise - all interested candidates turn to TG for more information and application Applicants are sorted, registered and forwarded to client. Fixed price 2 SELECTION Selecting the best candidates and conducting the 1st selection interview A short-list of 2 to 5 candidates is handed over to Client. Fixed price 4 PROFILE TEST (opt) Our consultants are verified to run various personality tests. Price per test. Fixed price 5 REFERENCE CHECK Systematic reference checking. Price per candidate Fixed price 6 DIRECT CONTACT CANDIDATES Requested candidates to contact on behalf of client. Success Fee - placement. Fixed price Fixed price It is becoming more and more difficult to hire the best talents. The people you would prefer to have on board are not actively looking for a new job. They need to be headhunted. Talent Gallery offer processes including advertised recruitment, selection and search. annonsert rekruttering, search og seleksjon. We also offer flexibility by working only parts of the process through TG Help! You decide how much assistance is desired - and pay thereafter.