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  • *Demand= within the banking industry due to the continuing changes and increase of regulatory compliance*Well versed in using and creating spreadsheets.*English courses are also recommended as a credit analyst need to posses good oral and written communication skills.*CFO (Chief Financial Officer)*CEO (Chief Executive Officer)*Commercial/agricultural loan officer
  • Quantitative/qualitative skills- not only analyze the #’s and put them into a useable format but be able to distinguish what the #’s are actually saying about potential client
  • Bethany's electronic portfolio

    1. 1. Electronic PortfolioBethany Jo Schmitt
    2. 2. Table of ContentsBackground Information Future Career: Credit Analyst Contact Information Credit Analyst Field Education Career Summary Resume Money/Salary Activities Employment Outlook Letter of Recommendation Career Research Community Service Activities Special Skills Marketing Project Career Goals Sample 1 and Sample 2 Becoming Qualified Accomplishments Job Locations Achievements and Awards Review Sample 1 and Sample 2 Sources of Information
    3. 3. Background Information
    4. 4. Contact InformationFirst Name: BethanyLast Name: SchmittDate of Birth: April 5, 1994Address: S3063 State Road 95Fountain City, WI 54629Telephone: (608) 687-8717Cell Phone: (507) 450-7866Email:
    5. 5. Cochrane-Fountain City High SchoolAugust 2008-2012Courses Completed: College Prep Writing College Prep Literature COOP Business Education Personal Finance Business Procedures Document Processing I & II Advanced Algebra/TrigonometryGPA: 3.659
    6. 6. Resume Bethany J. Schmitt S3063 State Road 95 Fountain City, WI 54629 (608) 687-8717 jojoschmitt@hotmail.comJob Objective: Honors:To obtain a job at a Financial Institution as a Credit Analyst. FBLA National Winner FBLA Business Presentation FBLA Emerging Business Issues FBLA Intro. To Parli. ProWork Experience: FBLA Prin. & Pro. FBLA Who’s WhoBank Teller Volleyball Captain VB 1st Team All ConferenceWaumandee State Bank, Fountain City, WI July 2010 – Present Softball Letter Winner SB 2nd Team All Conference Utilize good communication skills Basketball Letter winner FFA Discovery Degree Perform daily branch operations FFA Greenhand Degree FFA State Quizbowl Accept deposits/loan payments FFA Chapter Degree Process withdrawals VB Winona Daily News Honorable Mention Reconcile cash drawer Process daily transactions Activities: File paperwork FBLA FBLA PresidentBabysitting FBLA Tri-President FBLA M.S. LiaisonBrian & Wendy Schmitt, Fountain City, WI June 2003 – Present Big Brothers/Big Sisters March of Dimes Random Acts of Kindness High Honors- Honor RollKeith & Karen Engel, Fountain City, WI May - September 2009 Salvation Army Bell Ringing Academic All-Conference Responsible for care and safety of children FFA Old Time Farm Fest Maintain a reasonable bedtime Varsity Volleyball Varsity Basketball Provide nutritional meals and snacks Varsity Softball Silent Auction Organize educational and physical activities for the children
    7. 7. ActivitiesFuture Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Active Member 2007-2012 Chapter President 2010-2012 Regional, State, and National Competitor 2009-2012 North Central Leadership Conference Attendee 2008, 2011 Wisconsin Fall Leadership Conference Attendee 2009-2010FFA Organization Active Member 2007-2012 Discovery, Greenhand, Chapter, and State DegreesVolleyball/Basketball/Softball Varsity Level 2009-2012
    8. 8. Letter of RecommendationDear Ladies and Gentlemen:I am writing this letter of recommendation for Bethany Schmitt who is a senior at Cochrane-Fountain City High School where Iam the business teacher and advisor of the Future Business Leader of America (FBLA). I have known Bethany for six years. Sheis definitely an outstanding student and person. Bethany currently serves as president of the Future Business Leaders ofAmerica; a position she has held for two years.Bethany has taken a number of business classes, and I find her to be a hard working student with good computer, desktoppublishing, and word processing skills. She is punctual and prepared for class. Bethany takes an active interest in the projectsand tasks at hand. She is a self-confident young woman who sets high goals for herself. In class I appreciate the fact that she isalways ready and willing to pitch in whenever something needs to be done. That was very evident in our recent pasta dinnerfundraiser. Bethany wasn’t afraid to volunteer for a number of duties which contributed to the success of the event.She takes her education seriously and is an active participant in her school and community. Administration and staff see her asa person who can be trusted, who volunteers her time when no one else will, and who is dedicated to improving her school andcommunity. Bethany is professional and eager to learn in all settings, and I am able to rely on her leadership capabilities to helpother students. She serves as a role model for younger students by her participation in the Future Business Leaders of America(FBLA) FBLA Big Brother/Big Sister program.I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Bethany Schmitt. She has the drive, desire, humor, sensibility, andleadership to be successful in her future endeavors. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (608) 687-4391, andI will be happy to answer any questions you may have.Sincerely,Terri RoemerBusiness Instructor and FBLA Advisor
    9. 9. Community Service Projects Tree Planting Salvation Army Bell Ringing Volunteering at PTO Book Fair
    10. 10. Marketing ProjectOur Coop Business Education class created a company called “Pastabilities.” We held and organized a pasta dinner during a high school basketball game. The class developed a mission statement, goals, contingency plan, materials list, employee’s responsibilities, public service announcement, as well as ads for the local newspaper. After the dinner, we discussed the positives and negatives of the dinner and created a business plan.
    11. 11. Marketing Project
    12. 12. AccomplishmentsFour Year Outstanding FBLA MemberBusiness Achievement Awards Future Business LeaderNational FBLA QualifierOutstanding Business StudentWho’s Who in BusinessUnited States Achievement Academy
    13. 13. Achievements and Awards
    14. 14. Achievements and Awards
    15. 15. Future Career: Credit Analyst
    16. 16. Credit Analyst Field I have thoroughly researched the Credit Analyst field and am determined to provide quality service to my employer. My understanding and research into the Credit Analyst field is present in the following slides.Image Source:
    17. 17. Career SummaryCredit Analyst: Responsible for assisting themanagement of credit customers, assessment of theircredit worthiness, establishing limits on credit, as wellas negotiating resolution with past due accounts.Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in a business related area Accounting Finance Advanced skills in Microsoft Applications Experience in a working environment Team based problem solvingSource:
    18. 18. Money/Salary A Credit Analyst can expect to make between $28,000 and $110,000 based on their education, training, and experience. Employment Outlook for Credit Analysts Employment Employment Change 2009 2019 Number Percent US 73,180 84,170 10,990 15% Minnesota 1,230 1,396 166 13.5% 2006 2016 Number Percent Central 57 64 7 12.3% Minnesota Northeast 21 23 2 9.5% Minnesota Northwest 46 53 7 15.2% Minnesota Southeast 99 107 8 8.1% MinnesotaSource:
    19. 19. Employment Outlook The need for Credit Analysts depends on the state of the economy. When the economy is weak, fewer people apply for home, car, and business loans. Thus, fewer Credit Analysts will be needed to analyze these loan applications. In addition, growth in this occupation will be slowed by the increased use of computers. Many credit companies use computers to analyze applicants financial information. This reduces the amount of work analysts must do before they prepare their reports. As a result, analysts can process more applications.Source:
    20. 20. Career ResearchInformational Interview I had an interview with Jean Pronschinske who is the Vice President and Human Resources Representative at Waumandee State Bank. She provided me with information that was helpful to put into my e-portfolio. I learned: Recommended education for Credit Analyst is a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and/or Accounting Recommended to take as many math and accounting courses that are available Advancement opportunities would include different levels such as: Credit Analyst position, managing a credit administration department, becoming a CFO or CEO
    21. 21. Special Skills Required To Be A Credit Analyst Quantitative and qualitative analysis skills Knowledge of the industries being considered Know where the jobs are and who is hiring Written and oral communication skills Ability to multitask and prioritize Capability of using financial and spreadsheet softwareSource:
    22. 22. Career GoalsMy goals are to obtain a four-year degree and gain experience in the finance area. The first step is to fulfill my goals and achievements in high school. My new goals are to enroll and be accepted into a college of my choosing and successfully complete my course of study in finance. I then plan to obtain a career as a Credit Analyst.
    23. 23. Becoming Qualified Training: The position of a Credit Analyst can be attained with a bachelor’s degree in a business related area, preferably in Accounting or Finance. On the job training is also provided to ensure that you are up-to-date on the current trends and regulations. Experience: A Credit Analyst should have at least seven years of experience in the field or in a related area. You should be familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures.Source:
    24. 24. Job Locations Who’s Employing: A Credit Analyst is a job that demands experience and certain qualifications. The main employers for a Credit Analyst are: Bank and credit unions Credit card companies Car and truck dealers Business management companies Finding the Job: The most effective way to achieve results is to create an online resume, spread the word through a website, as well as applying for open positions.Source:
    25. 25. ReviewA Credit Analyst will evaluate the customers’ financial status, examine their earnings, savings, debts, and payment history. They will also complete loan applications and forward them to the loan companies, as well as determine how much risk is involved in lending money for the loans. The diversity of this job allows a person to accumulate a wealth of experience.I have worked hard in school and in school related activities to develop the credentials to go above and beyond the outlined requirements for this position. It is my goal to be a valuable and respected employee through my hard work and dedication to my job and other employees.
    26. 26. Sources of Information Pronschinske, Vice President and HumanResources Representative, Waumandee State Bank