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Bribery & dq


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Presented during the Europe East Winter Conference 2017

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Bribery & dq

  1. 1. Bribery and Collusion & How to DQ Sebastian Pękala EU-East Regional Conference Athens, 4 Feb 2017
  2. 2. Bribery & the Rules How to properly DQ? Judge Center Investigation Agenda
  3. 3. IPG 4.4. UC – Bribery & Wagering Player offers incentive to entice an opponent into: conceeding, drawing, changing result, or accepts such offer. Bribery & the Rules Penalty: Disqualification
  4. 4. MTR 5.2. Bribery (tl;dr)  Share prizes you didn't win yet  Split prizes in top X (cash, store credit, prize tickets, product)  Concede to a teammate to get max prizes for the team  Ask TO to change prize structure  Ask for concession, then split/share prize Bribery & the Rules
  5. 5. I have X points, you have less than me. Even if you win this match, you won’t get a prize Well, then if I let you win this match and then you get a prize, we can share it and we both get something. Last Swiss round
  6. 6. I just want the card, I don’t want to go to the tournament. I let you win the slot if you give me the promo card. PPTQ Final
  7. 7. I’m quite generous, concede the match and then we can talk. In-contention table
  8. 8. Judge! If I offer my opponent 50€ to concede, is that legal? At a table
  9. 9. Let's split 7 packs each instead of 12/8/4/4. Who's in? At the start of top4
  10. 10. Announce your decision Collect statements - don't forget: name, DCI#, email address! Secure tournament sanctioning # Enter penalty into WER How to properly DQ
  11. 11. Fill in all fields correctly (be careful) Write your statement first (before reading or translating other statements) Copy other statements to the report (no comments!) If DQing 2+ people for one situation, make reference to other investigations using IDs Judge Center Investigation