A Very Special Night


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A stage play script I wrote, directed and produced for our home church's Christmas Concert.

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A Very Special Night

  1. 1. A Very Special Night Musical‐Drama  AVP – Ondoy, Street Children, etc. SCENE 1KIDS COUNTING ALMS FROM STAGE RIGHTSPOTLIGHT ON KIDSDIM LIGHTSRachel: 21… 22… 23…David: 72… 73… 74… 75! I earned the most once again!Jonathan: Awww.. How come I dont even have to count what I got? What can you buy withthis? (shows of a coin)Rachel: It’s okay Jonathan, at least you earned something, right?David: Well, it’s because you have to look more pitiful… sad… like this! (Daviddemonstrates)Rachel: Stop that David. Jonathan, don’t listen to him. But hmmm… maybe you look too….Look waaay clean for this. (giggles) Oh, I’m just kidding.Jonathan: But I’m adorable! (cute smile) and… and I can give them extra service by wipingoff the dust from their windshieldsDavid: Yeah… ok! I didn’t hear that. Thats low tech, look what I have here!? I can give themgood music!David sings with his guitar (Music)SPOTLIGHT ON DAVIDJonathan: Maybe I can show them my talent? How about that? I can sing! (He sings I’m aLittle Teapot)SPOTLIGHT ON JONATHANIm a little teapot, short and stoutHere is my handle [one hand on hip], here is my spout [other arm out straight]When I get all steamed up, hear me shoutJust tip me over and pour me out![as song ends, lean over and tip arm out like a spout]Rachel: Oh!!!! Jonathan! You just broke my eardrum! Well…Maybe I could sing and dancethen? Or perhaps do a fashion show?SPOTLIGHT ON RACHEL
  2. 2. Rachel does a fashion show (Music)(All three laugh)Jonathan: Uh-oh. I’m hungry… can we go get something to eat? Please?David: Again?(David grabs Rachel’s hand and talks to her as if Jonathan cannot hear him)David: Ever since we found that kid after that typhoon, everything became a…disaster! All hedoes is give us something to worry about! Why don’t we help him find his parents and givehim back?Jonathan: Dear God, I know it’s not so much to ask but I’m starving, can you please please,give my friends and I something to eat?David: What do you think you’re doing?Rachel: David, hush!Jonathan: And oh, add drink to that. Perhaps, an ice cold chocolate drink just as what mynanay would usually make for me… ooohh… I miss that. Amen(Rachel grabs Jonathan’s hand)Rachel: We’ll find something to eat. I haven’t earned much, but I can buy you puto bungbong.David: Fine then… We can eat if you can catch me! (He starts running away)Jonathan: Huh? (feels his tummy)(David and Rachel run, and Jonathan follows)Jonathan: Hey! Wait for me!All three exit the stage (STAGE RIGHT)Lights off.ENTER MANGER SCENE. STAGE RIGHT SCENE 2ENTER HOSTS FROM EACH SIDEENTER CHOIR. STAGE LEFTSPOTLIGHT ON CHOIR AND COLORED LIGHTSENTER HOSTSSPOTLIGHT ON EACH HOST
  3. 3. Host1: It’s that time of the year once again, when we celebrate…Host 2: when we celebrate… what? (Audience participation)Host1: I can’t hear you, can you say that once again? Yes! Christmas! The birth of our lordJesus Christ.Host2: This is the time when God’s long awaited promise to send the Messiah, was fulfilled atlast!Host1: Truly, this is a time to look backHost2: To realize an amazing giftHost1: And witness…Both: A very special nightCHOIR – A VERY SPECIAL NIGHT (KIDS)EXIT CHOIR STAGE LEFT SCENE 3ALL THREE KIDS ENTER THE STAGE LEFT.SPOTLIGHT ON THE KIDSMOM AND DAD PREPARES (STAGE LEFT)Jonathan: Oh! Oh.. I remember this. I know this (referring to the manger). I heard this fromsomewhere…David: Uhuh… you obviously do (sarcastic tone)Rachel: Well, perhaps that was a scene from your favorite cartoons? Or maybe you’vedreamt of it? Right?David: How about a make believe? Huh?Jonathan: Believe? Yes! I now remember!Tatay and Nanay told me this story so many times.And they told me to believe with all my heart… and I do! Would you like to hear the story?Rachel:(nods excitedly and forces David to listen)Jonathan: I remember the first time my Tatay and Nanay told me the story, it goes somethinglike this…(FLASHBACK)(Mom and Dad with Young Jonathan on Stage LEFT)SPOTLIGHIT ON THE FAMILY*Young Jonathan = they must have something in common, perhaps an object
  4. 4. Jacob: the shepherds had gotten the sheep’s finally settled and were starting to exchangestories when suddenly, another shepherd yelled that the stars were moving! They all lookedup to see the shimmering light in the sky. And it got bigger! The shepherds were so amazed.The light seemed to change. And… suddenly, they were looking at what could be the angelsof God staring down from the sky!Jonathan: And what did they do Tatay?Deborah: Well, what would they do? The angel spoke and they listened.Jacob: “Do not be afraid: for I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people: toyou is born this day in the city of David a Savior who is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be asign for you: you will find a child wrapped in bands of cloth and lying in a manger”Deborah: And all of a sudden, the whole sky was filled with angel, all of them praising God,and sayingParents: Glory to God in the highest heaven…SPOTLIGHT ON THE KIDSJonathan: … and on earth peace among those whom he favors! And the shepherds went toBethlehem to look for the Messiah.CHOIR – FOR UNTO US (ADULTS)CHOIR ENTERS STAGE LEFTLIGHTS OFFRachel: You mean, this whole thing is true? Is he really the Messiah?David: Well… What did the shepherds bring with them? Did they wear these expensiveclothes and brought gifts? (taming down a bit, going easy on Jonathan)Jonathan: Calm down, calm down. David (pats hits back) I’m just so glad we’re finally gettingalong.. (with a big smile)David: (feels awkward after realizing that he’s being so nice on Jonathan)Rachel: and what did the shepherds say to the Messiah?David: So what happened when they got there?CHOIR – QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS (KIDS)COLORED LIGHTS AND SPOTLIGHT ON CHOIRRETAIN SPOTLIGHT ON KIDS WHILE LISTENING TO THE CHOIRCHOIR EXITS SCENE 4SPOTLIGHT ON KIDSDIM LIGHTS
  5. 5. Jonathan:Dear God, I’m really, really starving (tummy aches)David: C’mon! We’ll go look for food, after you finish your story.Jonathan:(looks at Rachel)Rachel: Yes, promise.Jonathan: Okay.. okay. So one of the Shepherds got home from Bethlehem and he excitedlylooked for his wife and children to tell them what he saw…Jacob&Deborah: Jonathan? Jonathan? Jonathan! (ECHO)Jonathan: The shepherd was so excited… there (referring to the sound he could hear fromafar).. I guess he sounded that way, just like how my Tatay would say it… Wait, is someonecalling me?Rachel&David: Hmmm?Jonathan: Are those the Angels calling me? Where is that coming from?!?!SPOTLIGHT ON PARENTS WHILE ENTERINGJacob: Jonathan! Jonathan?Jonathan: Nanay! Tatay! It’s you!ENTER DRAMATIC MUSICDeborah: I told you Jacob! It’s Jonathan! It is our son!Jacob:(Hugs Jonathan)Deborah: We missed you so much!Jonathan: (Crying) Oh I missed you both too! (wiping off his tears). Oh, Tatay, Nanay.. theseare my friends. They really took good care of me. And oh I almost forgot! I was just tellingthem the story about the birth of our Messiah (excited).David:(feeling awkward)Rachel: Yeah… and can you finish the story for us sir? (shy)Jacob: Oh, you still remember that!Jonathan: Yes Tatay! What did the Shepherd tell his family?(tummy aches once again)Deborah:Awww… I knew you would really be starving. That’s why I bought puto bungbongand made your favorite chocolate milk. Why don’t you share this with your friends, while Tatayfinishes his story.Jonathan: Oh Nanay! This is exactly what I prayed for! (starts eating and shares his food)David&Rachel: Wow!KIDS EAT PUTO BUNGBONG AND CHOCOLATE MILK
  6. 6. Rachel: This is really delicious!David: Thanks so much!Deborah: And now, I guess Tatay can start finishing his story. Tatay?Jacob: It was just as the angel said: “You will find a child wrapped in bands of cloth, lying in amanger,” Right behind the inn at the edge of town!Jonathan: Just like that Tatay?Rachel&David:(Amazed)Jacob: Yes! Yes! …. Just like that. God sent His only Son to save us. He is our Savior! He isJesus Christ who came here to save us, even in times of disasters like Ondoy, were sure thatHell not stop loving us. We just have to keep our faith. See? Even this moment, he neverfailed us. He just gave your Nanay and I the best present we could ever receive.Deborah: And that is you! Being able to find you. Oh, how it seemed as if you were gone foryears (hugs Jonathan). Good thing you were able to make good friends Jonathan.Jonathan: .., and it’s the same thing when I prayed for food and he answered it quickly! OhNanay, you wouldn’t really imagine how much I was starving…(Everyone laughs)CHOIR ENTERS STAGE LEFTDavid: You mean, he really is our Savior? And he could hear me every time I talk to Him justlike what Jonathan has been doing?Jacob: Indeed, not only does He answer our prayers, but He never fails to give usunconditional love, especially when he selflessly gave His life to us. But! That would be awhole new story and there’s so much to tell.Jonathan: Story? Another one? Oh I’d love to hear that Tatay!Rachel: Hey David! Look!SPOTLIGHT ON NATIVITY SCENE, COLORED LIGHTS ONDavid: This…. Is… major major amazing! (he suddenly prays!) Thank you for this gift… God.Jonathan&Rachel: (stunned by David)Deborah: Kids listen. His mother is singing a lullaby.CHOIR – MARY’S SONG (KIDS)SPOTLIGHT ON CHOIRSPOTLIGHT ON FAMILY WHIL LISTENING TO THE CHOIR SCENE 5SPOTLIGHT ON FAMILY
  7. 7. Rachel:What a beautiful lullaby.David: … what a beautiful family…Jacob: God rarely does things the way we think he should. Perhaps he plans for this king toreign in our hearts, the way great king David did. He was the people’s king.Deborah: The angel said that, too – that he would be for all the people.Rachel: So if he’s the king of our hearts…David: Then we all have something to give to serve Him,Jonathan: and we all have something to offer Him especially in this very special night.CHOIR – KING OF OUR HEARTS (KIDS)SPOTLIGHT ON CHOIR SCENE 6All characters start walking towards stage RIGHTSPOTLIGHT ON FAMILYDIM LIGHTSJonathan:Tatay.. Nanay.. right after this, I know we’re going home, but how about Racheland David? They don’t have any place to stay.Jacob&Deborah: (Looks at each other with a smile)Jonathan: Can both of them celebrate Christmas with us? Please?Deborah: There is plenty of room for both of you!Rachel&David:(expression of disbelief – they run towards Jacob and Deborah and theyall hug each other)INSERT HAPPY (MELLOW) MUSICRachel&David: Thank you so so much!Jacob: Children.. do you know what we’ve seen tonight?Rachel: We’ve seen the greatest gift from GodDavid: and I’ve felt it,Jonathan: This is truly a very special night!ALL CHARACTERS EXITHOSTS ENTER FROM STAGE LEFTSPOTLIGHT ON HOSTSCHOIR ENTERS FROM STAGE LEFT
  8. 8. Host1: A very special night indeed.Host2: As we look back and see this tiny baby, the bright star, the angels singing in the sky…Host1: We have also seen and felt more than thatHost2: We have seen God’s long-awaited promise to send the Messiah was truly fulfilled!Host1: Christmas is indeed a celebration. So, shall we all rise (congregation)Host2: As we all shout and singBoth: Hallelujah! He is born!CHOIR – HOSANNA (KIDS)CHOIR – HALLELUJAH (ADULTS)ALL LIGHTS ONMANGER MOVES TOWARDS THE CENTERSPOTLIGHT ON THE MANGER -END-