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Onlinevs malls


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Onlinevs malls

  1. 1. Related Vocabulary:E-business: also known as an electronic business, like online shoppingConsumer: a person who purchases goods and servicesSeller: a person who sells somethingTransaction: An agreement between a buyer and a seller to exchange an asset for paymentProfitability: The state or condition of yielding a financial profit or gainEfficiency: the state or quality of being efficient; competency in performanceOnline vs. mall shoppingBy Lauren DeFranco, Eyewitness NewsNEW YORK (WABC) -- More and more shoppers are turning to online shopping for itsconvenience and selection.Forrester research company expects online holiday sales of $44-billion. Thats up 12percent from last year, the slowest growth to date.But with stores pulling out all the stops to get business, and offering extreme sales, shouldyou shop online or in person?When it comes to holiday shoppers there are two kinds of consumers. The social type,who loves the experience of the mall and the cerebral shopper who would rather dobusiness in the privacy of their own home.Eyewitness News is going to help you decide whats best for you.So lets start with the mall Roosevelt Field Mall Manager Nadine Nakamura tells us its wellworth the trip.Beverly Saidmehr is a stylist and consultant. She insists you can cover a lot more groundon the internet. And by utilizing certain websites comparison pricing is a snap, "In 15, 20minutes you can get a lot done. Make a good decision," said Saidmehr.Danni Green, manager of K-B toys sees advantages to both "I like in store because youcan get help. But online theres a convenience factor," he says.So lets get down to the pros.In a store see what youre buying. You can consult with, even bargain with salespeople.Cash in on in-store promotions and one day sales.Online is fast, easy, and hassle free. You can avoid crowds and long lines. You cansearch for products without going from store to store.So, Which is better?