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Integrated township- atali-dahej-phase-II


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Integrated township- atali-dahej-phase-II

  1. 1. Integrated Township at Atali-Dahej Phase II Integrated Township on the banks of Narmada River Investor’s Conclave presented by Gujarat Industrial Infrastructure Project Development Company Limited Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation 6th March 2010
  2. 2. Background• Gujarat Industrial Infrastructure Project Development Company Limited (GIIPDCL) o GIDC have incorporated a Joint Venture Company (JVC) named “Gujarat Industrial Infrastructure Project Development Company Limited” (GIIPDCL) with IL&FS Trust Company Limited & IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. o The JVC has been mandated to develop industrial infrastructure projects in Gujarat on Public Private Partnership Format.• The Project o Integrated, self-sufficient township with quality housing, healthy living and state of art infrastructure is proposed to be developed in a planned manner o The integrated township of around 1000 ha having following breakup: · Township at Ekal, Keshrol & Manad – 714 ha • Atali township Phase II – 294 ha (To be developed in Phase I)
  3. 3. Project Location & Connectivity
  4. 4. Regional Advantages o 7 notified SEZs within the catchment area, including functional Dahej SEZ of 1,719 ha with processing area of 1698 ha without any provision for housing o DMIC corridor is passing through Bharuch (Bharuch-Dahej Investment Region and Vadodara-Ankleshwar Industrial Area are planned for development) To, Delhi Notified SEZs within 25-30 km radius of Project Sites (Bharuch District) Jambusar SEZ Land Location Type (Ha) Jambusar Multi-product 3,380 Dahej Multi-product 1,719 Vilayat Vilayat Hydrocarbon 450 SEZs (3) Jhagadia Ceramic & Glass 197 Atali Township Phase I (146 Ha) VAGRA Vilayat Chemicals 160 Panoli Pharmaceuticals 130 DahejIndustrial PCPIR BHARUCH Agro based Vilayat 118 Estate Dahej SH - 6 (Chemical) Jhagadia SEZ 6154 JHAGADIA Dahej SEZ Dahej SEZ Atali Township ANKLESHWAR Functional Phase II (294 Ha) Township at Dahej PCPIR Keshrol, Mannad PANOLI & Eksal (714 ha) • 7 Notified SEZs • Project Site Panoli SEZ • Important Towns To, Mumbai
  5. 5. Dahej Economic ProfileDahej PCPIR – One of the country’s largest Petrochemical Regiono Dahej Industrial Estate (spread across 4500 ha with large manufacturing units)o Dahej SEZ (notified and functional multi product SEZ spread over 1719 ha). Dahej SEZ, a multiproduct SEZ, is being developed by Dahej SEZ Ltd (DSL), a JV company of GIDC and ONGC.o Dahej Industrial Estate – Phase II (spread across 4200 ha is under development)o Dahej Port (for transportation of solid, liquid and LNG facilities including first LNG Terminal in the country)Major Industrial Players Mega industrial projects in pipeline:• Reliance (earlier IPCL) (i) 7 SEZs in Bharuch District within 25-30 km from Atali• Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Limited (GACL) village• Birla Copper, Petronet LNG , Welspun (ii) Bharuch-Dahej Investment Region and Vadodara-• Chemical Port Terminal Company Limited Ankleshwar Industrial Area under Delhi Mumbai Industrial• BASF Corridor (DMIC)
  6. 6. Project Location within PCPIR Project LocationLegend 1 PCPIR Area 2 Vagra-Vilayat Industrial Estate o Project site is strategically located in Vagra Taluka, Dahej 3 Dahej II 4 Dahej Housing (Atali Phase I) along 4 lane SH-6 in Dahej PCPIR , Bharuch district, 5 Eksal, Keshrol & Manad Gujarat 6 Dahej Housing (Atali Phase II) o Offsite trunk infrastructure already in place. 7 Vagra-Vilayat (Bhersam, Argam, Ankot, Juner) 8 Vagra-Vilayat (Bharsum) 9 Dahej Extension (Amod Road) 10 Dahej Industrial Estate 1 7 2 8 9 Atali Phase I 4 Township (under development) Dahej II Dahej 3 5 SH - 6 Kaladar 10 6 a Dahej SEZ Koliad To Bharuch Keshrol, Manad Dahej Dahej Industrial Estate Atali Phase II & Eksal SEZ Area Township Township Site – 292 ha Site – 714 ha  Site Area is 294 Ha Phase II
  7. 7. Site Appreciation Site for Atali Phase II o Site Details Towards Bharuch • Site Area is 292.93 HaTowards Dahej 11 KVA Power • Area under canals – 5.3 Ha Pond Transmission Line • Developable Area - o Land Status Approach road • Land acquisition is under to Kaladara Village progress Part of Kaladara Village Kaladara Village Scale Narmada River
  8. 8. Site Appreciation… Cont’dSite Features Towards Dahej Industrial Estate Electricity Line• 11 KVA Transmission line along the SH-6 Water supply Line Atali Towards Bharuch• Gas pipeline passing through the site Narmada Canal• ONGC pipeline passing through the site• Water supply line along SH-6 (8 MGD- Narmada additional 17 MGD pipeline is along the Kaladara Canal other side of SH-6)• Narmada Canal passing through the site( North Not to Scale
  9. 9. Housing Need in the Region Only Industrial township project within PCPIR to be developed on PPP format.o Considering a catchment area of 20-25 km(4 notified SEZs, PCPIR region and Dahej Industrial Estate including functional SEZ in Dahej), there is a dire need of housing in Dahej due to following reasons o Large no of Employees working in Industries within Dahej PCPIR commute from nearby urban areas like Bharuch (42 km), Ankleshwar (56 km) and Vadodara (111 km) The proposed Atali Township will substantially reduce their commuting time.o Initially township of 293 ha has been earmarked at Atali and Kaladara villages for residential and other supporting facilities to fulfill the housing requirement of the entire PCPIR region of 453 sq km.o As per PCPIR Master Plan, the total investments worth Rs. 50,000 crores are expected to generate employment of around 8 lakh people and housing demand of 1 lakh Dwelling Units. This township is proposed to accommodate around 15000 Dwelling Units
  10. 10. Housing Demand & Typology - 2021o Total housing demand of around 25000 Dwelling housing units in base case scenario and 39000 DU’s in optimistic scenario. This demand has been estimated based on primary market survey, stakeholder consultations, and industry assessment, analysis of employment pattern in existing and upcoming industries within PCPIR region. However The proposed Township (293 ha) shall accommodate around 15000 Dwelling Units This demand does not include the current demand of Atali Township Phase I (146 ha)o This demand is spread across various housing typology : 4 BHK Bungalows, 3 BHK Bungalows, 3 BHK Row Houses, 2 BHK Apartments, 1 BHK Apartments, Economic Housing (hostel/dormitory / 1 RK apartment/ Studio Apartment)Source: Demand study conducted by Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj
  11. 11. Project Components Integrated, self-sufficient township for more than 15,000 households in a planned manner Residential : Housing for all income category o Bungalows to EWS housing (HIG, MIG, Integrated Township on the banks of Narmada River LIG & EWS) Commercial: Markets, offices, shopping centres, hotel & restaurants Social Infrastructure : Education & health facilities and other public utilities Recreation : leisure & entertainment facilities, parks/gardens/open-spaces, landscaped areas Support Infrastructure : Efficient transport system, road network, quality water supply, sewerage & drainage facilities, security etc.Self-sufficient Township with quality housing, healthy living and world class infrastructure
  12. 12. Project USP – Eco City• Energy efficient building – green architecture • Encourage use of green architecture in building design for important buildings.• Eco-friendly transport System • Central Green Space and continuous green belt along major transport corridor (Cycle Track & Central Green Park Jogging Track) • Encourage Pedestrian Movement • Eco friendly public transport• Zero Waster Disposal • Sustainable treatment of solid wastes Cycle Track / Jogging Track • Use of recycled water for gardening (non-potable water)• Community based Neighborhood Planning • Social Amenities and public places within walking distance
  13. 13. Green City Model Concept Development Eco City – Concept Development Public Public utilities utilities Sector Sector Sector SectorCentral Central Central township townshipBusiness Sector Sector Sector Open OpenDistrict Space Sector Space Sector Sector Spine Sector Spine Roads Sector Roads Sector Roads Transport Hierarchy & Sector Planning Green Connectivity
  14. 14. Planning considerationsCONTOURS Narmada River Proposed Coastal Road to Dahej Port Kaladara Village T0 Dahej Port Proposed link road to Coastal Road to Dahej Road WIND GRID T0 Dahej 4 Lane SH – 6 Bharuch to Dahej T0 Bharuch Regional Connectivity
  15. 15. Conceptual Master Plan - Layout Legend
  16. 16. Conceptual Master Plan – Area Statement S.No. Particulars Area (Ha) % of area 1 Total Land Area 293 100 2 Under Narmada Canal 5.4 2 3 Total Developable Area 287.6 98 % ofS.No. Particulars Area (Ha) area 1 Area Under Sectors 222 77 Area % of 2 Central Business District 6.0 2 Sectors (Ha) area Roads Sector 1 40 18 3 19.5 7 (Arterial & Sub-arterial) Sector 2 40 18 4 Social Infrastructure 20.8 7 Sector 3 Physical Infrastructure (Reserved for 22 9 5 (STP, WTP, Crematorium, Solid 4.5 2 future Waste Dumping Yard) development 6 Open Space/Parks & Gardens 14.0 5 Sector 4 40 18 Sector 5 40 18 6.1 Public Green 4.0 Sector 6 40 18 6.2 Golf course ( Driving Range) 10.0 Total 222 100 Total Area 287.6 100
  17. 17. Sector Level Standard Landuse Pattern Landuse Category % of total area Residential * 60 Commercial 2–3 Public and Semi-Public 6–8 Recreational 12 – 14 Roads 10 –12 Open areas/parks/gardens/Water bodies Balance Total 100 Source – Urban Development Plans Formulation and Implementation Guidelines (UDPFI) * As per Regulation for Residential Township 2009 – Gujarat Government Notification (Department of Urban Development & Urban Housing, GoG)
  18. 18. Draft Area StatementS.No. Land Use Land area (Ha) % of total Area Non-Saleable (%) 1 Roads 41.59 14.20 14.20 2 Residential 178.33 60.89 Commercial, hotel and 3 6.19 2.11 retail 4 Utilities 4.65 1.59 1.59 5 Parks and open spaces 26.00 8.88 5.46 Social 6 Infrastructure/public 36.10 12.33 1.81 and semi public Total 292.86 100 23.06
  19. 19. City Level Social Infrastructure & UtilitiesComponents Saleable Non-SaleableEducationIntegrated school without hostel facility 3.50College 4.00Technical education centre (ITI/polytechnic) 4.00School for handicapped 0.50HealthIntermediate Hospital 3.70Nursing home, Child & maternity centre 0.60Parks and RecreationMajor Recreational Club (Outdoor - swimming pool, lawntennis, jogging track & indoor sports facilities - table tennis, 1.00badminton court etc including parking)Socio-Cultural Centre(Music, Dance & Drama Centre/Meditation & Spiritual 0.20Centre/Arts & Craft Centre/Auditorium)Mini Golf Course (Driving Range) 10.00City Park 4.00
  20. 20. City Level Social Infrastructure & Utilities – Cont’dComponents Saleable Non-SaleableSocial AmenitiesCommunity centre 1.00Taxi stand including repair shop etc. 0.10Police Station 1.50Fire sub station 0.60Post Office & telegraph office 0.10Bus Terminal 0.20Utilities and ServicesElectric sub station (33/66 KV) 0.05WTP with reservoir 1.50STP 1.50Solid waste dumping unit 1.00Crematorium/burial ground/cemetery 0.50Total 28.10 10.45 Total Area 38.55 ha
  21. 21. Sector Level Social Infrastructure & Utilities Area in Total Area (Ha) per sector Proposed Facilities ha (per (in no.) Saleable Non-Saleable unit)Pre-primary, nursery school 5 0.40 0.40Secondary/senior 1 0.60 1.60secondary SchoolShopping cum ServiceCentres (milk booth and 1 0.20 0.20other venders etc.)Dispensary 0 0.50 0.10Community Hall and library 1 0.20 0.20Parks, open space and tot- 4 0.60 2.00lotsElectric sub station 1 0.00 0.05Over Head Tank 1 0.00 0.05Religious place 1 0.10 0.10Total 2.20 2.5 Total Area 4.7 ha per sector
  22. 22. Physical Infrastructure AssessmentPhysical infrastructure UnitsassessmentWater DemandPotable Water supply (MLD) 13.1 MLDNon- potable Water supply (MLD) 3.4 MLDTotal 16.5 MLDSewerage GenerationSewage (MLD) 13.2 MLDPower Demand (KVA) 7855 S.No. Assumptions for provision of Infrastructure I Population to be Served A Township Level 75,000 B Sector Level 15,000 II Density (Person Per Ha)* A Township Level 255 B Sector Level 375 * Assuming Household size of 5
  23. 23. Bidding Process Event Description Estimated Date QUALIFICATION STAGEIssue of RFQ document DLast date for receiving queries D+15 daysProject Briefing Meeting(Developers’ Conclave)* D+15 daysAuthority response to queries latest by D+20 daysApplication Due Date D+30 daysDue date for opening of RFQs D+35 daysAnnouncement of short-listed Bidders D+45 days BID STAGESale of Bid Documents To be specified in RFP documentLast date for receiving queriesPre-Bid meeting – 1Authority response to queries latest byPre-Bid meeting – 2Bid Due Date(s)Opening of BidsLetter of Award (LOA)Validity of BidsSigning of Lease Agreement
  24. 24. Project Categories & QualificationsSr. Project Minimum Development Obligations Minimum TechnicalNo. Category Experience1. Residential Residential units and other incidental Developed real estate projects Sectors facilities (commercial, social, recreational) of at least 1 million sq.ft. in a and supporting (internal) infrastructure maximum of 5 projects during within each Residential Sector last 5 years OR2 Central Markets, offices, shopping centers/Malls, Completed development of at Business hotels & restaurants, Multiplexes, least one Special Area Project District/ City Education, Health and other supporting of at least 50 acres during last Centre facilities and supporting (internal) 5 years infrastructure within CBD/City Centre3 Trunk Trunk water supply network & water Implemented Infrastructure treatment plant, sewerage system Civil/infrastructure projects (including Sewerage Treatment Plant & worth at least Rs. 1500 million Pumping stations), road network, Storm during last 5 years water drainage system, Solid waste management & utilities
  25. 25. Role of StakeholdersS.No. Stakeholder Role I Gujarat • Provide Land free of all encumbrances on lease Industrial • Facilitate provision of water supply, power supply upto the township Development • Approve layout plans & monitor/ regulate enforcement of GDCR Corporation • Facilitate government approvals • Act as a nodal agency to resolve disputes among developers II Developers • Payment of land premium, lease rental as per GIDC land allocation policy • Development (planning, detailed engineering & designing, financing, construction, marketing & O&M) of the proposed project categories • Development of internal infrastructure under each project categories for respective sectors/ city centre(physical infrastructure, sector/internal roads/public amenities, social infrastructure, parks & open spaces etc.) • Comply to statutory /regulatory requirements III GIIPDCL • Project Development & Transaction Advisory for the project • Relevant project studies • Project Structuring & financial Modeling • Bid process management & Selection of developers
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