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TechEvent biGenius What's New


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biGenius What's New

Published in: Technology
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TechEvent biGenius What's New

  2. 2. biGENiUS What's New2 14.09.2018 Data Vault
  3. 3. Sales Data Vault Model biGENiUS What's New3 14.09.2018 Category HubS Subcategory HubS Product Hub S S Category LinkS Subcategory LinkS Territory Hub S Person Hub S S Sales Link S S Employee Satellite Territory Link PIT PIT S Satellite PIT Point-in-time table 21 tables 21 load procedures 7 model objects
  4. 4. Ensemble “Person” biGENiUS What's New4 14.09.2018 Model object “Person” with • relationship • data flow sets Ensemble “Person” Person_Hub Person_SalesTerritory_Link Person_Customer_Sat SalesTerritory_Hub Person_Reseller_Sat Person_SalesTerritory_Customer_Sat Person_SalesTerritory_Reseller_Sat Person_PointInTime
  5. 5. biGENiUS What's New7 14.09.2018 Testing
  6. 6. Use integrated Testing biGENiUS What's New8 14.09.2018 Load Data Cleanse CoreStage Mart Load Control & Logging Check Data Test Case LCM Load & Check Data Cleanse CoreStage Mart Load Control & Logging Test Case Test Case • “normal” model object • Check data via rules • Compare two sets of data Test Infrastructure • Test run integrated in LCM • Error details per test case • Error summary per load
  7. 7. Multiple Scenarios biGENiUS What's New9 14.09.2018 Load & Check Data CA Core Mart LCM TCSATC TC Load & Check Data CA Core Mart LCM TCSA TC Load & Check Data ODS LCM TCSA TC
  8. 8. Integrated Testing of Data biGENiUS What's New10 14.09.2018 New implementation Fully integrated with load control Tests are modeled as DWH objects Multiple styles – Check data – Compare data Multiple logging styles – Details – Summaries Test documentation created Wide range of appliances Covering tests Plausibility tests Check for specific values
  9. 9. biGENiUS What's New11 14.09.2018 Meta Data
  10. 10. Meta Data Writer biGENiUS What's New12 14.09.2018 API to write meta data Can be used by – templates – scripts Wide range of appliances Update biGENiUS model from external modeling tool Synchronize model with master data or data catalog Template based discovery Reference modeling Migration of projects Acceleration of project implementation if meta data is available
  11. 11. biGENiUS What's New13 14.09.2018 More target platforms
  12. 12. More target platforms biGENiUS What's New14 14.09.2018 New generator for SAP HANA Azure SQL DB – Support for external tables Azure SQL DW
  13. 13. biGENiUS What's New15 14.09.2018 Big Data
  14. 14. biGENiUS What's New16 14.09.2018 Big Data Cluster Data Science / BI Tools Enterprise Data Warehouse (RDB) SQL / R Search / Explore Online & Mobile Apps Search SQL / Export DFS StageCoreMarts Parallel Processing DFS DFS File Import SQL Import Location Social Click stream Sensor Data Weather Data Mobile Apps Event Stream Marts SQL Event Hub Event Hub Message Exchange System Machine Data Microservice Cluster Microservice State { } API NoSQL Stream Analytics Cluster Stream Processor State { } Query API Service Event Stream DWH Syrius E-Gate KBM Archive Core Parallel Processing … Change Data Capture Service Data Flow Data Lake ERP CRM MES … Event Hub Analytical Data Management – Fit for Digital Business
  15. 15. biGENiUS What's New17 14.09.2018
  16. 16. biGENiUS What's New18 14.09.2018 semantical model object design pattern Spark SQL script to generate Hive tables
  17. 17. BASEL BERN BRUGG DÜSSELDORF FRANKFURT A.M. FREIBURG I.BR. GENF HAMBURG KOPENHAGEN LAUSANNE MÜNCHEN STUTTGART WIEN ZÜRICH Next Generation Analytics Automation Lothar Reisinger Principal Consultant Business Intelligence