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TechEvent Agile infrastructure projects


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Agile infrastructure projects - Is that even possible?

Published in: Technology
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TechEvent Agile infrastructure projects

  2. 2. Florian Feicht Agile infrastructure projects2 10/1/2018 Team Leader, Senior Consultant and Trainer at Trivadis GmbH Focus: – Agile Projects – Cloud technologies – Big Data – Oracle DBA/Linux Administration
  3. 3. Agile infrastructure projects3 10/1/2018 Definition
  4. 4. Definition Agile infrastructure projects4 10/1/2018 Agile Infrastructure Projects
  5. 5. Agenda Agile infrastructure projects5 10/1/2018 1. Agile/Waterfall 2. Infrastructure 3. Challenges 4. Projects 5. Conclusion
  6. 6. Agile infrastructure projects6 10/1/2018 Agile
  7. 7. Agile infrastructure projects7 10/1/2018
  8. 8. Agile Agile infrastructure projects8 10/1/2018 What? Iterative development process Working components after each iteration Response to changes Why? Minimize risks How? Different methods available To-Do’s splitted in User Stories Self organized teams Minimize overhead
  9. 9. Agile methods Agile infrastructure projects9 10/1/2018 Scrum – Organized in sprints – Scope of the sprint is defined in advance – Timeboxed tasks – Fixed agile ceremonies – Fixed set of necessary roles – Customized for each project – Limited team size Kanban – Organized in states – Limited number of user stories per status – Immediate reaction on changes – Very flexible in terms of how it‘s actually implemented
  10. 10. Agile infrastructure projects10 10/1/2018 Demo Agile Boards
  11. 11. Agile – What isn‘t included? Agile infrastructure projects11 10/1/2018 Start without preparation Tool focused solution Change your goal every day Chaotic workflow
  12. 12. Agile – Best practises Agile infrastructure projects12 10/1/2018 Product Owner is a full time job User Stories are independent from each other and clear for all team members Estimation of a user story should be done by all team members Each user story should have business value
  13. 13. Agile infrastructure projects13 10/1/2018 Demo User Story
  14. 14. Agile infrastructure projects14 10/1/2018 Waterfall Model
  15. 15. Waterfall model Agile infrastructure projects15 10/1/2018 What? Development process with a detailed phase plan Why? Get a detailed timeline Easier to handle dependencies How? Clear phases Definition of the product is stable
  16. 16. Agile infrastructure projects16 10/1/2018 Infrastructure
  17. 17. Infrastructure Agile infrastructure projects17 10/1/2018
  18. 18. (IT) Infrastructure (I) Agile infrastructure projects18 10/1/2018 Hardware – Data center – Network devices – Server – Client hardware Software – Database installation and configuration – Middleware – Application deployment
  19. 19. (IT) Infrastructure (II) Agile infrastructure projects19 10/1/2018 Cloud – Hardware managed by software – Software Defined Networks – Virtual machines – Container
  20. 20. Agile infrastructure projects20 10/1/2018 Challenges
  21. 21. Challenges Agile infrastructure projects21 10/1/2018 Slice your infrastructure project in user stories Define the business value of the user stories Define Minimal Viable Product Handle dependencies
  22. 22. Agile infrastructure projects22 10/1/2018 Projects
  23. 23. Project - Examples Agile infrastructure projects23 10/1/2018 In theory all projects can be done in an agile mode The following examples are extremes to highlight the pain points There is no black and white separation of Agile and Waterfall
  24. 24. Example Hardware – Build a data center Agile infrastructure projects24 10/1/2018 Target is stable and clear Changes shouldn‘t appear Timeline is fixed A lot of dependencies MVP is hard to define Waterfall model
  25. 25. Example Software – Oracle High Availability system Agile infrastructure projects25 10/1/2018 Target is stable and clear Changes can appear Timeline could move Some dependencies MVP is hard to define Waterfall model Adjusted agile model
  26. 26. Example Cloud – Build a basis for your application Agile infrastructure projects26 10/1/2018 Target moves as your application will be developed Changes appear on regular bases Timeline is fixed or moving Dependencies are minimized (in theory) MVP can be defined for each sprint Agile model
  27. 27. Waterfall infrastructure vs Agile infrastructure Agile infrastructure projects27 10/1/2018 Waterfall – Complex Hardware – Useable only after the project is completed (No MVP) – A lot of dependencies – Very well known target Agile – Flexible environment – Coding involved – Increment outputs are usable – Moving target
  28. 28. Agile infrastructure projects28 10/1/2018 Conclusion
  29. 29. Conclusion (I) Agile infrastructure projects29 10/1/2018 Is your project similar to software development? Are well known technologies with a clear scope used? Is complex hardware and lot of dependencies involved? Agile model Agile model or waterfall Waterfall model
  30. 30. Conclusion (II) Agile infrastructure projects30 10/1/2018 Key factors for success in agile infrastructure projects – Deliverable increments – Mind set – Clear and small User Stories – Organizational support
  31. 31. Questions? Florian Feicht Team Leader 10/1/2018 Agile infrastructure projects31
  32. 32. Session Feedback – now TechEvent September 201832 14.09.2018 Please use the Trivadis Events mobile app to give feedback on each session Use "My schedule" if you have registered for a session Otherwise use "Agenda" and the search function If the mobile app does not work (or if you have a Windows smartphone), use your smartphone browser – URL: – User name: <your_loginname> (such as "svv") – Password: sent by e-mail...