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TechEvent 2019: Tales from a Scrum Master; Ernst Jakob - Trivadis


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Tales from a Scrum Master; Ernst Jakob - Trivadis TechEvent 2019

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TechEvent 2019: Tales from a Scrum Master; Ernst Jakob - Trivadis

  1. 1. Tales from a Scrum Master Possible interpersonal problems in a Scrum-Team and how to approach them By Aschi (Ernst)
  2. 2. Indiana Jones and the Western Wall Tale #1:
  3. 3. Person-centered approach (by Carl Rogers) • Be congruent with your teammate (Be yourself, open and honest) • Provide unconditional positive regard (So your opponent can open up) • Be empathetic with you mate’s problems (But don’t fake it)
  4. 4. Pirates of the Communication Tale #2:
  5. 5. The Four-Sides model of Schulz von Thun
  6. 6. Game of personal positions Tale #3:
  7. 7. Conflict-Management: The Harvard-Concept The concept distinguishes 2 ways of interacting: • Negotiation over a position • Negotiation over a cause itself
  8. 8. Conflict-Management: The Harvard-Concept 1.) Separate the people from the problem 2.) Focus on interests, not on positions 3.) Develop options for mutual gain (win-win) 4.) Insist on objective criteria
  9. 9. Dirty Sprinting Tale #4:
  10. 10. Motivation should come from the inside! • The job must make sense. The job must make sense. The job must make sense. • Goals and expectations should be defined together (Sprint-Planning!) • Create confidence through transparency
  11. 11. Harry Potter and the Elephant in the room Tale #5:
  12. 12. How to address Elephant-issues • Identify the elephant (is there really one?) • Make it safe to talk about the elephant (so Teammates are not afraid to get stomped) • Now talk about the elephant
  13. 13. How to address issues in a Scrum-team • Bring it up in a retrospective, if it concerns the whole team • If you’re not the Scrum-Master, tell him/her to bring it up (if that helps) • Keep track of it and review the issue
  14. 14. Conclusions • Also Scrum-Teams are just teams • There are tools & methods to help you with interpersonal problems within a team • Sometimes, a ScrumMaster is also an Social Worker