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TechEvent 2019: Provisioning of Data Platforms - Why, how, what; Martin Wunderli - Trivadis


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Provisioning of Data Platforms - Why, how, what; Martin Wunderli - Trivadis TechEvent 2019

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TechEvent 2019: Provisioning of Data Platforms - Why, how, what; Martin Wunderli - Trivadis

  1. 1. Provisioning of Data Platforms Why, how and what Martin Wunderli
  2. 2. Martin Wunderli • Position at Trivadis: Head of Platform Factory • Short Bio: Education – Study of Computer Science and PhD at ETH Zurich, Mastering Technology Enterprise at IMD in Lausanne Career – Solution Architect at EWZ, 21 years at Trivadis, from Consultant to Head of Platform Factory, Partner • Hobbies: Skiing, jogging, hiking, RC model flight @martin_wunderli
  3. 3. Trivadis hollistic offering • From the provisioning of data platforms via the refinement of data to the intelligent use of data • Customer can get the solution (based on tools, best practices, blueprints etc.) for which we take responsibility or can get the capacity to do it under ist own responsibility • In any case, we accompany the customer end-to-end 02.10.2019 Provisioning Data Platforms3
  4. 4. How we accompany our clients • That is: Trivadis in general and in the area of Provisioning Data Platforms in special As part of a DevSecOps (Agile IT) Team Where stands the customer? Automated & replicable construction Do the ideas work in principle? What possibilities and potentials does the customer have? Data Platforms are be embedded 02.10.2019 Provisioning Data Platforms4
  5. 5. What is a Platform? Provisioning Data Platforms5 02.10.2019 [...] Technical basis on which externally different models are built [...]. The structure [...] is model- specific. On the platform, technical components such as engines or gearboxes can be assembled from a modular system, so that individual technical developments can be used in several models. This reduces the development costs per model. It is not uncommon for the vertical range of manufacture of automotive platforms to exceed 40 percent.
  6. 6. The Golden Mean Build from scratch: expensive, does not scale, tailor-made result SW Products: off the shelf, high up-front investment scales easily and well Solutions based on Building Blocks and Customization: Proven Building Blocks, design of their usage done in WSs together with customers 02.10.2019 Provisioning Data Platforms6
  7. 7. Our mission 02.10.2019 Provisioning Data Platforms7 • WHY • Making a world possible in which intelligent IT facilitates life and work as a matter of course. • WHAT • Conception (design and architecture), construction (engineering, development) and life cycle management of data platforms (on-premises, public cloud or hybrid). We take the responsibility for the solution • Platforms follow the concept of reusability, are highly automated and based on reference architectures • HOW – As a part of Trivadis! • Providing, managing/operating, intelligently using data • Help to turn Data into Business • Triamond → Together for a smarter life!
  8. 8. Offering – Analytic Data Platforms 02.10.2019 Provisioning Data Platforms8
  9. 9. Offering – Agile IT 02.10.2019 Provisioning Data Platforms9
  10. 10. Offering – Cloud for Data Platforms 02.10.2019 Provisioning Data Platforms10
  11. 11. Offering – Security for Data Platforms 02.10.2019 Provisioning Data Platforms11
  12. 12. Offering – Transactional Data Platforms 02.10.2019 Provisioning Data Platforms12
  13. 13. 02.10.2019 Provisioning Data Platforms13
  14. 14. In the background… • Offerings and solutions are designed and described in a customer oriented manner using personas and business development canvas (pains, gains etc.) • Every solution sales/pre-sales is able to build an architecture/a solution based on comprehensive problem, solution and benefit descriptions, turning design workshops with customers into very efficient working phases • The customer does not have to buy «the cat in a bag». We accompany him from the initial story telling via ideation, prototyping or MVP creation to implementation and operation with special focus on a DevSecOps based development/operation setup to shorten the customer’s time to market 02.10.2019 Provisioning Data Platforms14
  15. 15. Container & (Development) AutomationSecurity Processing Storage Technology stacks (Focus) Cloud Computing