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Azure Days 2019: Get Connected with Azure API Management (Gerry Keune & Stefan Bürgi, Vinci Energies Schweiz)


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API-Management bietet eine integrierte Umgebung zur Erstellung, Ausführung, Verwaltung und Sicherung von Enterprise-APIs für moderne digitale Anwendungen. Die Firma Vinci Energies Schweiz setzt den Azure API-Management Dienst seit mehreren Jahren in unterschiedlichen Projekten erfolgreich ein. Ein Erfahrungsbericht, der die Möglichkeiten, aber auch die Grenzen von Azure API-Management aufzeigt.

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Azure Days 2019: Get Connected with Azure API Management (Gerry Keune & Stefan Bürgi, Vinci Energies Schweiz)

  1. 1. Get Connected with Azure API Management |
  2. 2. What we will cover in the next 45 minutes • Customer Story API Management at VINCI Energies • Azure API Management overview and demo
  3. 3. Customer Story Vinci Energies
  5. 5. OTHERS 53%TOP12 47% TOP 12 CUSTOMERS Against the backdrop of digital transformation and the shift to green energy, we ensure that new technologies are implemented swiftly for the benefit of our customers. 2
  6. 6. SWITZERLAND-WIDE NETWORK YOUR ONE-STOP PROVIDER – ALWAYS CLOSE 3254 employees, incl. 484 apprentices 74 business units 704 million CHF LIESTAL GENEVA LAUSANNE FREIBURG SION NEUENBURG DELÈMONT BERN SOLOTHURN BASEL SARNEN ALTDORF BELLINZONA STANS LUCERNE ZUG SCHWYZ AARAU ZURICH SCHAFFHAUSEN FRAUENFELD GLARUS CHUR ST.GALLEN HERISAU APPENZELL 3 Figures valid as at 31/12/2018 Further locations: Italy: Milan, Vicenza, Campoformido and Turin Czech Rep.: Prague and Brno USA: New Jersey, Texas and Connecticut
  7. 7. BRAND STRATEGY HOLISTIC SUPPORT THROUGH A COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF SERVICES FROM OUR 5 BRAND ENTERPRISES Building services technology (HVAC): Installation, servicing & maintenance of energy systems in the field of heating, cooling and ventilation technology 35 EE Technical facility management, integral facility management 30 EE Telecommunications infrastructure, communication solutions and complex ICT solutions, IT consulting 900 EE Networked industrial and buildig automation systems plus product management and qualification 210 EE High and low voltage installations, switchgear systems, servicing & maintenance 2080 EE The added value lies in the pooling of expertise 5
  8. 8. 211,233employees 3,200companies In 110countries 43.5billion € GROUP AFFILIATION VINCI ENERGIES IS PART OF A POWERFUL, INTERNATIONAL GROUP 20 Valid as at 31/12/2018
  9. 9. MIT VEREINTEN KRÄFTEN Only JOINT successes are TRUE successes! 34
  10. 10. Securing the interfaces ✓ New Interfaces for new applicatons pushed by the digital transformation – Time Sheet -> TEMPUS – Mobile service report – Organizational data – as well as further applications (SAP, etc.) ✓ Needs defined by Management and Organization – Publish, promote and monitor via a secure, highly available and scalable platform ✓ Typical tasks of interface management – Automation and connection control – Ensure consistency between implementations and versions – Monitoring – Performance improvements via cache mechanisms etc. – Protection against misuse via security procedures and policies Project Requirements Project "Inter-Opus" started in 2015
  11. 11. Project "API" Vision In 2015. We believed that the APIs to be created would only be the first of many.
  12. 12. ✓ Electronic self-capture of expenses, attendances and absences – For every employee in Switzerland (Language EN, DE, FR, IT) – Native iOS and Android App / WebApp (HTML 5) – Electronic Approval Workflow ✓ Integration with SAP / DMS / Master Data Management – Inbound: WBS Element charge; Expenses with TRIP; HR / Payroll – Outbound: Time balances & planned working time ✓ Open In and Outbound APIs – Inbound: Attendances from other Apps like Time stamp clock, Service report, etc. – Outbound: Custom Invoicing, Custom Reporting TEMPUS Time Sheet Teaser Video
  13. 13. Azure API Management overview and demo
  14. 14. Digital Transformation runs on APIs APIs
  15. 15. API management solves API-related challenges APIs Developers (use APIs) Discover Learn Get access Try SDKs and samples Get help Publishers (provide APIs) Abstract Secure and protect Manage lifecycle Monitor and measure Onboard developers Monetize Consume PublishMediate Azure portalGatewayDeveloper portal
  16. 16. API Management basics DEMO
  17. 17. Azure API Management • Publish APIs safely and connect to backend systems hosted anywhere • Cloud hosted PaaS Service fully managed • Abstracts, protects and optimizes API • Promotes and supports app developer engagement • Developer portal customization • Provides API governance, insights , and analytics • 40 policies - security, transformations, traffic management, extensibility
  18. 18. Revisions & Versioning APIs • Revisions • Make non-breaking changes to your API and set as ‘current’ when ready for consumption • Only visible for Publishers • Versions • Provide new features for testing and an optional upgrade path for end users • Possible version information places • Path, Query, Header
  19. 19. API Management Pricing Tiers • Developer • Dev/Test Scenarios No SLA • Basic • Max 2 units 1000 Requests/sec • Standard • Max 4 Units 2500 Request/sec • Premium • VNet integration, multi-region deployment • Max 10 Units 4000 Request/sec • Consumption • Serverless model per action pricing • Bring your own response cache
  20. 20. Missing features… • Support for Web Sockets • Dev/Test/Prod Slots • Every environment needs a separate APIM instance • Versioning through content negotiation • e.g “Header: “Accept: application/json; version=1”