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Xavier Carcopino - Introduction and welcome to the course


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Dr Carcopino

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Xavier Carcopino - Introduction and welcome to the course

  1. 1. Dr Xavier Carcopino Chair Education Committee of EFC
  2. 2. Xavier Carcopino MD PhD Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hôpital Nord Marseille, France TRAINING THE TRAINERS Welcome to the course Conflict of interest: None
  3. 3. BECOMING A COLPOSCOPIST The challenge of training • Objectives of training • Theoretical knowledge: basic and advanced courses • Practical knowledge: - Precisely localise TZ - Recognize normal and abnormal TZ - Characterize abnormal TZ / classification - Clinical skills: Punch biopsy, LLETZ… • Patients’ further information, management and follow up
  4. 4. WHY A TRAINING THE TRAINERS SESSION? Trainers are essential to optimal training in colposcopy Training the trainers : • Optimize practical training and feedback • Homogenize the training The trainers should know about • Common difficulties in colposcopic practical training • How provide feedback and make action plan • Identify when the training is completed