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Lincoln Second Inaugural


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A brief review of the Election of 1864 leading to Abraham Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural, which we will examine in class

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Lincoln Second Inaugural

  1. 1. Healing thewounds
  2. 2. Re-elected•In the midst of the war, President Lincoln faced re-election in 1864.
  3. 3. Re-elected•Fortunately for him, the war was going better and it was fairly obvious the Union was going to win.
  4. 4. Re-elected • Still, he faced a threat from the “Peace Democrats” who nominated George McClellan, one of Lincoln’s former generals, as their candidate.
  5. 5. Re-elected• The Republicans =National Union Party in 1864• Nominated a Democrat, Andrew Johnson of Tennessee as vice- presidential candidate.
  6. 6. Re-elected• Lincoln won re-election relatively easily with 54% of the popular vote (as opposed to 40% in 1860) and won all but 3 states (the states of the Confederacy did not participate in the election).
  7. 7. Re-elected• What faced Lincoln was the future of a nation forced together by war and his words and actions would go a long way toward deciding how that would be.