The Kennedy Years


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The Kennedy Years

  1. 1. The Kennedy Years
  2. 2. Camelot•The White House became a showplace for a young, healthy, vital family. •“The Royalty of America”
  3. 3. Jackie Kennedy had a certain style… Everyone woman wanted to copy her dress, her hair, her “look.” She was America’s princess.
  4. 4. Jackie’s White House became a castle…Jackie restored the White house using historical pieces, eitherowned by past presidents or from certain periods. She thengave a TV tour!
  5. 5. Jackie spoke French, was cultured, and did much work with and without her husband in building solid foreign relations.
  6. 6. Asked Congress to reduce taxes tofight unemployment…Congresssaid, “NO!” Kennedy did raise minimum wage from $1.00 an hour to $1.25 an hour!Area Redevelopment Act did providefederal money and training to helpunemployed in areas with high levelsof unemployment
  7. 7. JFK asked Congress for federal aid for education and health care for the elderly…Congress again said, “NO!”
  8. 8. Steel Industry •The steel industry was raising prices •JFK asked them to lower prices, but they refused•JFK cancelled all government contracts for steel and worked against them in the media •Steel industry forced to lower prices
  9. 9. JFK was focused on thespace race; his goal wasachieved, although not inhis lifetime.
  10. 10. •1953-1969; One of the most influential courts•Chief Justice Warren was one of most liberal Supreme Court Justices; conservatives didn’t like him!
  11. 11. Warren Court made it possible to desegregate public schools!! Landmark case; conservative Southern Republicans had to be convinced in the 50s
  12. 12. Search warrants required at local,state, and federal level now Suspects must be told their rights before interrogation (Be quiet! Get a lawyer!) These “liberal” changes happened under the Warren Court!!!
  13. 13. No more prayers in public schools Courts must appoint lawyer for poor people
  14. 14. •In Texas for re-election campaign…shot and killed inopen-top limo•Nation in shock…everyone remembers what theywere doing
  15. 15. •Lee Harvey Oswald arrested for the murder; he is killedon his way from jail to court two days later by Jack Ruby(Mafia member)•Many suspect a conspiracy…new President LBJ assignsthe Warren Commission to investigate•10 month investigation results in Oswald being pinnedfor acting alone in crime
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