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Transaction notice of potential or known lead paint


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Transaction notice of potential or known lead paint

  1. 1. Notice of Potential or Known Lead-Based Paint (pre-1978 Housing) Notification and Disclosure AcknowledgementBefore ratification of a contract for housing sale or lease, sellers andlandlords, Federal Law requires the owner of pre-1978 housing to:1. Provide an EPA-approved information pamphlet on identifying and controllinglead-based paint hazards ("Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home").2. Disclose known information concerning lead-based paint or lead-based painthazards. The seller or landlord must also disclose information such as the location ofthe lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazards, and the condition of thepainted surfaces.3. Provide records upon request of lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazardswhich are available to the seller or landlord (for multi-unit buildings, this requirementincludes records concerning common areas and other units, when such informationwas obtained as a result of a building-wide evaluation).4. Include an attachment to the contract or lease (or language inserted in the leaseitself) which includes a Lead Warning Statement and confirms that the seller orlandlord has complied with all notification requirements. This attachment is to beprovided in the same language used in the rest of the contract. Sellers or landlords,and agents, as well as homebuyers or tenants, must sign and date the attachment.5. The owner must provide a 10-day period to conduct a paint inspection or riskassessment for lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards. Parties may mutuallyagree, in writing, to lengthen or shorten the time period for inspection. Homebuyersmay waive this inspection opportunity.AcknowledgementI have received a copy of the EPA information pamphlet informing me of thepotential risk of lead paint in the residential unit involved. I received thispamphlet before the finalization of the contract. I also acknowledge I haveobtained additional lead paint information, if available, from the owner or Ihave waived my right to review such information. I acknowledge that theowner has made good faith efforts to disclose knowledge or record of lead-based paint that may be present and has satisfied the above statutoryobligations._________________________________ _________________________________Printed Name Signature_____________________________Date______________________________Building/Unit AddressNote: A copy of this form should be maintained by the owner for a minimum of three years. Provided courtesy of Tri-Tech Building Hygiene Services, Oak Park, MI