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Trisul Trai compliance


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Trisul Trai compliance

  1. 1. TRISUL NETWORK ANALYTICS The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) under the “Guidelines for Unified Licensees” has stipulated that all ISPs, Telcos,  and Unified License holders store all system call logs for a period of time. TRAI reserves the right to call for these system call logs at any time for  national security or cybercrime investigation. Trisul Network Analytics provides a comprehensive solution for this use case. FOR TELCOS AND ISP LICENSEES   TRAI IP LOGGING COMPLIANCE SOLUTION Guidelines for Unified Licence/Class Licence and Migration of Existing Licences’ recommended by TRAI on 16th April 2012 Recommendations on  Application Services by TRAI on  14th May 2012 High performance stream processing and compression  enables very high flow  ingestion rates from network elements on single server platform.  Agency officials are given a separate web based portal they can login and pull out customer call logs without intervention by ISP personnel. The solution also offers deep visibility into network traffic patterns and security attacks to the ISP and Telco as an added benefit. VISIBILITY AND COMPLIANCE  
  2. 2. KEY FEATURES Full peace of mind coverage for TRAI compliance for both  ISPs and Telco users of any size. Software solution runs on commodity servers Works with direct packet capture, Netflow, or SFLOW technologies Custom designed flow storage backend is resistant to single disk failures and compresses and stores data upto 2 years and 300+TB with instant query performance. Dedicated web based portal for compliance officials Point and click operation - network logs can be downloaded as Microsoft EXCEL files in a format preferred by officials. In ISP Environments , every single flow is treated as a call and stored for maximum compliance. No rollups or summarizations since this is for security purposes. In Mobile Telco Environment , full Call Detail Records are constructed  and stored from Network Traffic by decoding the Mobile 3GPP protocols GTP-c and authentication protocols RADIUS/DIAMETER. This includes all parameters of call. ISP Deployment Just end Netflow or SFLOW from your core or edge routers Logs all fields required for compliance like IP, Router, Interface, Data and Time, Volume of data, Website, MAC addresses, customer info Zero configuration and low maintenance, or attention from your staff Platform Specifications Single server support upto 300Mbps of Netflow/SFlow volume Distributed Probes and Hub architecture  No extra database, runs  on CentOS/RHEL7 or Ubuntu 16/18 Scalable cost effective supports storage upto 500TB using variety of disk and tape techniques About Trisul Trisul Network Anlaytics  is a leading platform for network security monitoring and traffic analytics.  For  sales enquiries visit Currently trusted by several ISPs