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In Pakistan women are
Being treated like slaves
The girls want to
because they cant vote
go to school but
The guys wont let
Laws aren’t designed to
Protect women they also
Can divorce but they
can't own their own property
Let the women make
Their own decisions and
Can vote when people
Start running for office
We will make this
Happen by changing the
Law so the women
Have the same rights
as men should
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  1. 1. Problem
  2. 2. In Pakistan women are
  3. 3. Being treated like slaves
  4. 4. The girls want to
  5. 5. because they cant vote
  6. 6. go to school but
  7. 7. The guys wont let
  8. 8. Laws aren’t designed to
  9. 9. Protect women they also
  10. 10. Can divorce but they
  11. 11. can't own their own property
  12. 12. solution
  13. 13. Let the women make
  14. 14. Their own decisions and
  15. 15. Can vote when people
  16. 16. Start running for office
  17. 17. We will make this
  18. 18. Happen by changing the
  19. 19. Law so the women
  20. 20. Have the same rights
  21. 21. as men should