Point 4 Non Religion


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Point 4 Non Religion

  1. 1. <p><strong>Slide 1: </strong> Syllabus Point New Religious Expression recognise the reasons for the rise of new religious expressions as people: and Spirituality -search for personal fulfillment -seek ethical guidelines Year 12 SOR II Religion and Non Religion -seek to clarify their relationship with society “RECOGNISE” “RECOGNISE” in context (“Identify”, “Realise”, “Recall”, Not a BOS syllabus term as such “Know”, “Recollect”) the reasons for the “Identify”, “Realise”, “Recall”, “Know”, rise of new religious expressions as “Recollect” people-&gt;-&gt;-&gt; </p><p><strong>Slide 2: </strong> New religious expression in Australia has increased since 1945-&gt; Issues to consider Why??? Why??? They still seek out personal fulfillment, ethical Dissatisfaction with religious tradition guidelines or how to interact with society-&gt; but ………-&gt;-&gt;-&gt; (I-&gt;e the 3 syllabus sub-points) </p><p><strong>Slide 3: </strong>What else? Western religions have too much doctrine What else? What else? May prefer a religion that is Looking for a less more practical eg male centred/ how to reduce dominated stress spirituality? </p><p><strong>Slide 4: </strong> Two Avenues of Exploration New Age Spiritualities New Age New Religious Spiritualities Expressions Things to be familiar with New Age Spiritualities involve a number of ideas and Also…-&gt; Neo-paganism Concepts like: practices that are very different from Western religions-&gt; Occult •Astrology Focus on universal consciousness, development of the Paganism •Palmistry individual, ecology and feminism-&gt; •Numerology Spiritualism •Divination Can draw heavily from a variety of ‘sources’ (in Wicca •Crystal Healing particular, Eastern and ancient religions) •Channelling Druids •Clairvoyance etc </p><p><strong>Slide 5: </strong>http://www-&gt;mbsfestival-&gt;com-&gt;au/ Spirituality and Technology A Case Study The Second Life Phenomenon Thursday’s Fiction From “Secondlife” (secondlife-&gt;com) “Thursday's Fictions in Second Life places the Second Life user as a quester exploring knowledge of something which is, in the !real world&quot;, completely unknowable-&gt; This unique intersection of spirituality and art is an unprecedented exploitation of the possibilities of Second Life to make a virtual world that is much http://www-&gt;thursdaysfictions-&gt;com/ ThursdaysFictionsInSecondLifeWhatIsIt_533_n_3_0-&gt;html more than an imitation of the material world-&gt;” </p><p><strong>Slide 6: </strong> New Religious Expression Second Life - THURSDAY'S FICTIONS, Parable of Reincarnation 8 minutes http://www-&gt;youtube-&gt;com/watch?v=hMnseuxcCmA New Religious Expression Evangelical/Pentecostal movement Use new, ‘exciting’ and highly visual means of expression Participation factor?? Appealing for a variety of reasons Other forms of N-&gt;R-&gt;E as well eg ‘Spirituality in the Pub’(Catholic) etc </p><p><strong>Slide 7: </strong> “Mark Reddy and wife Vickie have attended Hillsong Church for several years, attracted not just by the energetic nature of the worship, but the lessons-&gt; &quot;You can get good life teachings out of it,&quot; he says-&gt; &quot;It's not just doctrinal-&gt; It's contemporary and reverent at the same time-&gt;” http://www-&gt;smh-&gt;com-&gt;au/articles/2004/11/06/1099547435083-&gt;html “Fuel” (Coffeehouse Christianity) Hillsong Music Nooma DVD series The Virtual Anglican Ww-&gt;nooma-&gt;com Service on the 2nd of Dec-&gt; </p><p><strong>Slide 8: </strong> People from around the world come together for virtual Anglican Worship-&gt; They access the virtual world through their computer and are represented by a character-&gt; The Anglican Cathedral in Second Life in all its virtual splendor-&gt; Revd Mark Brown leading one of the five services offered each week-&gt; People receive an Order of Service which can be The sermon being shared-&gt; It is pre-recorded and streamed into the virtual space-&gt; seen on the right-&gt; People press a play button to hear it-&gt; Wherever they are in the world they can listen to the message via there speakers or headphones-&gt; </p><p><strong>Slide 9: </strong>Some of the congregation in prayer-&gt; These are real people represented Fellowship after the service-&gt; Communication is through by a character within the virtual setting-&gt; typing text or voice-&gt; Note: points are written from a Syllabus Summary Points non-believers POV/the standard ‘reasons’ given why traditional religion doesn’t ‘work’ </p><p><strong>Slide 10: </strong> Dissatisfaction with traditional forms of religion in providing a meaningful understanding of ‘things’-&gt; Search for personal fulfillment New understandings of the human person- women, youth etc Individualism and self-determination Companionship and Community- feel leftout/ alienated Seeking ethical guidelines Goal/purpose in life- unachievable Vs achievable goals, other worldly goals eg heaven </p><p><strong>Slide 11: </strong> Traditional ethical responses are seen as Scientific and technological advancement- restricted/restrictive-&gt; religion has not kept up! Modern ethical issues pose complex dilemmas -&gt;: Issue of ‘Good Vs Evil’ sacred texts are not ‘good enough’ Idea of ‘spiritual growth’ and taking Changes in personal lifestyle and behaviour- responsibility for own actions religion out of touch New sexualities and lifestyles Seeking to clarify their relationship Opposition to male hierarchies in religious with society traditions Concern for ecological/environmental issues </p><p><strong>Slide 12: </strong> Discontent with modern science and technologies- seen as threatening or beyond understandings -&gt;: NRE integrate and make meaning for some people that is reasonable-&gt; Activities Compile a list of New Age practices that yo are familiar with and state what it is and what the practice aims to do-&gt; How not to start a spiritual discussion </p><p><strong>Slide 13: </strong> Activities In response to moving away from formalised / traditional ‘religion’, many churches are looking for new ways to ‘win back followers’-&gt; Spirituality in the Pub is one such response-&gt; Guest speakers give their opinions on set topics and then the floor is opened up to discussion-&gt; End 1-&gt; What do you think the benefit of such a ‘spirituaity’ might be? 2-&gt; What arguments can be given against this style of religion? www-&gt;metatemporal-&gt;com 3-&gt; Nominate topics that you would consider as useful for such a gathering-&gt; Choose one and work to present points that encourage all class members to contribute their ideas on the role of religion in Australia today-&gt; </p>