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- Elements of a good essay.
- Elements of a good essay: structure, coherent argument,
personal experience, evidence, better evidence.
- Implications of New Media Practices.

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  1. 1. KCZ101 Tutorial Two
  2. 2. schedule • • • • • 10:00-10:15 Roll call 10:15-10:30 What are the elements of a good essay? 10:30-11:00 Assessment 2 discussion 11:30-12:00 Implications of New Media Practices 11:30-12:00 Notes about the website list
  3. 3. What are the elements of a good essay? • Well-structured • Draws on unit content if/when appropriate • Does requested task adequately • Develops a coherent argument • Professionally presented • Complete and thorough references
  4. 4. Assessment 2 discussion Assessment 2 – Essay. a) When is and isn’t it appropriate to use personal experience? b) What counts as 'evidence' c) and what makes for 'better' evidence?
  5. 5. Implications of New Media Practices Implications: Copyright Ethics The law Social Impact
  6. 6. Notes about the website list Look at each of the websites listed. Write some notes on each. • • • • • What is interesting about this site? What is it trying to do? Who might its audience be? How does it communicate to/with that audience? Is it an example of monological, dialogical or ‘polylogical’ communication? • What aspects of the site would you focus on if you were writing an essay about it?