Overview of what's involved in my LinkedIn Workshop for senior executives


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A description of what's involved in the workshop sessions I run for small groups of senior managers and business development professionals. The workshop is designed to give them the knowledge, confidence and techniques they need to use LinkedIn effectively in their everyday business development. Contact me via http://www.goldsbrough.biz to arrange a workshop for your company.

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Overview of what's involved in my LinkedIn Workshop for senior executives

  1. 1. LinkedIn Workshop How to use a powerful marketing tool as part of your everyday business development Led by Matthew Goldsbrough
  2. 2. Is this for me? ◼ I’m sold on the idea of LinkedIn, I just don’t know how to use it really effectively. ◼ Isn’t this something that younger (or older, or more tech-savvy, or more client-facing) people do? Can’t I sit this one out? ◼ Are you sure that this won’t take a lot of time, when I’m already under pressure? ◼ I’m sceptical about whether using social media has any tangible benefit for my business. ◼ I’m afraid of appearing foolish by not understanding how to do this well, and I don’t want to expose my lack of knowledge.
  3. 3. If good business comes from your business network [fact*], why would you limit its reach? * go on, prove me wrong
  4. 4. What this is ◼ Practical, hands-on workshop ◼ Led by a seasoned online networker ◼ Assumes little or no knowledge ◼ Gives you the confidence, knowledge and techniques to use LinkedIn successfully
  5. 5. Led by seasoned online networker ▪ Networking online since before the internet ▪ Getting business through LinkedIn
  6. 6. What this isn’t ◼ Easy ◼ Something that will be of value if you don’t fully commit to the workshop and its follow through
  7. 7. Who should participate ◼ Senior management ◼ Business development professionals
  8. 8. Ready?
  9. 9. Hands On
  10. 10. What’s involved ◼ Five hour group workshop ◼ Follow-up coaching with each participant • Up to 30 minutes, by phone and email
  11. 11. Interactive
  12. 12. Workshop ◼ What’s possible and WIIFM* 20 mins ◼ What’s in a profile 30 mins ◼ Build your profile* 60 mins ◼ Using in Business Development 60 mins ◼ Research, Connect, Interact* 90 mins ◼ Good Practice 20 mins ◼ Company 20 mins ◼ ………… 5 hours *hands-on *what’s in it for me?
  13. 13. Follow through ◼ Up to 30 minutes coaching ◼ By phone or email ◼ Problem solving ◼ Confidence building
  14. 14. Cost ◼ £2,500 plus travel expenses ◼ For up to five people
  15. 15. What you’ll need to do beforehand ◼ Have a LinkedIn account ◼ Export your entire contact database to a CSV file ◼ Turn up with an internet-connected device (Macbook, iPad, PC)
  16. 16. 07773 153 696 matthew@goldsbrough.biz www.goldsbrough.biz matthew goldsbrough