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Unit d review quiz


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Unit d review quiz

  1. 1. Unit D: Structures and Forces Review PackageMultiple ChoiceWhich structure is the strongest? a) Solid structure b) Shell structure c) Frame structure d) Flexed structureAn example of a solid structure is: a) Apples b) Snowshoes c) Bones d) Snail shellWhich of the following man-made objects was created to mirror duck feet? a) Snow shoes b) Plane wings c) Flippers d) Swim gogglesAesthetics is the ____________ appearance that object has based on its design a) Ugly b) Pleasing c) Colour d) MediocreThe unit of measurement that is used to measure force is known as a: a) Scale b) Newton c) Celsius d) KiloThe size of a force that is put onto a structure is known as the; a) Direction b) Location c) Scale d) Magnitude
  2. 2. The center of gravity is the; a) Imaginary point on a structure where the downward force of gravity acts b) The middle point of the structure c) The strongest part of a structure d) A point on a structure where the base is createdIf you are balancing a ruler on your finger and you move it 1CM to the left what will happen a) Nothing b) The ruler will wobble and go back to perfect balance c) Shift and balance at a slight angle d) Fall offA balanced arrangement of mass that occurs on opposite sides of a line or axis is known as; a) The center of gravity b) Balance c) Equality d) SymmetryA non-moving load and the structure that holds it is known as; a) A static load b) A dynamic load c) A forceful load d) A angled loadA Dynamic load is represented by; a) The beams on a bridge b) Your cell phone in your pocket c) A dog laying on your lap d) Kids running up and down stairsWhen different kinds of forces act on one structure they are called a) Complementary forces b) Connected forces c) Compression forces d) Linked forces
  3. 3. Short AnswerWhat is the difference between a solid structure, frame structure, and shell structure?Using houses as an example, explain why houses have a variety of different roofs since they all do thesame thing.With your knowledge of center of gravity explain what happens when the center of gravity of a buildingor any other structure is too much to one side.What is the difference between internal and external forces?What effects do magnitude, direction and location have on a structure? Be sure to explain each.
  4. 4. What is the difference between compression, tension, and shear forces?MatchingTruss BridgeArch BridgeSuspension BridgeBeam Bridge