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Unit b section - 4.1 developing a theory for disease


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Theory of Disease Notes

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Unit b section - 4.1 developing a theory for disease

  1. 1. Developing a Theory for Disease Mr. Ilko
  2. 2. How is this Important? Have you ever broken a bone? Scraped your body badly? Cut yourself with a knife and needed stitches? Consider yourself lucky to be alive!! 200 years ago you most likely have died from infection based on any of these injuries 50% of wounds caused death through infection
  3. 3. Vaccinations During the 1600 and 1700’s, people of Europe and the rest of the world were suffering and dying from a disease called small pox.  Up to 40% of all who contracted it died, most survivors were left blind A man named Edward Jenner, an English country doctor, noticed that milkmaids who got cowpox, never got small pox  He discovered that if injected with cowpox, you were immune to small pox  This created the world’s first vaccine
  4. 4. The Germs Among Us What caused disease and infection? It wasn’t until a French chemist named Louis Pasteur identified micro-organisms as “germs”. This understanding lead him to discover and cure many common but deadly diseases
  5. 5. Cleaning up the Germs Thanks to Pastuers discoveries in medicine we have made several advancements in understanding and preventing infections An example of this was Joseph Lister, an English Surgeon who figured out that micro-organisms were infecting his patients after surgery  He Created the practice of sterilization and cleanliness of medical procedures Before Lister, nurses and doctors never thought of taking care of their patients or their own cuts
  6. 6. Be Cautious About Vaccines!!!! This is a slide about being cautious about what you have done to yourself. Many people in the world are over vaccinated, this means that people are taking vaccines for no reason year after year. These people are at risk of getting sick because their body is not producing their own antibodies to fight disease, they are relying on the vaccines
  7. 7. Don’t believe Me?? Measles death rates in both the United States and Great Britain fell more than 90% twenty years before the measles vaccine program was initiated in 1960. Pertussis death rates fell more than 80% prior to when the pertussis vaccine was made mandatory These drops were responsible for the cities improvement of sanitation and overall cleanliness
  8. 8. A Doctor to Hear From? feature=related – Clip 3:40 ature=related – 5:40 This is a doctor who briefly goes into why vaccinations can be dangerous if used at the wrong time in life – Full clip is 1.5 hours
  9. 9. Extreme Cases There are instances where doctors have vaccinated children against the will of their parents  After these doctor approved vaccinations some children have come out with cases of Autism or sicknesses Many vaccinations contain mercury or a contaminated form of the disease, which has made children sick and have died because of this. My Warning: Think for yourself, don’t just rely on everything to help you. Be Clean, Be Smart.
  10. 10. Nutritional Research These kinds of discoveries are not only limited to the medical field There have been numerous advancements in the area of nutrition just because we understand how micro-organisms influence and effect us each day. By studying various diseases such as heart and liver disease, researchers have determined that diet affects the human body as well.
  11. 11. Scurvy During the 1700’s early sailors went on voyages to find the Northwest Passage, and they could only bring with them food that wouldn’t spoil  Salt beef, hard bread, dried peas, and cheese After months at seas, many sailor developed scurvy Finally in 1747, James Lind, a naval surgeon treated scurvy by feeding the sailors oranges and lemons  A lack of vitamin C lead to scurvy
  12. 12. Nutrition Too much of some foods, and too little of others can interfere with proper functioning of the bodies systems. People have developed the Canada Food Guide to assist people in making the proper food decisions and create balance to their diets.