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Aquire Modeling


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Aquire Modeling is the next step for organizations seeking a collaborative, rules-based modeling environment to streamline and improve planning and budgeting of organizational change initiatives such as reorganizations, mergers and other transitions.

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Aquire Modeling

  1. 1. Aquire Modeling:Determine Best Possible Outcomes Subhead Goes Here | Date First Name Last Name
  2. 2. About Aquire• Founded in 1994 -Headquarters in Dallas, Texas• Strategic Alliances with Leading HCM solution providers• Domain expertise in workforce reporting and management• Trusted Innovator in Holistic Workforce Planning and Analytics Solutions• 2,700+ Customers Across the Globe• Wholly owned subsidiary of Peoplefluent, the largest private talent management vendor
  3. 3. Diverse Customer Base Food/CPG Energy/Utilities Healthcare Financial Transportation Other
  4. 4. A Holistic Approach
  5. 5. Products that Deliver Answers
  6. 6. The Organizational Modeling Challenge • Manual spreadsheets and org charts have high potential for human error • Emailing sensitive documents lacks any security control • Manually-created documents are most often out-of-date by the time they are completed • Inefficient processes cause delays, costing money during RIFs, reorgs • Merging companies need to share a common HRIS platform
  7. 7. The Solution
  8. 8. Aquire ModelingUser-friendly organizational modeling tools that enable you to… • Easily model and compare multiple “What if..?” scenarios • Analyze your organization’s depth to identify points in the hierarchy that can be modified • Preview the resulting impact of proposed changes • Access clear, concise rollups of metrics to find unacceptable gaps • Prepare annual budgets more efficiently within each span of control
  9. 9. Collaborative, Web-based Solution• Collaboratively pool knowledge and insight to create and analyze multiple models in a more timely manner• Model confidential restructuring scenarios in a secure, centralized location, with optional hosting on Aquire’s servers for added security• Eliminate opportunities for sensitive information to be released prematurely
  10. 10. Simple, Secure Access to Modeling
  11. 11. Intuitive Org Charting Metaphor• Reduce time and resources required to build organizational models• Make faster, more informed decisions due to improved data access and ease of visualizing the proposed restructure
  12. 12. Performance Metrics Dashborad• Refine plans more efficiently with the ability to track key metrics and progress toward goals, and to see all changes made by collaborators in single view• Avoid any changes that would produce metrics gaps that exceed acceptable tolerance levels (easily identifiable by red highlights)
  13. 13. Interactive Change Report • Visualize the impact of planned changes across a single unit or the entire organization before making final decisions • Analyze changes easily using color-coded, before-and-after summary columns
  14. 14. Your Plan in Sync with Organizational Changes • Ensure plan data is always valid by keeping pace with organizational changes via daily automatic employee data updates from ERP systems (open positions, voluntary separations, etc.) TransfersNew Hires TerminationsPromotions Retirement Voluntary Separation
  15. 15. Key Benefits At-a-Glance • Save time, budget effectively, mitigate risk, gain productivity, reduce costs, better align strategies and objectives, speed growth opportunities • Replace multiple spreadsheets and unsecured documents filled with outdated information • Collaborate with others on multiple models in a secure, centralized environment using always-current operational data that is refreshed daily • Speed and ease transitions during M&A’s with the ability to read data from any ERP system and create a common workforce database platform • For added security, host Modeling on Aquire’s servers
  16. 16. Thank You!Firstname 1 214.574.5020Aquire400 East Las Colinas BlvdSuite 500Irving, Texas USA 75039www.aquire.comUnited Kingdom: 0845 371 7085Outside the UK: + 44 1582 463489Switzerland/Schweiz/Suisse: 044 5007159Outside Switzerland: + 41 44 500 7159Germany: 0221 92042 430Outside Germany: + 49 221 92042 430