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Aquire Integrity


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Aquire Integrity improves the entire lifecycle of organizational data, saving the organization time and money, as well as helping managers make better decisions based on accurate information.

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Aquire Integrity

  1. 1. Aquire Integrity: For More AccurateInformation Subhead Goes Here | Date First Name Last Name
  2. 2. About Aquire• Founded in 1994 -Headquarters in Dallas, Texas• Strategic Alliances with Leading HCM solution providers• Domain expertise in workforce reporting and management• Trusted Innovator in Holistic Workforce Planning and Analytics Solutions• 2,700+ Customers Across the Globe• Wholly owned subsidiary of Peoplefluent, the largest private talent management vendor
  3. 3. Diverse Customer Base Food/CPG Energy/Utilities Healthcare Financial Transportation Other
  4. 4. A Holistic Approach
  5. 5. Products that Deliver Answers
  6. 6. The Data Integrity Challenge • Data clean-up is not a priority • Identifying and correcting data errors is time- consuming and difficult • Spreadsheets, databases and org charts aren’t sufficient to manage large amounts of data consistently • Data integrity issues can trigger audits, have tax implications, affect succession planning and more • Bad data can slow new system implementations and negatively impact employee buy-in
  7. 7. The Data Challenge• Do you have broken hierarchies?• Are you missing crucial Reports To data elements? Job Title• Do you have the ability to audit Employee ID your data to identify errors and omissions? Work Location Job Code• Is the data standardized? Retirement Date• Does your data reside in multiple, Cost Center separate systems?
  8. 8. The Solution
  9. 9. Aquire IntegrityUser-friendly data cleansing tools that enable you to… • Aggregate data from multiple sources • Quickly and collaboratively locate anomalies, correct bad data and maintain accurate data consistently • Define and enforce business rules unique to your organization • Automate the data cleansing and approval process • Track the progress of the cleanup initiative
  10. 10. Collaborative, Web-based Solution • Gain visibility into all data • Collaboratively correct inaccurate data and collect missing information • Automatically identify and fix broken reporting relationships in the organizational chart • Actively monitor the overall progress of the entire cleanup initiative as well as each analyst’s individual progress • Visualize data fixes on-the-fly
  11. 11. Simple, Secure Access to Data Cleanup
  12. 12. Bring Visibility to Data Errors • Automatically visualize HR data errors in a red warning box • Cleanse data instantly by entering corrections directly into org chart boxes or profile views Invalid Data Corrected Data
  13. 13. Track Data Errors Easily Across Departments • View headcount and error count summary roll-ups at any point in the organization • Easy-to-read bar graph view complements org chart display
  14. 14. Real Time Progress Dashboards* • Proactively manage cleanup initiatives across the organization by org unit or department • Track individual analysts progress using the visual dashboard*Optional as a service offering
  15. 15. Visualize All Data Changes • Visualize state of data before and after cleanup • See exactly which changes have been made to individuals, business units, and the entire organization
  16. 16. Your Plan in Sync with Organizational Changes • Ensure data stays current with operational data (transfers, terminations, succession plans, etc.) by keeping pace with organization change via daily automatic employee date updates from ERP systems • Receive automatic alerts when data errors are entered into your HR system TransfersNew Hires TerminationsPromotions Retirement Voluntary Separation
  17. 17. Key Benefits At-a-Glance • Make informed decisions based on accurate, current data • Mitigate risk of audits • Save time and money by removing roadblocks and improving outcomes of workforce initiatives • Quickly react to strategic challenges with the ability to model scenarios accurately • Proactively maintain data integrity going forward • Keep budgets on track • Minimize human errors introduced into systems • Reduces time and resources required to cleanse data, freeing personnel to perform other tasks • For added security, host Integrity on Aquire’s servers
  18. 18. Thank You!Firstname 1 214.574.5020Aquire400 East Las Colinas BlvdSuite 500Irving, Texas USA 75039www.aquire.comUnited Kingdom: 0845 371 7085Outside the UK: + 44 1582 463489Switzerland/Schweiz/Suisse: 044 5007159Outside Switzerland: + 41 44 500 7159Germany: 0221 92042 430Outside Germany: + 49 221 92042 430