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Which erp is better acumatica or microsoft dynamics


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Acumatica has a “strange” relationship with microsoft. While it competes with microsoft dynamics with its multiple erp solutions (ax, nav, go, sl and 365), it also integrates other microsoft based technologies outside the dynamics portfolio. This explains why acumatica with its 6.0 release went the extra mile to integrate with microsoft tools, first with office 365 and now, with outlook. This fruitful relationship is further enhanced by impressive bi integrations and of course runs on azure.

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Which erp is better acumatica or microsoft dynamics

  1. 1. Which ERP is better? Acumatica vs MICROSOFT DYNAMICS. Iqbal Rashid | On Mar 6, 2014, Jon Roskill became the CEO of Kirkland, WA based Acumatica. What is important to note that Ron had a 20-year career at Microsoft, where he held the position of Channel Chief. Reason for him to jump ship was due to the fact that Acumatica was perfectly positioned to disrupt this space with its innovative Cloud ERP technology. Under Roskill’s leadership, at the beginning of 2017, Acumatica had 170 employees, and well over 3,000 customers. Acumatica has a “strange” relationship with Microsoft. While it competes with Microsoft Dynamics with its multiple ERP Solutions (AX, NAV, GO, SL and 365), it also integrates other Microsoft based technologies outside the Dynamics portfolio. This explains why Acumatica with its 6.0 release went the extra mile to integrate with Microsoft tools, first with Office 365 and now, with Outlook. This fruitful relationship is further enhanced by impressive BI integrations and of course runs on Azure. What are well established consulting companies like Gartner & Nucleus who compare ERP companies saying? Seth Lippincott, Analyst at Nucleus in its annual ERP Value Matrix, 2016 placed Acumatica as the leader when compared other Enterprise Resource Planning Solution provider’s including MICROSOFT DYNAMICS (Fig 1). More specifically she stated: “Because of year to year increase in functionality in its solution, Acumatica will continue to deliver value and positive return on investment similar to what it demonstrated this year”. Figure 1: Comparison of Acumatica with its competitors
  2. 2. What kind of companies have migrated from MICROSOFT DYNAMICS to Acumatica? Why? Here are examples of companies that preferred Acumatica over MICROSOFT DYNAMICS. Youngevity, San Diego, CA wanted a solution that would connect to its own Genealogy System, which manages very important client relationships. With lots of, approximately 400 products, thousands of transactions per day, and yes over 100,000 customers. Chris Nelson CFO said “Cloud based Acumatica saves us time and money and for sure will support our double and triple digit growth rates”. He chose Acumatica over Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV, SAP, Epicor, and Escalate. Video 1: Success Story of Youngevity Laura Harris CFO Seville Farms, Fort Worth, TX was “very unimpressed” with Microsoft Dynamics GP because at that time it was not web-based.” CIO Francisco Callegari, of Guardian SealTech, Houston, TX was not satisfied using Dynamics GP with limitations in functionality and lacking integration with other applications. On the other hand, Dynamics SL does have great functionality, but the problem is, it is cost prohibitive. Their decision coordinates were: ease of use, agile performance, cybersecurity, scalability, mobility and lower total cost of ownership. And the new ERP software has to handle a business effectively for the short and long term. He says: “Acumatica won hands down. Acumatica was by far the most robust Cloud ERP offering. It offers more functionality, better prices and more value to users Office Manager Curt Norton of C&O Nursery, Wenatchee, WA, had used Microsoft Dynamics GP for accounting and payroll, along with special inventory software. In 2012, he desired to integrate accounting and inventory and they have lot of customizations in their business. What he learned, however, was that it wouldn’t work. With Acumatica’s xRP platform, REST based API’s the decision was a no brainer. What does the future hold for Acumatica? Acumatica’s ample on-hand cash gives it the ability to fuel growth. This includes strategic investments in R&D. Also simultaneously it is expanding its global reach by increasing value added relationships (VAR) agreements. Since last round of funding in 2014, bringing the total to $ 30MM; no additional financing
  3. 3. is needed. Additional needs are satisfied with cash generated from operations. This picture provides window into the Acumatica platform that is hard to compete with. Figure 2: Acumatica Platform Conclusion In a recent News release dated Jun 22, 17, Acumatica announced 200% increase in new VAR partners compared to 2016. This positions Acumatica to become market share leader. Also in this announcement the ecosystem of OEMs, VARs, and ISVs to well over 350 unique companies around the globe. Many of these companies regularly appear on Top 100 List of VAR’s for the ERP industry. Why ASC? And finally why select Advanced Solutions and Consulting (ASC) as the go to VAR for Acumatica? First ASC is Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Award Winner for 2017. ASC has built its brand on serving customer needs; before, during and after the “go live” milestone. Please contact Jim Carroll at:; 310 508 9700 and feel the magic.