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Reading makes you smart

  1. 1 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud “Tomorrow never comes“….why?
  2. 2 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud Is the traditional book dead? • With the arrival and increased use of Kindles, Nook readers and ipads many argue that traditional books are dead…. • But are they? • Some people still like the look and feel of a paper book
  3. 3 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud Paper vs. Electronic Book Whatever your preference there can be no doubt that electronic books have features that paper books don’t….
  4. 4 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud Read in sunlight and enlarge the text! • With electronic books you can see the screen - even in sunlight • As well as being able to enlarge the print on the screen or…
  5. 5 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud Listen to your e-book! • Plug in earphones and ‘listen’ to a book • Valuable factors - for the visually impaired and more mature generation
  6. 6 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud Basically however you read…. - reading makes you “Smart”! Here are 13 known facts as to why…. “Reading makes you smart”
  7. 7 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 1. Reading expands your vocabulary • You will encounter words you don’t usually use • Reading not only helps expand your vocabulary, but also…. • Improves your literacy
  8. 8 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 2. Reading fights stress • Whether busy at home or at work reading can de-stress you • Language rhythm soothe the psyche and rids the body of stress • Reading science fiction before bed is particularly helpful
  9. 9 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 3. Reading develops thinking processes • When we read, we have more thinking processes going on • This helps to comprehend the ideas of the book • Reading helps the brain organise data
  10. 10 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 4. Reading develops cognitive abilities • The positive effect of reading on our cognition are… - The ability to acquire knowledge and reasoning through reading - Intuition and perception are also key advantages
  11. 11 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 5. Reading protects against brain disorders • It is good to keep active as we get older…. - both physically and mentally • According to research, reading protects against brain disorders • That is because when we read, our brain activity improves
  12. 12 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 6. Reading gives you confidence • Books not only relax us and keep us alert • They make us more confident in our aptitude and knowledge • Intellectual capabilities recognition….. = positive impact on self-esteem
  13. 13 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 7. Reading makes us more creative • Creative people generate several great ideas at the same time • Where do they find their foundation for these ideas….. - In the books!
  14. 14 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 8. Reading makes us explore ideas • When you read, we discover lots of ideas….. • Some of which we can explore and develop • Ideas we can use at work or in your private lives
  15. 15 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 9. Reading improves sleep • Make it a habit to read before bed…. - your body soon gets used to it • Your body will automatically know about the forthcoming sleep • A good night’s sleep…. = feeling positive and cheerful in the morning
  16. 16 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 10. Reading improves brain function • When reading, we imagine many details • Characters, their clothes, scenery, objects, plots and other facts • Reading trains your memory and logic
  17. 17 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 11. Reading improves concentration • When reading we need to focus on the content of the book • To comprehend what is going on as we turn each page • Reading helps develop objectivity - reasonable decision-making
  18. 18 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 12. Reading helps us to be aspirational • Reading provides insights into how others live and do things • It also provides fantasy and escapism • Management books, self help books and the like are based on the readers desire to be ‘aspirational’ in their lives or roles
  19. 19 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud 13. Reading helps us learn • To keep alert we should learn something new… everyday • Reading helps you grow as a person • New facts or information - there is so much to learn in life
  20. 20 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud Reading teaches us about life Learn about these “life lessons” • Deceit • Betrayal • Psychology • Love vs. lust • False flattery • Givers and takers
  21. 21 Reading makes you “Smart”… © Trisha Proud A real ‘page turner’ Be “Smart” and download “Soulmate” on Amazon today! Learn more about valuable life lessons in “Soulmate” a story of love, lust, deceit, betrayal, psychology, false flattery attempted murder and intrigue !
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