Quarterly newsletter Spring 2010


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This quarterly newsletter was sent by mail to more than 20,000 recipients with a donation envelope.

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Quarterly newsletter Spring 2010

  1. 1. Habitat Non Profit Org. US POSTAGE F MILY FOUNDA IONS Fa i t h , Fa m i l y, Fr a m e wo r k for Humanity of Lee County, FL PAID 1288 N. Tamiami Trail Ft. Myers, FL North Fort Myers, Florida 33903 Permit #406 www.habitat4humanity.org Spring 2010 Current Resident or MAILING LABEL MUST COVER THIS TEXTHow You Can Help Did you know by the year 2030, an additional 3 billion people - about 40 percent of the world’s population - will lack access to decent housing. This translates into a demand of 96,150 new affordable homes every day and 4,000 every hour. Help Habitat make safe, decent, affordable housing a priority! Your contribution of SHOP with us For those who travel through Habitat’s program, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new home. Once the thrill wears off, determination kicks “There was a joy you just can’t believe.” in to continue working toward the goal of making that final mortgage payment. safe in. We had a brand new house and then five days later we had a brand new baby girl,” she remembers. Today, 18 years later, Joyce is beaming. She just wrote out the last mortgage payment on her home. “Without the Lord, I couldn’t have hard for, you appreciate more and you try very hard to take care of it,” she says. When I asked Joyce what her secret was to paying off her mortgage, she replied, “I’m Duera Mae’s daughter. That woman can accomplish anything. I have a strong determination. I’m a home time, talent and support helps Habitat help more Joyce Mays shares her story of triumph done this. There’s a joy that you just health aide and you have to have a real families. Find out how to get involved by visiting Find new and used furniture, household and making that last payment. can’t believe. It’s like the joy of having determination to do that. I would tell www.habitat4humanity.org/getinvolved. items and construction materials in a newborn and seeing they are healthy others that first of all, you need to believeSend your gift today, using the envelope inside or by visiting www.habitat4humanity.org/donate Habitat’s Thrift Store for a low price It seemed like a natural fit for Joyce to and have all their toes and fingers,” she and trust in the Lord because you canor calling (239) 652-0434. while helping a good cause. Every become a Habitat homeowner, after all, testifies. “My son and nephew have both do anything with the Lord. And second, dollar you spend with us provides she was living with her mother who was passed now. I only wish they could see have the end in sight, but focus on today.Earth Day (April 22) affordable housing for those in need. also on Habitat’s Board of Directors at the this right now. They worked so hard to Lastly, have a strong determination toCheck Habitat’s website for more information on how to get involved through Habitat’s efforts on Plus, we pick up donations! time. “I was very confident I could do it. help me. I am really thankful my 87-year accomplish something for yourself andEarth Day. I remember I had my 500 sweat equity old mother is still around to see me don’t give up. You gotta wake up and tell hours finished fast. Every weekend my accomplish my dream. And I have my yourself every day, I can do this, I can doDrawing Contest (entire month of April) nephew and son were helping on the husband, my 18-year old daughter and this...” ▲ ▄Children can get involved in Habitat’s advocacy efforts by participating in a drawing contest. Kids house, while I was out picking up yards eldest son to continue the celebration Trisha Goins is the Vice President of Communications(0-18) are encouraged to draw an image that best represents Habitat for Humanity. Turn the design and cooking hotdogs and hamburgers with,” Joyce notes. for Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, FLinto Habitat’s North Fort Myers office. On May 1st, Habitat will announce the winner on its website for the volunteers,” Joyce recalls.and send a special gift. Now that Joyce and her husband have Features: On Halloween, a pregnant Joyce Mays, their house paid off, the two plan to Annual Honors page 2T-Shirt Design Contest (entire month of May) her son and nephew were moving into replace the windows and tile throughoutChildren can get involved in Habitat’s advocacy efforts by participating in a drawing contest. Kids 1288 N. Tamiami Trail their new home in Harlem Heights. the home. “I’m really blessed that I didn’t Give A Little, Get A lot page 3are encouraged to draw an image that best represents Habitat for Humanity. Turn the design into North Fort Myers, FL 33903 “We were so excited to have something have destructive kids. I didn’t have to Habitat in Haiti page 4Habitat’s North Fort Myers office. On May 1st, Habitat will announce the winner on its website and Ph: 239-652-0388 that no one could take from us. It was spend much to keep up my house allsend a special gift. Mon.-Fri., 9am - 5pm something we could call home and feel these years. Something you have to work Giving is Fun page 5 Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, FL | Spring 2010 Newsletter | Page 6
  2. 2. Contact Us Annual Honors Giving is fun A President & CEO Vern Archibald president@habitat4humanity.org s the wife of former 2008 During the W Executive VP & CFO Republican presidential candidate event at Richard Shera, Jr. elcome to Snowbird Season! For six months out of the year, the colder temps and icy roads push retirees south to the cfo@habitat4humanity.org and former Arkansas Governor The Forest Sunshine State. And each November, Florida non-profits gear up to take advantage of the extra hands and generosity. Mike Huckabee, Janet Huckabee Country In fact, some of the major contributors to Habitat’s fundraising efforts involve ‘snowbirds’ doing what they do best; enjoying a Executive VP & COO Tanya Soholt shared insight with donors Club in pasttime while helping those in need. coo@habitat4humanity.org and volunteers at Habitat’s South Fort VP of Communications Annual Dinner about the organization’s aid in Myers, For years, Shadow Wood, Bonita Bay and Pelican Landing residents have traditionally Trisha Goins Haiti and encouraged people to get involved. Habitat also held annual golf tournaments with auction items and raffle prizes donated by local publicrelations@habitat4humanity.org Huckabee touched on her husband’s run for recognized retailers. With hours of preparation, committee members organize the events and rely on VP of Construction the Republican presidential candidate. “You can three resident-volunteers to help pull it all together. Games aside, these communities literally Jackie Williams imagine how much fun we had because my standout supporters of its mission; Gerry Lanois bring in thousands of dollars to help those in need of a safe place to live. vpconstruction@habitat4humanity.org middle and maiden name is McCain. But our with Pelican Landing Community in Bonita VP of Development whole 2007-2008 experience, our family was Springs, who has raised more than $300,000 for Shell Point residents send internal mailings asking Karen Quanstrom development@habitat4humanity.org dreaming together and it was just an awesome Habitat’s mission, Robb and Stucky Furnishings, residents to donate toward a home sponsorship of experience and I wouldn’t trade anything for it,” who have been a major contributor to Habitat’s $50,000. Pine Island residents sell pavers, hot dogs, VP of Finance she said. thrift store and Jo Ann Landes-Ross, a member Clara Sanchez breakfast and music all in the name of Habitat for Humanity. This year, Verandah & First Bank finance@habitat4humanity.org of Habitat’s Faith Relations committee. on Palm Beach Blvd. hosted their 2nd Annual ‘Race the Roof’ event. Nearly 250 competitors As a former took part in the 8K run and fun walk, raising nearly $27,000. Miromar Lakes Golf Club spent VP of Resale & Maintenance Division Roger Waltrip board In memory of a second year holding the ‘Taste of Miromar,’ with 14 resident chefs preparing a favorite thriftstore@habitat4humanity.org member of a volunteer dish for the community. The appetite from guests helped this gated community raise about VP of Volunteer Services the non- who propelled $15,000 for Habitat’s cause. Terri Rausch profit who’s Habitat’s T vpvolunteers@habitat4humanity.org pounded home hrough the generosity of time and money, these communities combined have sponsored 50 homes during the last 15 years. If Family Services nails in more construction you are interested in assembling a committee, or live in a gated community that is searching for a worthy cause, please contact familyservices@habitat4humanity.org than 20 with his Habitat at 239-652-0434, ext. 1677. ▲ ▄ Habitat Senior Housing states and template information@habitatseniorhousing.org 4 countries, system Huckabee led a “First Ladies” build that included design, friends unveiled a sign at the dinner to Habitat Office representatives from all 50 states. On Tuesday rename Habitat’s prefab warehouse, The Harold 1288 North Tamiami Trail North Fort Myers, FL 33903 Ph: 239-652-0434 Fax: 239-652-0386 night, she delivered a message of hope to 250 attendees about the ‘tools of the heart’; cash, check, time and prayer and recalled a teary-eyed L. Ruth Warehouse. Ruth’s wife and son were in attendance to receive recognition of Harold’s efforts. HABITAT HOME SPONSORS AT WORK www.habitat4humanity.org homeowner once saying ‘you have raised my titanic’. Huckabee challenged guests to question Read about Habitat’s homeowner family who Habitat Thrift Store themselves ‘are we faithful with what we have shared testimony with attendees at the dinner 1288 North Tamiami Trail and who’s titanic are we lifting today’. on page 4. ▲▄ North Fort Myers, FL 33903 Ph: 239-652-0388 Make Your Gift Meaningful TodayBoard of Directors Giving a meaningful gift isn’t something you have to wait for the holidays to do. At Habitat, we invite you to visualize the impact of your giving can have everyday. H James Adams Shell Point residents at the dedication of their Shadow Wood’s residents teed off in a golf Miromar residents sampled prepared dishes from abitat’s Meaningful Gifts catalog offers ‘gifts’ you can select the community’s finest to help Habitat. Donny Andrews - Secretary sponsored and built home. tournament to help raise funds for Habitat. Glenn Bailey for family and friends to honor an important occasion or Brian Crowley ‘just because’. These gifts are actually a list of supplies Dave Dale necessary for our organization to build and rehabilitate homes in Miguel Fernandez III Joann Golden the community. By making a gift donation that equates to the cost Kitty Green - Vice Chairman of these supplies, you can participate in an act of stewardship to Willie Green Habitat for Humanity of Lee County and to those in whose name Charles Idelson - Chairman you are giving the gift. Whether its a birthday or anniversary Brian Lucas Denis Noah celebration, in honor of or in memory of, giving a gift to help Debbie Prather those in need is one that will last a legacy. The recipient of your George Reider gift will receive an appropriate holiday or special occasion gift Scott Robertson card from Habitat with your name. Please remember Habitat Sandy Robinson Duane Swanson, Jr. for Humanity of Lee County and use this gift-giving catalog to Pelican Landing residents at the houseraising of Bonita Bay residents join Habitat’s construction Verandah residents and First Bank ran with the Evette Teal-Richardson incorporate our organization in your future gift giving. ▲ ▄ their sponsored home. team to raise a home in Bonita Springs. community to raise a Habitat roof. Sharon Thompson - Treasurer Bill Valenti Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, FL | Spring 2010 Newsletter | Page 2 Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, FL | Spring 2010 Newsletter | Page 5