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Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Brochure 2009


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This 2-page brochure is part of an integrated, branding strategy to identify the organization's literature with similar publications and messaging. My goal was to create clean, simple lines and feature client testimonials that shared a similar thread with the audience.

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Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Brochure 2009

  1. 1. Application Selection Requirements Ready to Apply? Requirements •• NEED: Need is determined by the physical condition of the current home, the amount Applications are available at Habitat for Humanity’s office, one block north of Pondella Road on Old U.S. 41 in North Fort Myers.• Applicants must have either lived or worked in Lee of space in the house in relation to the sizeor Hendry county for the past 12 months. of the family, and the safety of the current A $20 application fee must be paid when neighborhood. you apply. This is so that we can pay for the• Both the applicant and co-applicant (if background & credit checks Habitat conductsapplicable) must be either a U.S. citizen or have a •• ABILITY TO PAY: The ability to pay a no-interest, on all applicants.Permanent Resident Alien Card. Habitat requires all no-profit Habitat mortgage is determined by totaldocumentation. income, amount of monthly bills, and total debt. Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, FL is an• The applicant family’s annual income must meet a •• WILLINGNESS TO PARTNER: The Habitat program equal-opportunity housing lender and does notminimum of $15,000. requires time and volunteer labor. Families must discriminate with regard to race, color, religion, be willing to complete the program within a year sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.• All adults must apply as applicant and co- from the time they fill out an application.applicants and all must sign the application. So what are you waiting for? Check out the safe, decent, affordable housing we have to offer you• Applicants can’t be separated from their spouse. today!This must be resolved through reconciliation or Program Requirementsdivorce.• Applicants must wait 5 years after a foreclosure or •• Applicants must complete a series of homeownership classes before the family can Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, FLbankruptcy is finalized to apply. move into their new home. These classes are 1288 N. Tamiami Trail • North Fort Myers, FL 33903• Applicants must be willing to designed to equip families with the necessary Phone: (239) 652-0434 • Fax: (239) 652-0386partner with Habitat to become a homeowner. knowledge for owning a home. The classes are held once a week for approximately 1 hour and go How Families are Selected on for 13-weeks. Do you have more questions?After Habitat runs a background & credit history •• Applicants must also contribute $1200 toward Join us for a 1-hour informational class aboutcheck, applicants who qualify for Habitat’s program closing costs before he/she moves into a Habitat Habitat for Humanity. We call this a Habitat 101.are asked to fill out a more extensive application. home. Remember, families have up to a year to You’ll learn about the history and operationsHabitat removes the names from the applications complete the entire program. of the organization, plus take a tour of Leeand submits them to a “Selection Committee”, County’s 10-acre, Habitat campus. Call us to signconsisting of Lee County citizens (not Habitat •• Applicants must volunteer 250 sweat equity up and get your questions answered (239)652-employees). The selection committee considers hours to Habitat. These hours can be accumulated 0434. Also, check out our website for futureapplications based on the following criteria: need for by building Habitat homes, stuffing newletters in dates and times of our Habitat 101 class.a new home, ability to pay Habitat’s mortgage and Habitat’s office, sorting & pricing items in Habitat’swillingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity. thrift store, staffing Habitat’s booth at events and more.
  2. 2. A Hand Up, Family Testimony I was living in an apartment complex that was Not A Hand Out not in a good area. My reason for applying for a Habitat home was that I wanted a better place for my children to live and to have a home toMany families feel that owning their own home put them in and to better myself, my kids and foris a dream that will never come true. But with our our future. - Habitat homeowner Raeshondahelp, 1000 families have turned their dreams into Williams.reality.Habitat for Humanity of Lee County is a non-profitorganization dedicated to eliminating substandardhousing. Through the use of volunteer laborand donations of money and materials, we buildsimple, decent housing for struggling families. HabitatSince 1982, Habitat has built 1000 homes for Humanitythroughout Lee and Hendry counties. Habitat of Lee County, FLhomes are sold at no profit to the newhomeowners who make interest-free monthlymortgage payments. Payments from the Affordable Housingmortgages are used to build more homes, making For Hardworking Familiesthe program a perpetual legacy to the community. It’s something you can call your own. You don’t have to pay rent to anyone. It’s wonderful. I have a huge backyard for my kids, I have a garage, I have a washer and dryer, something that willWe are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. be my own. - Habitat homeowner Leteciapolicy for the achievement of equal housing Maybinopportunity throughout the nation. We encourageand support an affirmative advertising andmarketing program in which there are no barriers Zero-Interest, No-Profit Mortgageto obtaining housing because of race, color,religion, sex handicap, familiar status or national 1288 N. Tamiami Trail 1288 N. Tamiami Trailorigin. North Fort Myers, FL 33903 North Fort Myers, FL 33903 P: (239) 652-0434 • F: (239) 652-0386 P: (239) 652-0434 • F: (239) 652-0386