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Habitat for Humanity Donation Brochure 2009


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This 2-page brochure is part of an integrated, branding strategy to identify the organization's literature with similar publications and messaging. My goal was to create clean, simple lines and feature client testimonials that shared a similar thread with the audience.

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Habitat for Humanity Donation Brochure 2009

  1. 1. Ways To Give A Hand Up... Not A Hand OutOutright Gifts • Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminatingIt’s as easy as writing a check! And because substandard housing in Lee County, Florida. Through the use of volunteer labor and donationscharitable gifts qualify for federal tax of money and materials, we provide simple, decent housing for struggling families.deductions, the real out-of-pocket cost of acash transaction is usually much less thanits face value. • Since its beginning in 1982, Habitat for Humanity of Lee County has provided more than 1000 homes in Lee County, with plans to complete another 100 homes this year. State researchGifts of Stocks and Bonds shows that in Lee County 20,000 households live below poverty level. Gifts of appreciated property can provide even greater tax benefits • To qualify for a Habitat for Humanity home, applicants must be in need of housing, be able to than a gift of cash. You may take a charitable deduction for the full fair pay a zero-interest mortgage, and be willing to partner with Habitat. This partnership includes market value of the gift, while avoiding earning 250 “sweat equity” hours (service to Habitat), attending classes to become self-suffi- capital gains taxes. cient homeowners and contributing $1200 toward closing costs.Gift Annuities • Habitat homes are sold at no profit to the new homeowners, who make monthly, interest freeThis is a simple contract between you and a charity(Habitat for Humanity of Lee County), which pays you a mortgage payments to Habitat for Humanity. Payments from these no-interest mortgages aremonthly income stream for life. You may fund the annuity used to build more homes, creating a perpetual legacy to the community.with cash or securities and you may take an immediatetax deduction. You can also bypass capital gains taxes • It costs between $40,000 - $85,000 to purchase vacancies within the city. This money comesif you fund the gift annuity with appreciated stocks. In from donations from individuals, places of worship, corporations and civic organizations.addition, you will receive a significant charitable incometax deduction. • Donations are tax deductible! Habitat uses no government funds to construct homes. All ofWills our fundraising is done at the local level. Feel confident knowing that about 91 cents of everyHabitat for Humanity of Lee County, dollar donated to Habitat goes directly toward building more homes.Florida can be named as a beneficiary inyour will using a designated dollar amountor percentage of your estate. This will allow Other ways you can give...you full use of your assets during your lifetime and still leave a significant gift. Join our Multiple-Year Donate items toCharitable Trusts Giving Society! our Thrift Store!You may establish a Charitable Trust using assets such as To accomplish our mission, we have launched Drop off or arrange for a pickup of unwantedsecurities or cash. You would receive either a fixed amountor percentage for life, and after which the assets would the Multiple-Year Giving Society. If you have furniture, appliances, household itemsbe distributed outright to Habitat for Humanity of Lee been inspired by Habitat’s stories or have and clothing. The North Fort Myers store isCounty. given donations to us in the past, we ask that open Mon. — Sat., from 9 a.m. — 5 p.m. Call you please consider making a multiple-year 239.652.0388 for more information. For more information, contact commitment to become a member of this Development 239-652-0434 ext. 1677 society.
  2. 2. Our Testimony Contribute We have been so blessed in our lives. This gives us a chance to share those blessings with our neighbors. - Shadow Wood resident Bill Lentz I have enclosed a check in the amount of God has blessed us so much and with blessings $________________ comes great responsibility to give back to the Please make checks payable to community. - Wright Construction Group President Fred Edman Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, FL Please charge my: The Lord has blessed me very richly and I’d like to share that with others who need a little assistance Visa American Express to establish a home for themselves and their family. - First Presbyterian of Bonita Springs member MasterCard Discover Paul Spinka One Time Habitat Monthly for ________ months for Humanity Annually for ________ years g 1.3 % of Lee County, FL isin Program Services FundraCard Number: __________________________ 91.2%Exp. Date: _____________________________ Depreciation 2.6% Affordable HousingSignature: _____________________________ Administrative General 4.6% & For Hardworking Families Please keep my donation anonymous. Contact InformationName:________________________________Address: ______________________________Phone:_______________________________ Habitat for Humanity of Lee County uses lessE-mail: _______________________________ than 10% of its contributions to go toward overhead costs. That means about 91 cents on a Give now and see the difference dollar goes directly into building Habitat homesMy donation is in memory/honor of: in the community. Imagine what your dollar your donation can make could do for a family today!Please send acknowledgement card to:Name:Address: 1288 N. Tamiami Trail 1288 N. Tamiami Trail North Fort Myers, FL 33903All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent North Fort Myers, FL 33903allowed by law. P: (239) 652-0434 • F: (239) 652-0386 P: (239) 652-0434 • F: (239) 652-0386 www.habitat4humanity.org Please send me Habitat’s newsletter. www.habitat4humanity.org