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Board of Directors Challenge 2011


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As Development Director, I challenged my Board of Directors to give a "stretch gift" from their tax return to help the organization reach it's fundraising goal. The letter was very successful, as longstanding members who had never given-gave for the first time.

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Board of Directors Challenge 2011

  1. 1. February 15, 2011<Board Member><Address><City>Dear <name>,Members of the Board of Directors are cornerstone to raising funds for Siouxland Habitat for Humanity. TheBoard of Directors has fiduciary responsibility for the care, continuance, and sound financial condition of theorganization. It is in the interest of each to help ensure that we have a year-round, solid, and activefundraising component, beginning with each board member.Nonprofit board members are the core strength of an organization and “the first to give”—individualdonors, foundation, churches, and corporations look to see that you invest not just your time, but also amonetary gift to the mission. A director’s giving is the key indicator of an organization’s health. We cannotin good conscience ask anyone to donate to us unless 100% of the board steps forward first with a personalgift and with efforts to solicit gifts from others.In order to meet the fiscal need of Habitat’s capacity build grant, the nonprofit is on track to raise$140,000 by June 30, 2011. I respectfully ask you to consider making a “stretch gift” of $300 or 10% ofyour tax return to help Siouxland Habitat meet its goal. This is a rare opportunity to have ‘extra’ moneyyou can part with that won’t take from monthly revenue. It’s also your chance to share with anorganization you believe in as a board member.Only new gift commitments from directors will apply toward the $140,000 capacity build challenge.However, if every board member gives, ten out of the twelve donations would be new.Remember as a board director, you are expected to make an annual gift in an amount that is personallysignificant to you. To make this gift, we ask that you consider pledging an amount now, early in the fiscalyear. By making a pledge, we can count on it in our annual budget, and payments can be made over time tofulfill it.Siouxland Habitat has been blessed with passionate Directors for nearly 20 years. Help Habitat turn thispassion into generosity!Thank you for giving thoughtful consideration to your contribution. Please kindly return the enclosed giftcommitment form by May 15. Should you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate tocontact me. Thank you for helping to ensure that Siouxland Habitat has the resources to build morehouses and serve more families in the months ahead.Sincerely,