Habitat for Humanity Annual Report 2009


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This 44-page report was produced and published under my direction. I was responsible for the theme conception, writing and designing of the report. A staff helped compile necessary information in the report. I worked with a print company to create a velvet and gloss cover to the finished product.

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Habitat for Humanity Annual Report 2009

  1. 1. Annual Report 2007-2008  | 1
  2. 2. 2 |  Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Vern Archibald & Charles Idelson Letter from CEO & Chairman 40-year old Miguel Velez, a licensed electrician by trade, became a Habitat homeowner five years ago. Due to the economic downturn in 2008, Velez lost his job of seven years, leaving his family of five without income to pay their mortgage. Miguel’s story echoed that of many in Lee County over the past couple of years; presenting a challenge to the housing industry. Habitat for Humanity of Lee County launched a new program over the last year to help prevent a foreclosure fiasco with Habitat homeowners by employing those in need of part-time work. More than a dozen homeowners perform general maintenance and handyman tasks in the community a few hours a week. The new division offers affordable prices to the community and in turn provides an income for homeowners paying on their mortgage. 2008 also altered Habitat’s production with an affordable buying alternative to building. In most cases, Habitat found buying foreclosures and vacancies more affordable than building new structures. Utilizing volunteers to rehab these purchased properties proved to be a good fit for fulfilling Habitat’s mission; providing homes for those in need at an affordable price. This buying/building blend also extended a hand-up to the community by removing vacancies that invited vandals and replacing them with deserving families. Habitat for Humanity of Lee County continues to look for new and innovative ways to help solve the housing crisis facing many in our community today. Thank you for your support over the last year and may God bless you in the new.
  3. 3. Annual Report 2007-2008  | 3 Table of Contents Our Stories Awards Donations Financial Reports Board Members Families, Volunteers & Donor Awards Gifts Received Statements Reflect 20 Members Donors 2008 Between Oct. 1, 2007 October 1, 2007 thru 2008 & December 31, 2008 September 30, 2008• Oram Family • Corporate Sponsor • Home Sponsors • Financial Position • James Adams - Vice Chairman• Boswell Family • Community Sponsor • Foundation Club • Assets • Donny Andrews• Boyce Family • Faithful Giver • Framing Club • Expenses • Glenn Bailey• Evesson Family • Faith-in-Action Award • Wall Raisers Club • Tithe • Roger Brownell• Mendoza Family • Finish Carpenters Club • Brian Crowley• Masterson Family • Hope Builders Club • Dave Dale• Patino Family • Master Builders Club • Katherine Green - Secretary• Methodist Churches • Legacy Club • Willie Green• Pine Island Residents • Individual Donors • Charles Idelson - Chairman• Elephant Bar Restaurant • Congregational Donors • Brian Lucas• Wright Construction Group • Corporation/Civic/ • Denis Noah Foundation Donors• Shell Point Retirement • Debbie Prather • In-Kind Donors• Pedaling Partners • Scott Robertson• Miromar Lakes • Sandy Robinson• Twins & Pins • Duane Swanson, Jr.• Shadow Wood Residents • Brenda Tate• Congress Jewelers • Sharon Thompson• World Habitat Day • Bill Valenti• Presbyterian Churches • Mercedes Vergne• Bonita Bay Residents • Janet Watermeier• First Christian Church• Pelican Landing
  4. 4. 4 |  Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Oram Family Moving from house to houseFamily was how Shannon Oram grew up. In fact, when this Indiana native was old enough to be on her own she hopped from house to house with friends. It was only after Shannon became a mom did she realize things needed to change. “The house I was living in was basically condemned. The father of my child took off and I was left with a leaky roof in dire need of repairs. I worked hard to support my daughter, but couldn’t afford to fix our place,” says Oram. A friend of Shannon’s was a Habitat homeowner and told Oram about the program. “I had a child, a decent life and yet no future. When I stopped to think about it, I realized I had nothing,” she says. A couple months later, Shannon was standing at the dedication of her brand new home. “I want you to understand what this opportunity has done for me. Habitat has given me everything. I have a future for me and my daughter. I don’t know how to repay Habitat except to continue volunteering and start giving back. Boswell Family Tiffeny Boswell and her four children lived in a Fort Myers apartment complex where it wasn’t uncommon to see drug activity and break-ins daily. “I just prayed for a better living for my children. I work hard for my kids, but I still couldn’t afford a decent place to live in,” she says. A friend advised Tiffeny to look at Habitat for a hand up. “We prayed about it; I cleaned up my credit, applied and was accepted,” says the pre-kindergarten assistant. The most difficult part of Habitat’s program for Tiffeny was finding time to finish her hours. “The weekend is usually my resting time from work. So I had to give up rest to put in my hours. I also had to get a baby sitter every weekend I came out because my kids weren’t old enough to be alone. It was a lot of planning and hard work,” Boswell says. In the end, her new home gave Tiffeny a new sense of pride. “I set out to accomplish this and I didn’t give up on my dream. I followed through and today I have a great place for my kids and I to grow old in. I feel a sense of inner peace having a safe place for my kids and actually look forward to coming home,” she says. And for Tiffeny, the dream of homeownership didn’t end with new walls; it was just the beginning. “We just thank God for all the people involved in making this dream come true. It’s given us new dreams to aim for,” says Boswell.
  5. 5. Annual Report 2007-2008  | 5Boyce Family Christine and Ronald Boyce tried to make Family their two bedroom house in Labelle work for the family of six. “It was a very old house in poor condition. There were pests getting into our home and the floors were lifting up. The house was just falling apart and all four of my kids were sharing a space about the size of a large walk-in closet,” says Christine Boyce. With Christine working full-time at McDonalds and Ronald a full-time student, the couple couldn’t find the funds to afford a home in Lee County. One day the couple’s youngest son came home from school with an application for the Habitat program. “I wasn’t sure if we would be accepted or not, but I thought our situation couldn’t get any worse than what we were living in and I was tired of moving from house to house,” says Christine. It only took a matter of months for the Boyce family to finish the program and be handed the keys to their four bedroom, Cape Coral home. “The house is absolutely beautiful. There is so much room to move around in it and I pay only $100 more than I did for that old house that was falling apart,” says Christine. Evesson FamilyKaren Evesson and her daughter moved in with her parents whenthe divorce left Karen without a home. “I couldn’t afford ahome on my own and I wanted my daughter to stay close toher father so moving in with my parents seemed like a gooddecision at the time,” says Evesson. Over time, Karen saysher parent’s health started to decline and they decided todownsize and move north; forcing Karen to find a place ofher own. Evesson says she first learned about the Habitatprogram through a commercial with President JimmyCarter. “I didn’t have much money for a home working as aCustomer Service Rep. at Healthpark, but what I did haveI didn’t want to give toward rent. I wanted something toown,” says the single mom. Karen spent most of her sweatequity hours working on Habitat’s construction sites whileher parents helped with hours in Habitat’s Thrift Store.“When I found out that my mortgage payments wouldbe about 30 percent of my salary, I was scared. I didn’tknow if I could afford that. During the mortgage class, I had anopportunity to sit down with a financial planner and figure out my budget and I found I could affordthe payments each month by cutting my expenses and spending what I had wisely. Anyone who wants ahouse has to work hard to hang onto it and I plan to do just that,” says Evesson.
  6. 6. 6 |  Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Mendoza FamilyFamily It wasn’t the way Maria Mendoza would have wanted her life to turn out, but after 16 years of marriage, the mother of four was single, homeless and had a family to feed. “The only thing I could do was stay with relatives. My kids and I would shower at one house and sleep at another. I slept in the truck just to make sure my kids had a place to sleep,” says Mendoza. Maria says she had applied to Habitat’s program once before but was denied due to her husband’s credit. “After the divorce, I cleaned up my credit and reapplied for the program. I needed to do something for my kids and for myself. Today I’m so blessed to be standing in my own home,” says Mendoza. Knowing what its like to be homeless, Maria says she never forgets to count her blessings in her home everyday. “I still can’t believe it. It’s not easy to do something like this by yourself. But I tried and succeeded. I think my favorite part of the house is my kitchen because I can actually spend time cooking for my kids, preparing food on counter tops and all. What little I have, I can take such joy in by having a place for it. This is my happy place,” she says. Masterson Family When a job also provided housing to Bridget and Cory Masterson’s family of five, the couple thought they were set for life. “I was working for a great, generous company, but as time went on I found I was working six or seven days a week and didn’t have time to give to God or my family,” he says. With housing prices out of reach, Cory used the family savings to purchase a RV for the family to live in while he started a new job. “It was very cramped but the expenses were low. Really, we needed a bigger place for the kids and for mom and dad too,” he says. After two years of RV living, with a child on the way, the Masterson family entered Habitat’s program. “I once heard a wise man say that as far as land, that’s not what they’re making more of. My wife and I felt that a place to call your own was something worth investing your time and money into,” says Cory. The Masterson family moved into their Labelle home in June 2008. “We just feel wonderful about the program. The classes taught us that owning a home is a big responsibility. You know, I’ve never been lazy, I just didn’t invest my money wisely. I’ve learned so many helpful things through Habitat’s program and we owe everything to our Lord Jesus Christ for giving us the ability to do this, for providing us with a job to afford it and with people to help us through. One thing I’ve learned is to trust the Lord your God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and He will lead you in all your ways,” says the father of four.
  7. 7. Annual Report 2007-2008  | 7 Family Patino FamilyFor some homeowners, paying off their mortgage is one of the proudest moments in life. Habitat forHumanity of Lee County has seen it’s fair share of mortgage payoffs since it first started building in 1979. In2008 alone, Habitat reported six mortgages paid in full. One of those families is Eduardo and Maria Patino.“The mortgage wasn’t my last bill, but it was a goal accomplished. My priority was to pay the house first. Thenext project will be to get a new car,” says Eduardo. The Patino‘s house was built in 1995 as part of Habitat’sHarlem Heights clean-up. More than 200 volunteers raised the roof, walls and brushed on the finishingtouches of paint in just 24 hours! As Habitat’s Construction Superintendent, Eduardo has put his ownfinishing touches on his home by closing in the garage, building a deck and adding decorative flair to theinterior walls. Today, the Patino family is surrounded with more than a hundred other Habitat homeownersin the South Fort Myers neighborhood and says they are thrilled to be a part of the Harlem Height’scommunity. “We have such good neighbors here. It’s quiet and everyone is friendly and looks out for eachother,” says Maria. And with four children all grown, the Patino’s have even more space, time and money toshare their Habitat home with family and friends. “I expect in the coming year, now that we don’t have thatmortgage payment, we’ll make more trips to see family in Columbia and Puerto Rico. Instead of visiting onceevery three or four years, we should be able to travel at least once a year. Plus, we can have family come staywith us now that we have the rooms for guests,” says Eduardo. “I feel good. I never thought I’d reach the daythe house was paid. You know, when you get your house, it’s not really yours. It’s yours when you pay themortgage off. Now we have something for the kids. I never thought I’d reach that goal in my lifetime... atleast not at this age. It’s a very proud moment,” he says.
  8. 8. 8 |  Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Methodist ChurchesDonor Pictured above: Mildred Howarter – Beach United Pine Island Residents Methodist Church (left) and JoAnn Landes-Ross Christ United Methodist Church (right) at the dedication of their sponsored home. Residents of Pine Island worked hard for their Habitat money through a variety of fundraisers In 2007/2008, the Methodist congregations in Lee this year. It was an effort not only to raise money County decided to collaborate their fundraising efforts for the second Habitat home on the island, but to sponsor and build a Habitat home together. The also awareness of what Habitat for Humanity following Methodist churches participated in the stands for. The community gave tips to have their partnership during Habitat’s Building on Faith: Central groceries bagged by celebrities at the local Winn UMC of Fort Myers, Faith UMC of Fort Myers, Christ Dixie grocery store. Also, folks on the island took UMC of Lehigh Acres, Grace UMC of Cape Coral, Wesley part in dinner and music at Woody’s Waterside Memorial UMC of Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach UMC, Restaurant for the first “Harmony for Habitat” First UMC of Fort Myers, Good Shepherd UMC of North fundraiser. The Pine Island Habitat Steering Fort Myers. Committee offered excitement in the community while helping a deserving family fulfill the dream of homeownership. Elephant Bar Restaurant April 2008, Elephant Bar Restaurant opened its doors to diners and donated 25% of the food sales to Habitat for Humanity of Lee County. At the end of the day, Habitat received more than $2500 from the event! Elephant Bar Restaurant noted it was the best Habitat event they’ve been a part of. Hats off to all those who participated in the event. The funds from this charity event will go towards the building of a Lee County home for a deserving family.
  9. 9. Annual Report 2007-2008  | 9 Donor Home Builders Blitz took place nationwide in June 2008. It allowed affiliates like Lee County to increase capacity by continuing with regular production schedules while professional builders organized and executed the blitz build. Wright Construction GroupIn Lee County, Wright Construction Group donated their time and talent to complete the project fromframe to finish! The construction company organized their subs and suppliers to completely built the houseas a donation to Habitat for Humanity and the community. The subcontractors that took part in the buildincluded: ABC Electric, Cheney Landscaping, Ciano’s Tile, Collier Irrigation, Crowther Roofing, Ferguson,Ken Bunting Carpentry, Leisure Time Cleaning, Murton Roofing, Oscars & Sons Plumbing, Philbin Brothers,Powers, Safe Site, Service Painting, Wall Systems, Waterside Mechanical, West Coast Insulation and WrightConstruction.In all, 263 homes went up around the country with 109 Habitat affiliates as part of the Home Builders Blitz2008.In an effort to support the construction team building a Habitat home in five days, many Lee Countyrestaurants donated breakfast and lunch to the crew during the build. Those participating include Bob EvansRestaurant, Chik-Fil-A, Prawnbrokers Restaurant Group, Sanibel Bean Island Coffees, Elephant Bar Restaurantand Costco.
  10. 10. 10 |  Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Shell Point Retirement CommunityDonor Habitat is always pleased when new communities join the call to action with Habitat for Humanity. In Lee County, the Shell Point Retirement Community joined Habitat’s “Community Sponsorship” family by raising and sponsoring a Habitat home in 2008. Now the group is working on their second sponsorship in hopes to raise another Habitat home in 2009. “I am honored to be part of something as meaningful as changing a family’s life,” states Al Park, Steering Committee Chairman for the Shell Point Residents for Habitat. “Never doubt that working together, you can make a difference.” Pedaling Partners This summer, a group of bike riders from Estero took a 4,000 mile trek across America to raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity! The group of cyclists pedaled their way from St. Augustine to Florence, Oregon, backed by donor bucks! Scott Cain, a minister of New Day Christian Church in Estero, Florida led the 55-day trek, covering 11 states and with the help of his crew was able to raise $2,765.42! Thanks to these riders, Habitat will help house needy families in Lee County.
  11. 11. Annual Report 2007-2008  | 11Miromar Lakes Miromar Lakes Community completed their fundraising Donor to build a Habitat home for a family in the Habitat program. In addition to providing $50,000 to pay for the cost of materials to build the home, they also participated in the construction of the home. Residents tell us that this is a great way for them to give back to the community while enjoying the socialization that working together for Habitat provides them. “We enjoy working on Habitat houses, but for those of us who cannot do the building, we can become involved through our fundraising efforts”, says Janis Wolfson, Steering Committee Member at Miromar Lakes. Twins & Pins February 2008, the Minnesota Twins Baseball Team partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Lee County to become one team in the Twins & Pins Bowling Tournament. The effort was to raise money for Habitat’s mission in the community. 24 lanes were filled at Gator Lanes Bowling Alley in Fort Myers as lane sponsors and guests raised nearly $8,000 for the cause! Each team was comprised of a baseball player and three sponsors. The Minnesota Twins have been sponsoring and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Lee County since 2006 when the team sponsored an entire home. The players are planning another bowling tournament for 2009 in hopes the Twins & Pins event becomes a staple fundraiser for Habitat supporters. Lee County businesses that helped support Habitat through the Twins & Pins event were: White House / Black Market, RDG, Steven’s Construction, Hammer Commercial, Inc., Simplex Grinnell, B & I Contractors, SW Construction SVC, Florida Glass & Aluminum, Inc., Skanska, Naples-Ft. Myers Greyhound Track, Thomas Sign & Awning Company, Inc., Miami Dolphins, Tom Mogren, Fort Myers Miracle, Vic’s Painting and Premier Community Bank.
  12. 12. 12 |  Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Shadow WoodVolunteer With a golf tournament and auction that nets over $150,000 each year, Shadow Wood residents have encouraged and engaged their neighbors in fund- raising events and outright gifts to Habitat for Humanity of Lee County year after year. “We have been so blessed in our lives. This gives us a chance to share those blessings with our neighbors,” says Shadow Wood resident Bill Lentz. Since 2003, the Bonita Springs gated community has sponsored more than a dozen homes in Lee County. The residents extend their hand-up to Collier County Habitat as well by volunteering in Imokalee. In 2009, the residents will raise a Lee County Habitat roof in their Bonita Springs backyard. Congress Jewelers Since 2002, Congress Jewelers has been a part of donating to Habitat for Humanity of Lee County; sponsoring at least three homes a year. Today their contributions total nearly $900,000. But the partnership between Congress Jewelers and Habitat doesn’t end there. Employees from the company spend a few days a year volunteering on the job site with Habitat. In this photo, the group is taking a break from hanging sheetrock at a Habitat for Humanity construction site in Cape Coral. The retailer’s contributions have covered the cost of materials and the work of licensed professionals for 18 homes in Lee County so far. “Working together on a home construction site supports Habitat for Humanity and their work with families in our community,” said President Scot Congress. H o m e S w e e t H o m e
  13. 13. Annual Report 2007-2008  | 13 Volunteer Studies show more than 1.6 billion people around the world are suffering from some sort of shelter deprivation. Of these, an estimated 10 million people die each year from a lack of adequate shelter, clean water or sanitation. As part of the mission to make safe, decent, affordable housing a matter of conscience and action, Habitat for Humanity of Lee County celebrated World Habitat Day on October 4th with more than a dozen homeowners. The homeowners raised a roof together in Fort Myers while Sanibel’s Girl Scout Troop 228 provided lunch to the volunteers. p Scout Troo San ibel Girl at Day b y World Habitat Day Wo rld Habit nity lebrated t for Hum a Troo p 228 ce t o o Habita red for the day t g. g lunch ee providin rs, who volunt of housin n e rs in need homeow her homeowne r ot build foUrbanization continues at a rapidrate, with half of humanity now livingin towns and cities. Today, one-thirdof the current urban population—astaggering 1 billion people—live inslums. By 2030, estimates are thattwo-thirds of the world’s populationwill be urban dwellers, exponentially Habitaincreasing the number of people t Homliving in slums if action is not taken Five H eowneto provide decent and affordable ab Habita itat homeow tD n rshousing. Marion ay. From le er families l ft to ri i Myrna , Maria Reyes, ght: A nked arms o S Maria shley C n Worl Eduard oto and Mig and Ca arrero , Lakes d o, Jaso uel Ve rlos Be ha John H n lez ss aughe Pearson, Sh , Carlos, Duc a, Sherry Be y annon k tz Oram, , Mario Leite , CharliHabitat for Humanity affiliates worldwide took e Mitc , hell,part in the celebration as a way to demonstrate the needfor more affordable housing for the world’s poor. World Habitat Day is anannual event created by the United Nations and unites various housing organizationsaimed at solving the poverty crisis. It’s to remind the world of its collective responsibility for thefuture of the human habitat.
  14. 14. 14 |  Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Presbyterian ChurchesVolunteer After years of trying to sponsor Habitat homes on their own, the Presbyterian Churches in Lee County decided to build and fundraise together. This year, about a dozen churches came together during the Faith Campaign and collected funding for a Habitat house as well as volunteered on site as one group. Those participating in the Presbyterian partnership include Covenant Presbyterian of Fort Myers, First Presbyterian of Fort First Myers, Presbyterian of Bonita Springs, First Presbyterian of Lehigh Acres, Chapel By The Sea of Fort Myers Beach, Cypress Lake Presbyterian of Fort Myers, Faith Presbyterian of Cape Coral and Bay Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs. Of the churches, Chapel By the Sea gave $10,000 alone and has been sponsoring Habitat homes since 1990. Bonita Bay Residents The Bonita Bay Residents have raised nearly a million dollars toward Habitat homes in Lee County. The gated community began fundraising for Habitat in 2002. Since then, these builders have raised 19 homes in the community. “We have fun building houses. We get about 30 nailpounders together and go to work together,” says Bonita Bay Resident Cal Walker. Walker helps organize Habitat’s Bonita Bay volunteers. It was after a growing need for affordable housing in Bonita Springs that the group jumped on board with Habitat’s mission in the community. “We live in Bonita Springs and are well aware that so many workers are traveling from Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Lehigh to come work in our community. We want to be able to provide housing for them here,” he says.
  15. 15. Annual Report 2007-2008  | 15First Christian Church First Christian Church Volunteer of Fort Myers has been providing volunteers to Habitat sites for more than eight years and has given almost $70,000 toward Habitat homes in Lee County. In January 2008, the FCC Habitat Team averaged two to three dozen volunteers each month. “The group first got involved with Habitat when First Baptist Church and First Methodist Church (both of Fort Myers) joined with First Christian to form the Downtown Alliance. The group sponsored Habitat homes together. This year, First Christian took their partnership to a new level by forming a FCC Habitat logo and marking their Habitat pride on t-shirts and a trailer. 31-year old Matt Bochetti took charge of the crusade after spending his career as a contractor in Lee County. “This was a way we could bring cohesiveness to the team. Whether they volunteer one time or on every build, I want to communicate that they are all a big part of our FCC Habitat Team. The goal is just to serve and love on each construction site the way Christ did while on earth,” Bochetti says. Pelican Landing residents Pelican Landing first volunteered with Habitat for Humanity of Lee County in 2002, when the group began fundraising for a home. At the end of 2007, the gated community had raised nearly $300,000 for families in need of safe, decent, affordable housing in Lee County. In November 2008, the group raised the walls their seventh sponsored home in Bonita Springs. “I think most of us feel we’ve gotten so much out of life that it’s time in our retirement years to give a lot back and this is one of the ways we can do that. There are a lot of wonderful charities out there, but I think Habitat really does get the resources into the hands of those who need to benefit the most,” says Ted Smith, Pelican Landing Resident.
  16. 16. 16 |  Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Community SponsorAwards Shell Point Retirement Community has been named Habitat’s 2009 Community Sponsor of the Year. The group started sponsoring Habitat homes just a year ago and are currently working on their second houseraising. “Our primary interests have been to increase our support for a most worthy cause and to give more people at Shell Point a chance to be more aware and closely involved with Habitat for Humanity. As a result, we have had a lot of fun from our efforts, both to raise funds and also to contribute some manual labor to the cause. This success has spurred us to try again and we expect to continue - a house at a time,” says Shell Point’s Steering Committee Chair, Al Park. Corporate Partner Scott Whitaker and his company, Bean, Whitaker, Lutz & Kareh, Inc., have been a part of Habitat’s donor family since 1990. It was then that Habitat for Humanity of Lee County transformed the Harlem Heights neighborhood into a welcoming community. “We were proud to be part of the effort replacing old delapidated buildings with Habitat homes. Today, it is amazing to see the difference Habitat’s work has made in the community. I particularly enjoyed working with Habitat’s President Vern Archibald, as he could never take no for an answer and just wanted to get things done. It’s that kind of attitude and Habitat’s ‘hand up, not a hand out’ philosophy that we stand behind,” says company president Scott Whitaker, P.S.M. Faith-in-Action Rev. Andrew Brown and Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church date their partnership with Habitat back to 1991. “My congregation and I support Habitat for Humanity of Lee County because Habitat saw a need to help local Harlem Heights families in need and stepped in to do something. My friends and I, along with members of my congregation, helped to build those homes and now homeowners that live in Harlem Heights sit in the pews in my church,” says Rev. Brown. Today, the church has helped contribute almost $10,000 to Habitat’s cause, plus volunteered to build with the organization. Faithful Giver For more than 20 years, Rhoda Todd has faithfully supported Habitat for Humanity. Todd says it’s because of what Habitat stands for that inspires her to get keep giving. “I have always liked Habitat’s philosophy that they give a hand up, not a hand out; which instills pride of ownership and a sense of accomplishment. Because affordable housing isn’t always a priority, it falls to non-profits like Habitat to help turn dreams into reality. I believe the richest nation in the world should provide adequate housing for its citizens. If a member of our community can show a work history and the ability to pay, I feel an affordable house should be available,” says Todd.
  17. 17. Annual Report 2007-2008  | 17 Home Sponsors $50,000 January 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008 Bonita Bay Group Bonita Bay Residents David and Cheryl Copham Denmark Interiors Fort Myers Lincoln –Mercury, Inc. Gulf Coast Dodge Pelican Landing Residents Publix Super Markets Charities Raymond Building Supply Corporation Donations Sam Galloway Ford Shadow Wood Residents Val Ward Cadillac, Inc. Verandah Development Foundation Club $100 - $499 January 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008Mr. & Mrs. William Abbott Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. BaldwinMr. & Mrs. John H. Abeles Mr. John R. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Armand B. Ball, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Anthony A. Achkio Ms. Dorothy V. Andersson Mr. James E. BanahanMs. Sherrie Adam Mr. & Mrs. W.T. Andersson Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. BarberMs. Juliette G. Adams Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Roger BarnaMr. Robert L. Adams Ms. Corinne D. Antol Mr. Robert H. BarnesMs. Carrie H. Adams Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Antonelli Mrs. Elsie BarneyMs. Doris Adinolfi Mr. Victor F. Apa Ms. Joan A. BaronMr. & Mrs. Robert J. Agricola Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Apple Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. BarrMr. & Mrs. Richard W. Ahlborg Mr. Louis J. Armbruster Ms. Catherine B. BarrettMs. Laverne B. Ahrens Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. James P. BarryMr. & Mrs. William F. Aiken Mr. Patrick Arnall Mr. & Mrs. John S. BarthMr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Ainsworth Mr. Robert M. Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Ray C. BartholomewMr. & Mrs. Ollie J. Akel Mr. & Mrs. John A. Artz Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. BartholomewMr. & Mrs. John E. Akitt Mr. & Mrs. Phillip D. Ashkettle Mr. & Mrs. David I. BartonMr. & Mrs. Jeffrey G. Albertson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Aspegren Mr. & Mrs. Leon BartosMr. & Mrs. Ignatius Alcamo Mr. John Attwood Mr. Charles J. BasinaitMrs. Judy Alcorn Mr. & Mrs. Joesph T. Aveni Mr. & Mrs. Dann W. BattinaMr. and Mrs. David F. Allemong Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Avril Mr. & Mrs. James C. BeachumMr. & Mrs. Wendell F. Allen Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Bacig Mr. & Mrs. Henry D. Bean, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Allison Mr. & Mrs. Archie Baker Mr. Philip BeardsleeMs. Margaret M. Altman In Honor of Ann Hermann Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. BeasleyMr. James J. Amann In Honor of Evelyn Sprague Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. BeaupreMr. & Mrs. Richard C. Ambelang Mr. & Mrs. Daniel S. Baker Mr. Charles A. BebberMs. Virginia L. Amsler Mr. & Mrs. John Balducci Ms. Mary M. Becker In memory of Tom Taylor Mr. William A. Baldwin Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Becker
  18. 18. 18 |  Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. David W. Beckley Mr. Terry L. Bowen Mr. & Mrs. Roland J. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Beebe Mr. & Mrs. John D. Bowlin Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Norman Beecher Mr. & Mrs. E.J. Boyle, III Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Leland Behnken Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. Bracy Mr. Edward P. Canterbury Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Behr Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Brady Ms. Bunny Caravello Mr. Richard E. Beightol Mr. & Mrs. Edward Braniff Dr. & Mrs. Jack P. Carey, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Beimfohr Mr. & Mrs. David P. Brannin Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Carlton-Jones Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Beirne Mr. & Mrs. Leon P. Brassard Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Carney Mr. Edward T. Beitenman Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R. Breen Mr. & Mrs. William A. Carr Mr. & Mrs. Jerome F. Bejbl Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Breen Ms. Ruth M. Carrell Mr. John M. Belcastro Mr. & Mrs. Francis V. Breeze Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Todd C. Bell Mr. & Mrs. John F. Breitengross Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Bell Mr. & Mrs. James Brent Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Carsillo Mr. & Mrs. John W. Bendall Mr. & Mrs. William L. Bridge Mr. Terry R. CarterDonations Ms. Mary Ann Bennett Mr. Gary J. Bridgeford Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore V. Casamento Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Berglund Ms. Dana S. Briggs Ms. Dorothy M. Cascio Mr. & Mrs. William J. Bergold Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Brink Mr. & Mrs. John F. Casey Dr. & Mrs. Andrew E. Berkow Mr. & Mrs. Willard W. Brittain, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Casseri Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Bernaciak Ms. Virginia V. Brodbeck Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Cassidy Mr. & Mrs. Fred H. Bertrand Mr. & Mrs. John R. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Castrogiovanni Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Bessette Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cavanaugh Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Betchkal Dr. & Mrs. William J. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Cavuto Ms. Jean S. Bidwell Ms. Geraldine C. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Celiberti Mr. & Mrs. Clement A. Bieker Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Brownell Mr. & Mrs. Chauncey R. Charlson Mr. & Mrs. Douglas L. Bigelow Ms. Heather E. Browning Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Cherubino Ms. Covella H. Biggers Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Bruning Mr. & Mrs. F. E. Chippendale Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Biggs Dr. Joseph M. Bryan, MD Mr. & Mrs. John J. Chopack Mrs. Monica Billings Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Buch Mr. Werner Christinger Mr. & Mrs. John S. Bitow Dr. & Mrs. Richard L. Buechel Mr. J. A. Christopher Mr. & Mrs. H. Kenyon Bixby Mr. Harvey M. Bujold Mr. & Mrs. John P. Cicon Mr. Willis P. Blackwood Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. Bunting Mr. Armond J. Civera Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Blanchard Mr. & Mrs. F. John Bunting Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Claffey Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Blazek Mr. & Mrs. Jack C. Burdett Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Clay Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Bloom Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Burgess Mr. & Mrs. Harry F. Clayton Ms. Nancy C. Blum Mr. & Mrs. Jerome E. Burns Ms. Linda S. Cobb Mr. & Mrs. Eric L. Blumstead Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Burns Mr. & Mrs. John R. Coble Mr. David M. Boardman Mr. & Mrs. G. Roy Burton Mr. & Mrs. Leslie H. Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Richard Boe Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Busalacchi Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Cocozza Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Bondi Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Busch Mr. Michael S. Collins Mr. & Mrs. James J. Bongard Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Buscher Mr. & Mrs. John Collins Mr. & Mrs. Ren Bookman Mr. & Mrs. Alvin O. Butler Mr. & Mrs. Jerry E. Colton Mr. & Mrs. Jackson J. Boone Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Butler Ms. Mary A. Condit Mr. & Mrs. William R. Borchert Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Butters Ms. Carol E. Conley Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bosso Mr. & Mrs. John R. Byrd Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Conroy Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Boudreau Mr. & Mrs. Norman Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Cookson Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Bouffard Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Byron Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Cooling, Jr. Mr. Walter Bourne Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Caffrey Mr. & Mrs. Nelson B. Cooney, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Bouyea Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Calabrese Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Copeland Mr. & Mrs. James P. Bovard Mr. &^ Mrs. Tom Caldwell Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Copeland Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Bowden Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Callans Mr. Daniel E. Corbin, Jr.
  19. 19. Annual Report 2007-2008  | 19Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Corley Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Davidson Mr. & Mrs. David C. EgbergMr. Michael J. Corso Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Davis Mr. & Mrs. John M. EikenbergMr. & Mrs. Edmund J. Corvelli, Jr. Ms. Diane E. Davis Mr. & Mrs. George L. EikerMr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Costello Ms. Sharon L. DeSpain Mr. & Mrs. James B. EisenhartMr. & Mrs. James R. Cote Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Decesare Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. EisnerMs. Camille Cotran Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Degroft, Jr. Mr. Walter G. EisslerMr. Sam Cottone Ms. Sandra J. Dekker Mr. & Mrs. John B. ElliffMr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Court in honor of Harry Dekker Mr. & Mrs. Kendall EllingsonMr. & Mrs. Bertrand Couture Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Dellaquila Mr. & Mrs. Jay C. ElliottMs. Glenda Craft Mr. & Mrs. James Deneffe Ms. Madeline EllsMs. Jane Craig Mr. & Mrs. William E. Des Jardins Mr. James R. EllsworthMr. & Mrs. Stan C. Cramton Mr. & Mrs. Alan Diamond Mr. & Mrs. James EngelhuberMs. Norma Anne Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Jack S. Dibie Mr. & Mrs. James E. EnglehartMr. & Mrs. Rollie H. Crawford Ms. Mary K. Dice Ms. Susan M. English DonationsMr. & Mrs. Richard E. Cregar Mr. & Mrs. Randy E. Diener Mr. & Mrs. David W. EnglishMs. Amanda B. Cross Ms. Collette M. Dierker Mr. & Mrs. Karl H. EricksonMr. & Mrs. George W. Crothers Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Dissinger Mr. William N. EricksonDr. John F. Crowe Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Dix Mr. & Mrs. James L. ErickssonMr. & Mrs. Robert A. Culberson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Dixson Mr. John C. ErnstMr. & Mrs. Stan Culver Mr. Sidney L. Dobson Mr. & Mrs. Roger EspeMr. & Mrs. William Cummings Ms. Donita I. Dobson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. EvansMr. & Mrs. Christopher F. Cummings Mr. Alan L. Doerman Mr. & Mrs. Gene EwingMs. Patricia D. Cunningham Capt. & Mrs. Walter W. Doescher, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George V. ExnerMs. Julie A. Cunningham Ms. Patricia F. Doberty Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. FabiMr. & Mrs. G. Mark Curry Mr. & Mrs. Martin E. Dolence, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. FairfieldDr. & Mrs. Richard R. Curtin, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Holland H. Donaldson, III Mr. & Mrs. Warren W. Farr, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Curtin Mr. & Mrs. James C. Donnelly Mr. & Mrs. William D. FaudeMr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Cyrus Mr. David A. Coran Mr. & Mrs. John A. FazackerleyMr. & Mrs. Frederick D. D’Alessio Ms. Francine C. Dorval Mr. & Mrs. Paul I. FearMr. Joseph M. D’Ambrosio Mr. & Mrs. James P. Dowd Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth K. FeinthelMr. & Mrs. Edward A. Dachille Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Downey Ms. Mary Lou FentonMr. & Mrs. Robert D. Dacks Mr. & Mrs. John D. Doyle Mr. & Mrs. Peter FerroMr. Dennis Daigneault Mr. & Mrs. Derick L. Driemeyer Mr. & Mrs. Francis E. FetskoMr. & Mrs. William J. Dalton Dr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Dries Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. FibbeMr. & Mrs. David G. Daly Ms. Laura C. Drinkall Ms. Patricia L. FiducciaMs. Dorothy L. Daly Mr. Jerome E. Druen Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. FiedlerMr. & Mrs. Herbert H. Damman Mr. & Mrs. William E. Drum Mr. & Mrs. Steven FieldsMr. & Mrs. Paul Danco Ms. Doris W. Duesing In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert VitekMr. & Mrs. James L. Dandurand Mr. & Mrs. John B. Dunn Mr. Allen C. FinatriMr. & Mrs. Albro D. Daniel Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Dunn Ms. Barbara FindleyMr. & Mrs. Francis A. Daniher Mr. & Mrs. Mark F. Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. FinniganMs. Graham N. Dare Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. FisherMr. & Mrs. Bill A. Darin Ms. Barbara A. Dupont Mr. & Mrs. Louis S. FisiMr. & Mrs. William F. Darland Mr. & Mrs. John C. Duritsch Mr. & Mrs. Dean M. FjelstulMr. & Mrs. Russell Darling Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Dwier Mr. & Mrs. J.F. Flaherty, Jr.Mr. John P. Dasilva Ms. Elizabeth M. Eastburn Mr. Michael T. FloodMr. & Mrs. John J. Dattilo Mr. & Mrs. David A. Edgerton Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. FlynnMr. & Mrs. James Dauwalter In memory of Bob Joyce Mr. & Mrs. John P. FoleyMr. & Mrs. Joseph Davi Mr. Howard W. Edison Ms. Louise H. FoleyMs. Elizabeth H. Davidse Ms. Sara O. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. John P. Foody
  20. 20. 20 |  Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Mr. Daniel Foote Mr. & Mrs. William L. Gorman Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Hannigan Mr. & Mrs. Timothy S. Forbes Mr. Michael J. Gorno Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hansen Ms. Mildred L. Ford Ms. Kathleen G. Goss Mr. & Mrs. Leo B. Hansen Mr. & Mrs. William D. Ford Mr. Richard Goulazian Ms. Jane A. Hanzel Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Ford Ms. Delphine Graber Mr. & Mrs. Gary Hardin Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Forsythe Mr. & Mrs. Max H. Graff, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. John S. Harding Mr. Joseph Fossella Mr. & Mrs. Richard Graffis Mr. & Mrs. George F. Harman Mr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Foster Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Graham Ms. Noreen Harrington Mr. & Mrs. L. D. Foster, Jr. In memory of Frank Bireley Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell J. Harris Ms. Diane Foster Mr. Anthony S. Gramer Mr. & Mrs. James M. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Jerry I. Fournier Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Gramse Ms. Malinda W. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Francese Mr. Alexander Grantt Mr. & Mrs. David Hartley Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Frank Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Grappone Ms. Janet L. Hartman Mr. & Mrs. B.M. Frankel Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Grattarola Ms. Michele HastingsDonations Mr. Chuck Frederick Mr. J. Gerald Gray Ms. Marion K. Hatfield Mr. Robert B. Frieler Mr. & Mrs. H. Rhea Gray Mr. William G. Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Fritz Mr. & Mrs. David C. Gray Mr. & Mrs. James E. Head Mr. & Mrs. Walter Fuehrer Mr. & Mrs. George R. Green Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Headley Dr. & Mrs. Dick Fullerton Mr. & Mrs. Joseph I. Greenberg Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Heard, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Fullerton Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Greenland Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. Heck Mr. & Mrs. Terry Furhovden Mr. & Mrs. Keith Greuling Mr. & Mrs. Larry S. Hedrick Mr. & Mrs. Bill L. Gaddis Mr. Robert T. Griffore Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth N. Hehman Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Gaffney Mr. & Mrs. Al A. Grigaliunas Mr. & Mrs. Barry A. Helm Mr. & Mrs. Marty J. Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. John J. Grisik Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Hendershot Mr. & Mrs. Joseph I. Gallo Dr. Teresa A. Grissom Mr. & Mrs. Rodger P. Hendricks Mr. & Mrs. Lutfu Gani Mr. & Mrs. Clyde G. Gross, Jr. Mr. Richard A. Hendricks Mr. Raymond O. Garcia Mr. & Mrs. Harry Groth, II Mr. & Mrs. Gordon J. Hendricks Ms. Tena K. Gard Mr. & Mrs. Glenn K. Groves Mr. & Mrs. J. Hendrix Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Gareau Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Grunawalt Mr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Henricks Mr. Grant R. Garritson Ms. Patricia Guckert Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Herbold Mr. & Mrs. John P. Garvey Dr. & Mrs. Gerrit B. Gucky Mr. Daniel J. Herbst Mr. & Mrs. William T. Gaus Mr. Dario C. Guernieri Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Herdman Mr. & Mrs. Maurice R. Gebhardt Mr. & Mrs. Rosemary M. Gulati Mr. Arthur T. Herman Mr. & Mrs. Emory C. Geller Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gumerman Ms. Ann L. Hermann Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Gembarski Mr. Frank Gumma Ms. Barbara A. Hermann Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Gempeler Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Gunderson Ms. Joni Hermansen Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Gerwin Ms. Grace Gutierrez Mr. & Mrs. Rondey E. Hermes Mr. & Mrs. Patrick D. Giblin Mr. & Mrs. John J. Haberkorn Mr. & Mrs. David Herring Mr. & Mrs. Lewis M. Gill, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Hacker Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Hiatt Mr. & Mrs. John Robert Gillette Ms. Jean R. Haffenreffer Mr. & Mrs. Jack I. Hill Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Gillis Mr. & Mrs. Ernst W. Hagen Mr. & Mrs. R. Bruce M. Hill Ms. Jean C. Gilman Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hague Ms. Dawne Rene Hilliard Mr. & Mrs. S. I. Gilman Mr. Jonathan Hague Mr. & Mrs. E. Richard Hittinger Mr. & Mrs. J. Brian Gilmer In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W Hague Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Hock Mr. Jerome D. Girsch Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Hale Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Hochberg Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Givens Mr. & Mrs. James T. Hale Mr. Lawrence L. Hock Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. Gleitz Mr. & Mrs. E. Clifford Hall Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Hoehn Mr. A. W. Goetschel Mr. David P. Hamacher Mr. & Mrs. William B. Hofmann Dr. Kalman Gold, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. WM J. Hamel Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence T. Hofmann Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Goldsmith Mr. & Mrs. H. Russell Hamm, Jr. Mr. Wayne F. Hohn
  21. 21. Annual Report 2007-2008  | 21Ms. Jacqueline Hohn Dr. & Mrs. C. B. Jenney Ms. Constance C. KellyMr. & Mrs. William C. Hollister Mr. & Mrs. Wayland E. Jensen Ms. Irene P. KennedyMr. & Mrs. Richard. W. Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Jerome P. Jermain Ms. Jane KennedyMr. & Mrs. William C. Holsworth Mr. & Mrs. George F. Johanssen Ms. Mary KennedyMr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Holzhauer Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Johns Mr. & Mrs. James E. KenneyMr. & Mrs. James Pl Honohan Ms. Louise M. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. KeplerMs. Mary E. Honsaker Dr. & Mrs. Irving S. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. KerthMs. Linda Hooper Mr. & Mrs. John W. Johnson Mr. Malcolm A. KessingerMr. & Mrs. R. David Hoover Mr. & Mrs. Gene H. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. KettelerMr. & Mrs. Terrance M. Hopkins Mr. Richard C. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William E. KiddMs. Barbara S. Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. KiernanMr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hornick Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Johnson Mr. Theodore P. KillMr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Horwitz Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. KilpatrickMr. & Mrs. Robert F. Hosch Mr. & Mrs. Randal M. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Kitsberg DonationsMr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Host Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Jones Ms. Jessica KittelMr. & Mrs. Brian W. Hotarek Ms. Janice M. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Ernest R. KlaudtMs. Louise C. Hough Mr. Thomas G. Jones Mr. & Mrs. William A. KleinMr. & Mrs. Henry Houseman Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. KleinMr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Howald Mr. & Mrs. Jon P. Jontz Mr. & Mrs. Gary Y. KlieMr. & Mrs. David B. Howard Mr. & Mrs. James H. Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Winton A. KloostermanMr. & Mrs. Walter T. Hoynoski Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Jorgensen Mr. & Mrs. Philip D. Knell In honor of Frances Hoynoski Ms. Patricia M. Jornt Mr. & Mrs. Gerald KnightMr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hrdlicka Mr. Duane E. Joseph Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. KnutsonMr. & Mrs. George J. Hubert, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Roger Joslin Mr. & Mrs. Lee KoenigMr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Huey Mr. & Mrs. John M. Joyce Mr. & Mrs. William C. KoliasMr. & Mrs. William M. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. James R. Julow Mr. Arthur KonigMr. Donald F. Hunt Mr. & Mrs. J. Paul Kadlic Ms. Joyce C. KoonsMr. & Mrs. Elmo J. Hurst Mr. Donald R. Kaegebein Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. KopfMr. & Mrs. John Huston Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Kahl Mr. & Mrs. Glenn H. KorfhageMs. Mary E. Huttenlocher Mr. & Mrs. James R. Kahl Mr. & Mrs. Ray KostelcMr. & Mrs. James R. Hynden Dr. & Mrs. Steven Kahn Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. KotulaMr. & Mrs. Angelo Laconelli Ms. Angela Kaiser Mr. & Mrs. Kingston KovacMr. & Mrs. Robert M. Ilg Ms. Laura Kaminsky Mr. & Mrs. John a. KozackiMr. & Mrs. Gary R. Ingersoll Mr. & Mrs. James Kaneaster Mr. Laurence C. KozlickiMr. & Mrs. James Ingledue Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Karn Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. KralMr. & Mrs. Stanley K. Ink Mr. & Mrs. B. J. Karnas Ms. Joan D. KrallMr. & Mrs. Robert P. Iorizzo Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Karp Mr. Robert KrauseMr. & Mrs. James R. Irwin Mr. Arthur D. Katz Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. KrawczykMr. & Mrs. Bernard Jackson Mr. Ken Kaufman Mr. Gordon KrethMr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Wayne C. Kaufmann Ms. Robin C. KrivanekMr. & Mrs. Peter Erling Jacobsen Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Kavanagh Mr. & Mrs. Kurt R. Krohne, Jr.Mr. Darel M. Jacobsen Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Keating Mr. & Mrs. John A. KrolMr. & Mrs. John R. Jacobsen Mr. & Mrs. William Keck Mr. & Mrs. Geroge R. Krouse, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. James Ms. Arlene H. Keehan Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. KrulakMr. & Mrs. Peter S. Janson Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Keenan Mr. & Mrs. Dale KruseMr. & Mrs. John W. Jarrell Mr. & Mrs. James J. Kelley Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. KuesterMr. William J. Jaworski Mr. & Mrs. Dean A. Kelly Ms. Kristina KulpaMr. Richard L. Jaycox Mr. & Mrs. Eugene W. Kelly Ms. Dawn KurtzMr. & Mrs. Robert J. Jaycox Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Grant W. KurtzMr. & Mrs. John J. Jazwa Mr. & Mrs. William R. Kelly Ms. Martha A. La Ponsa
  22. 22. 22 |  Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Mrs. Elizabeth Lachner Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Lusebrink Mr. & Mrs. Michael McKoane Mr. William A. Lamarra Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Lusky Mr. Jerome F. McMahon Mr. & Mrs. John Lambert Mr. & Mrs. James M. Lustenader Mr. & Mrs. John A. McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Norman A. Landis Mr. & Mrs. Glen S. Lyall Mr. & Mrs. David R. McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Lang Mr. & Mrs. James A. Lynch, III Mr. & Mrs. James P. McManus Mr. & Mrs. Bernie P. Langlois In memory of Jonathan Doughty Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. McManus Mr. Richard Langlois Mr. Jerry Lyons Mr. & Mrs. John S. McMichael Mr. & Mrs. Brian Lapelle Dr. & Mrs. Larry H. Lytle Mr. & Mrs. Bernard M. McNamee Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Larry Mr. & Mrs. Alan MacDonald Miss Nancy C. McNealy Mr. & Mrs. Gale L. Larsen Mr. & Mrs. F. Scott MacFarlane Mr. & Mrs. David E. McPherson Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Larson Mr. & Mrs. John J. Mackenzie Ms. Lynn Mcgarvah Kurtz Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Larson Ms. Carol A. Mackimm Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Meadows Mr. & Mrs. Walter Lasota Ms. Sharon L. Maclean-Hart Mr. Brian M. Megibow Mr. & Mrs. David R. Lauderback Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Maddox Mr. & Mrs. John E. MehrholzDonations Mr. & Mrs. William J. Lawson Mr. & Mrs. George P. Maginness Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Meier Mr. & Mrs. David H. Lawton Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Maglietta Mr. & Mrs. Gerald T. Meier Ms. Kimberly LeFebvre Mr. & Mrs. Ron M. Mahan Mr. & Mrs. Derek G. Melven In honor of Donald Berglund Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Mahrdt, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Meshboum Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Leander Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Maier Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Mesjak Mr. Raymond A. Lenhardt Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Malayter Mr. & Mrs. John P. Mettler Mr. & Mrs. R. Dale Lentz Dr. & Mrs. James A. Malayter Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Vito S. Leone Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Malmstrom Mr. & Mrs. Leslie G Meyers Ms. Adele H. Leskera Mr. Anthony V. Manley Mr. & Mrs. Leo C. Michels Mr. & Mrs. Bill R Lester Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Manuel Mr. & Mrs. John C. Miles, III Mr. & Mrs. Gerald F. Lestina Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Marsh Mr. & Mrs. Ben Miller Mr. & Mrs. Alan E. Levinsohn Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Martens, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bruce D. Miller Mr. John W. Lewis Ms. Maurine L. Martin Mr. Dale L. Miller Mr. & Mrs. George R. Lieberman Mr. & Mrs. Angelo A. Martini Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Miller Mr. & Mrs. M. William Lightner Mr. & Mrs. J. Paul Martz Ms. Gayle M. Miller In memory of Chuck Pipher Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey S. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey W. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Harvey M. Lincoln Mr. R. Fraser Mason Mr. & Mrs. George H. Miller, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Lindahl Mr. & Mrs. George Mason Mr. H. Blaine Miller Ms. Barbara E. Linder Mr. Charles K. Matheny Ms. Linda Miller Mr. & Mrs. Robert P Linesch In memory of Pauline Matheny Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Miller, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Linkins Mr. & Mrs. Charles Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Leonard I. Linkon Mr. & Mrs. David E. Maule Mr. & Mrs. Ron Miller Mr. & Mrs. Bob Linz Ms. Gail S. Mc Lellan Mr. & Mrs. Sol C. Miller Dr. & Mrs. Morris J. Lipnik Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. McAndrews Mr. Bruce L. Milligan Ms. Margaret B. Logan Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. McAuley Mr. & Mrs. Warren P. Miner Mr. & Mrs. Anthony R. London Ms. Julie M. McCarter Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Longo Ms. Carolyn R. McCombs Ms. Margaret A. Mitchell Mr. George Longtin Mr. & Mrs. Walter T. McCormick Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Moe Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lovejoy Ms. M. Jacqueline McCurdy Mr. & Mrs. Tom J. Moehring Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lowman Mr. & Mrs. Max McDade In honor of Ron Lopes, John Mustermann, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Loyd Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McDermott James King Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Luba Ms. Anne McDonough Mr. & Mrs. Gerald F. Mohan Mr. Michael D. Lubratovich Mr. & Mrs. Dale McElroy Mr. Liberatore Monaco Mr. Paul Lubratt Mr. & Mrs. Paul McGrath Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Monaghan Ms. Alicia C. Lunay Mr. & Mrs. Tomas D. Mcllrot Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Monestere Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Lund Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. McKindree Ms. Sharon L. Monroe
  23. 23. Annual Report 2007-2008  | 23Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Montalto Ms. Karen S. Nicholson Mr. Roger C. ParsonsMs. Kathleen M. Montesano Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Niehaus Mr. & Mrs. John J. PaskusMr. & Mrs. Michael H. Montlack Mr. & Mrs. James D. Nolan Ms. Mary Ann PathyMr. & Mrs. Jerome P. Montopoli Mr. & Mrs. Roger T. Nolan Ms. Pati PatrickMs. Betty A. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Fred Nordstrom Ms. Julien G. PattersonMr. Robert D. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Ken Novinska Dr. William E. PeaseMr. J. Handy Moore Mr. & Mrs. Dick Noyce Mr. & Mrs. Matteo PecorellaMr. Francis E. Moore, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence T. O’Connell Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. PellecchiaMr. & Mrs. Harold W. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. O’Dea Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. PenlandMr. & Mrs. Ed Moran Mr. & Mrs. James J. O’Hagan Mr. B. K. PerryMr. & Mrs. Robert J. Morande Mr. & Mrs. Kevin T. O’Hara Mr. Mark B PerryMr. & Mrs. Robert J. Morello Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. O’Hara Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. PerssonMr. & Mrs. Roger T. Morgan Mr. Thomas M. O’Leary Mr. & Mrs. William PetersonMs. Nancy F. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. O’Leary In honor of Fred & Elsie Peterson, James & DonationsMr. & Mrs. George D Morgan, III Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. O’Malley Lisa Karle, Brad & Lauri Enterline,Mr. & Mrs. David H. Morris Ms. Karen O’Neil Bruce & Sheryl LefaviMr. & Mrs. Robert A. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J. O’Rourke Ms. Sandra E. PetersonMr. & Mrs. Andrew B. Morrow Mr. & Mrs. William F. Obrien Mr. & Mrs. Gregg S. PetersonMs. Mary Jo Morrow Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Odell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. PetrovichMr. & Mrs. Jesse S. Mosheim Mr. & Mrs. Dick Oggero Ms. Clara PettengillMr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Moss Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Ogle Mr. & Mrs. William W. PettineMr. & Mrs. Edward T. Moynahan Mr. & Mrs. Eugene M. Ohara Mr. & Mrs. J. William PettyMr. & Mrs. James R. Muckerheide Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Ohradzansky Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. PhelanMr. & Mrs. Paul J. Muehr Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Oleff Mr. & Mrs. Lyman C. PhillipsMs. Shirley A. Mueller Mr. & Mrs. John Oliver, III Mr. & Mrs. J. Terrille PhillipsMs. Jean M. Muenchen Ms. Barbara A. Orpin Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. PhilpMr. & Mrs. Terrence J. Mulligan Mr. & Mrs. John J. Orzalli Ms. Grace A. PhippsMr. & Mrs. Charles J. Mund Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Osborn, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Robert PicchiottiMr. & Mrs. Albin Muren Mr. & Mrs. C. David Osbun Mr. & Mrs. Larry G. PickeringMr. & Mrs. Edward K. Murl Mr. & Mrs. Philip V. Otero Dr. & Mrs. Guy Pierret, M.D.Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Quellette Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. PipherMr. William J. Murphy, III Mr. Charles Owens Mr. Steven PiresMr. & Mrs. Robert W. Murphy, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George A. Owens Mr. & Mrs. Francis C. PirogMr. Charles F. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Ozment Ms. Marcy H. PlantMr. & Mrs. James J. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Santo A. Paci Mr. & Mrs. James A PleshMr. James Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Pagano Mr. & Mrs. Mike PlotzMr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Musick Mr. & Mrs. J. Palmer Mr. & Mrs. A. Robert PoggiMr. & Mrs. Stanley H. Nahigian Mr. & Mrs. John A. Plavino Mr. William PoinsatteMs. Jean Bush Nankivell Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Paniccia Mr. & Mrs. Sam Pollock, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Nate Mr. & Mrs. James J. Papandrea Mr. & Mrs. Stewart N. PoolMr. & Mrs. James R. Neel Mr. & Mrs. E. T. Pappert Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. PoposkiMr. William F. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Paquette Mr. & Mrs. J. Roger PorterMr. & Mrs. Robert A. Nero Mr. & Mrs.. James R. Paquette Mr. & Mrs. Ronald V. PorterMs. Mary E. Nesi Mr. & Mrs. Daniel S. Parent Mr. & Mrs. James R. PorterMr. Gary Neubauer Mr. & Mrs. Neil W. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. PoterackMr. & Mrs. Anthony G. Neuser Mr. & Mrs. Clifford J. Parker Mr. Roger PovechMs. Sarah G. Newi Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Parker Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard PowellMr. David S. Newman Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Parker Mr. Hollis W. PowersMr. & Mrs. Jack Newsom Mr. William B. Parker Mr. & Mrs. James F. PowersMr. & Mrs. David M. Nichols Mr. & Mrs. David S. Parkinson Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Powers
  24. 24. 24 |  Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Jay Pownall Mr. & Mrs. Ross H. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Carmen J. Scarpa Mr. & Mrs. William E. Pritts, II Mr. William C. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Roy J. Scarpato Mr. & Mrs. Bill B. Prokopow Mr. & Mrs. Norman M. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Randy C. Schaaf In memory of David Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Schaeffer Dr. & Mrs. Thaddeus P. Pruss Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Robinson Mr. Thomas C. Schafer Mr. Woodrow G. Quimby Ms. Sandy Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Schalk Mr. & Mrs. D. C. Rackiewicz Mr. & Mrs. James P. Roemer Ms. June Schanbacher Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ramsey Mr. John K. Roessner, III Mr. & Mrs. S. James Schill Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Randlett Ms. Glynnis M. Rogero Mr. Dean R. Schladorn Rev. Richard E. Raney Mr. & Mrs. William J. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Dale Schneider Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Rasmussen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Schoenleber In memory of Pauline Morris Mr. & Mrs. John Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Walter Scholer, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Ray Mr. & Mrs. Virginia S. Rogers Mr. Russell P. Schropp Mr. & Mrs. George F. Raymond Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Roll Mr. & Mrs. William H. Schuler, Jr.Donations Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Reardon Mr. Michael J. Rolland Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schultz Mr. & Mrs. Gordon L. Rebresh Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Romano Mr. & Mrs. William J. Schultz Mr. & Mrs. James C. Redding Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Romanovich Mr. & Mrs. Elmer H. J. Schultz Mr. Donald B. Reece Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rometty Mr. Dennis Schutz Mr. 7 Mrs. William W. Reel, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John H. Rose Mr. & Mrs. Hugo B. Schwandt Mr. Alan Refkin Mr. Harold A. Rose Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Schwinn Mr. & Mrs. R. D. Reichow Mr. & Mrs. Harry T. Rose Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J. Scialabba Mr. & Mrs. Jonas P. Reid, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jack I. Rosenstock Mr. William E. Scollard Mr. Glenn Reid Mr. & Mrs. Lyle A. Rosenzweig Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Scolnick Mr. & Mrs. Pat J. Reidy Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton Ross Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Scott Mr. & Mrs. Dennis H. Reilley Mr. & Mrs. James A. Rossi Mr. Timothy Scott Mr. & Mrs. Peter Reines Mr. Richard A. Rossi Mr. Robert D. Scott Ms. Cynthia Reisenfeld Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Rowe Mr. & Mrs. F. Ron Seager Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Resch Mr. & Mrs. Denis J. Roza Mr. & Mrs. Philip N. Seamon Mr. & Mrs. Ray G. Rezner Dr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Rubacky Ms. Rhoda Segal Mr. & Mrs. J. Jeffrey Rice Ms. Sandra J. Ruck Mr. & Mrs. Seymour A. Seligman Mr. 7 Mrs. James H. Richards Mr. & Mrs. James A Rudolf Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Semcer Ms. Patsy L. Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Rudolph Mr. & Mrs. Walter Serafin In memory of George Ferris Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rued Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. Shaffer Mr. & Mrs. R. A. Richardson, Jr. Mr. John A. Russell Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin D. Shane Ms. Renee R. Richter Mr. Stephen T. Russian Mr. & Mrs. Harold F. Shannon Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Rickey Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Rutledge Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Share Mr. & Mrs. Derek Ridout Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Ryan Ms. Alice Sharp Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Riley Ms. Carol Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Shearer Mr. & Mrs. W. Patrick Riley Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rzasnicki Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shearman Mr. & Mrs. Dick Riley Ms. Valerie Saft Mr. & Mrs. George S. Shegog, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Rinella Mr. & Mrs. Denis J. Salamone Mr. & Mrs. David F. Shellenbarger Mr. & Mrs. J. Allan Ringler Mr. Carl Salyers, PA Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Serick Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Rios Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Sampson Mr. & Mrs. William D. Shroyer Mr. & Mrs. John W. Risk Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Sanfelippo Mr. Ed Shults Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Risso Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Santoro Ms. Barbara Hager Sibley Ms. Jane M. Ritchie Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Saputo Ms. Anne C. Sidner Mr. & Mrs. John D. Rittenhouse Mr. Raymond A. Sarlo Mr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Sieve Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Robbins Mr. Frederick A. Sauer Mr. & Mrs. Henry V. Sikorski Mr. & Mrs. William A. Robblee Mr. & Mrs. Leonard G. Saulter Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sikorski Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Robert Mr. & Mrs. John H. Scanlon Ms. Margaret M. Silberg